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Self Help For Women Suffering From Fibroids -Natural Measures Effective In Treatment For Uterine Fibroids

Tumor simply means a swelling or a growth, not malignancy. Majority of fibroid tumors are non malignant and statistically less than 0.1% of all uterine fibroids are malignant. Many times small tumors disappear on its own without any formal treatment for uterine fibroids. The larger ones are difficult to shrink and any uterine fibroid treatment must focus to get rid of these.

In this article I am going to describe certain natural measures which women can take to reduce the symptoms of fibroids. By resorting to these measures you can also ensure that new fibroid tumors do not grow


You will find it hard to believe but one of my friends fibroids and menstrual cramps disappeared within three months of her joining a vigorous exercise program. Exercise assists in regular ovulation and irregular ovulation is believed to worsen fibroids.


Consuming three or more servings of whole grains or beans daily not only reduces the size of fibroid tumors but also offers protection from breast and endometrial cancers.

Liver strengthening herbs

Strengthening the liver with herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle seed, or yellow dock root helps it metabolize estrogen out of the body, thus reducing fibroids.


Vitex or chasteberry tincture, 25-30 drops two to four times daily, can actually shrink small fibroids within a couple of months. However for best results this herb must be used for a year on two as part of your uterine fibroid treatment plan.

While using herbal remedies it is best if you take advice from a qualified herbalist. I was not able to locate a renowned herbalist close to my residence. I browsed the net and came across a fibroid cure plan developed by a qualified herbalist which has been used by numerous women the world over in treatment for uterine fibroids. This plan for uterine fibroid treatment is available in downloadable form and comes with a guarantee.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? There is a proven fibroids treatment that will produce results in the next few weeks. This may seem impossible, but is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Finroid Treatment

About the author: I am an ex banker turned home maker. As soon as I reached the age of 40 I started experiencing a number of typical awomen’s problemsa. Like most others I too always resorted to modern medicines as my first line of treatment. Needless to say it was always accompanied by a number of side effects. Sick and tired of bearing up with the side effects I decided to do some research of my own. Thanks to internet I came across ideas and methods of natural cure for most of these typical women’s issues. I have tried these out personally and now am a strong believer in nature cure. Nature Cure is absolutely safe, has no side effects and offers permanent solution for most of our problems.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/self-help-for-women-suffering-from-fibroids-natural-measures-effective-in-treatment-for-uterine-fibroids-1847956.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does having sex with multiple partners have anything to do with fibroid in women?
    Does having sex with multiple partners have anything to do with fibroid in women?

    • ANSWER:
      No…so far there are no evidence to prove OR disprove that having multiple sex partners can cause fibroid. Even in the future I think we will not be able to find a link between multiple partners vs. single partners.

      Some reasons for fibroid are, race (50% black women about 25% of white women), age (30-40), family history and one that you can control is the food intake. Those who eat a lot of meat products tends to get this more often than those who are vegetarians or those who eat very little meat.

    Is it true that women get fibroid by having sex with too many different sexual partners?
    My godfather was saying that how some some can get fibroid by have sex with too many different partners. This is not referring to me because i am only 20 years old. However my mom and her cousin had it. Is it true?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids(uterine) are much more common as women age and are rarely seen in younger females

      While the cause3 is not fully understood there is no connection to sexual activity and instead growth seems linked to he hormone estrogen. Hence they are more commonly seen as a woman ages and estrogen levels begin declining.

    Are there any women suffering with uterine fibroid who are not taking contraceptive pills?
    I want to know if there is a connection with the pill and uterine fibroid growth.

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids normally happen to an hormonal imbalance in the body- excess estrogen in the system is the most common cause of fibroids in women. Contraceptive pill will normally not cause excess estrogen. Birth control pills do not affect the size of fibroids. However, birth control pill use improves heavy menstrual bleeding, which can be caused by uterine fibroids.

    Is there any women out there who have experienced fibroid tumours?
    My girlfriend had a fibroid tumour removed about a year ago. She is still having painful periods but they just arent as heavy. Is this normal? Is there a chance she will get another tumour?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve got fibroid tumors in my breasts. They probably won’t turn into cancer, but if a person is prone to getting these things, chances are YES, she will probably get another one.
      All a person can do it take charge of their own health, and check out anything suspicious

    Are there any women out there who continue to experience uterine fibroid problems even after menopause?
    I refuse to give in to surgery (including embolization) so I am forever looking for holistic approaches to defeat this horrible curse. My fibroids are not painful, but they are large and uncomfortable and I can’t zip up my clothes. They have made my life miserable. Stress agitates them terribly. Any success stories?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are affected by your hormones, thus once in menopause they should decrease in size.
      If you’re fibroids cause you to bleed heavily …this could make you anemic…it’s something to watch for…
      check-out the site below…Irene watched her fibroids with her doc.’s o.k.~

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