Can Fibroids Affect Pregnancy

How Can Fibroids Affect Pregnancy? Getting Pregnant With Fibroids

If you are contemplating starting a family and you are suffering from fibroids, it is natural to have a degree of concern. You may well be wondering how can fibroids affect pregnancy and whether getting pregnant with fibroids can be difficult.

Firstly, it is important that you understand that the majority of women who have fibroids go on to have successful pregnancies. Smaller fibroids which are located in places which do not affect the pregnancy seem to have little impact. Fibroids rarely grow during pregnancy, indeed they do sometimes shrink due to hormonal influences. However, they almost always grow back to their pre-pregnancy size after delivery.

Fibroids can affect pregnancy if they are located at the entrance to the cervix or fallopian tubes as they can block the passage of sperm making conception impossible. In addition, fibroids affect pregnancy if they are large and growing just under the womb lining (submucosal) as they can distort the inside of the womb, making implantation impossible or causing an early miscarriage.

Fibroids can sometimes bring delivery forward by a couple of weeks and if this is the case, it is unlikely to have any impact on the baby. However, occasionally delivery can be protracted due to fibroids and if one happens to be positioned lower down in the uterus, a cesarean delivery might be considered.

If you are not yet pregnant and wondering how can fibroids affect pregnancy, it would be wise to consider using natural treatments to shrink them and therefore minimize their effect.

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects. You can find details of a fully guaranteed 7 Step Plan at


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can fibroids affect a pregnancy ?

    • ANSWER:
      i know that they can affect getting pregnant. but i don’t thing that can effect pregnancy unless they are in the uterus. i have 17 fibroids on my ovaries 8 on one and 9 on the other, i went to a specialist and now i have a healthy baby boy born 11/1/06

    Pregnant and have an ovarian cyst & fibroids…? Advice. :(?
    I am 18 and 12 weeks pregnant.

    When I went to my 12 week doctor appointment my doctor told me that that I have a dermoid cyst on my ovaries and also a walnut sized fibroid on my uterus.

    My immediate reaction was to cry and cry, but my doctor told me not to worry about it right now because they can’t do anything about either one until I have the baby, but after I do they will remove them both.

    She also told me it’s a miracle that I even got pregnant and I would probably never be able to have anymore children, which is also horrible news.

    My question is has anyone else went through this and it was okay? Did it affect your pregnancy at all? and have you been able to have more children?

    I’m scared and just want to know as much as I can. Thank you. 🙁

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know what made your doctor make that kind of remark. A dermoid cyst is not a big deal, and neither is the fibroid. A dermoid cyst is non-cancerous blob filled with all sorts of different kinds of tissue- all part of you. While they can cause problems, and yours would best be removed- the surgery doesn’t involve removing the ovary unless there simply is no other way. The surgeon would work really hard to prevent that, and most of the time they are successful. The fibroid tumor is also not a really big deal. While they can cause problems if they are numerous enough or large enough, it sounds like you didn’t have any problems at all with yours, and if not for the ultrasound, would never have known it was there. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you will not ever get pregnant again either. I should think that was obvious, as you are currently pregnant. My own mother had fibroids, multiples as a matter of fact, and went on to have three children. My little brother still gets teased for being a fibroid, as a result. She had decided to have a hysterectomy, and they detected the pregnancy on the pre-op blood work. At that point, ultrasound confirmed one of those little lumps was a baby. And just for the record- I am no spring chicken, and neither is the little brother. Treatments have improved a lot since then, as well. I’ve known plenty of women to have children, while having fibroids. If yours starts causing problems, there are also ways to either encourage them to shrink or have it removed, all while still leaving the uterus intact. So your doctor was a little overboard in her assessment of things, and scared you unnecessarily. The fibroid might get bigger during the pregnancy, but it should not cause you any problems. After your baby arrives, I suggest you look for another gynecologist and discuss all your options for taking care of both the cyst and the fibroid. You may even decide to leave the fibroid alone, or have it all taken care of as a “one stop” surgical procedure. For now dear, please calm down and relax. That baby is just fine, and none of that stuff will affect you or the baby. It can all be taken care of after baby arrives, and neither one will prevent you having more children in the future. There are just too many instances to prove otherwise.

    Ive taken 5 pregnancy tests and 1 blood test that all came out negative, but no period for 5 months HELP!?
    ive had no nausea no sore breasts, and my appetite hasnt changed

    my stomach started sticking out under my bellybutton about 3 months ago and when i push on it, it makes a squishy noise. now its gotten alot bigger, i canstill suck it in but it feels like its getting hard, and its not just fat. there is definitely something in there.

    i told my OBGYN & she gave me a blood test and told me i was for sure not pregnant but gave me an ultrasound to look at my ovaries to make sure i had no cysts/fibroids. the ultrasound wasnt the kind they give you when your pregnant tho, it didnt actually look inside my uterus it just showed the outside on the screen.

    the last time i had my period was january 14th and it only lasted 4 days. it’s never been regular, but ive never not had it for this long. im also really constipated, so maybe that’s why my stomach is sticking out? either that or im constipated BECAUSE im pregnant.

    can anything affect the results of pregnancy tests and give false negatives?
    so if they gave me an ultrasound that checked for fibroids and cysts, and said i had none, would they have been able to see a baby?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have taken 5 pregnancy tests and 1 blood test, your not pregnant. I would go back to your doctor, maybe there is another problem he/she doesn’t know about. I would get it checked out, it is not normal to not have a period for that long.

    What else do i need to do to get pregnant? this is seriously affecting me emotionally :(!?
    ok i’m 26 and hubby is 28. His semen analysis is perfect. I have PCOS but respond well to ovulation stimulators yet no pregnancy was achieved. I’m not over weight and doctors cant rule out the reson why i dont get pregnant. I tired 4 cycles of IUI and nothing worked. I had laproscopy, hystroscopy and ovarian drilling done, and doctor for early stage of endometriosis and a polyp, removed both and the scar tissues and polyp was sent to pathology and result was it was normal. doctor said she thinks now i have better chances of pregnancy… I ovulated on my own for 2 cycles after that but no pregnancy was achieved, Tests i have done are:-
    -thrombophilia (blood clotting)
    -sperm antibodies
    – rapid plasma reagin
    -toxoplasma IgG and IgM
    and all showed normal!!! and no fibroids or what so ever plus both tubes are open and normal..
    Went for IVF+ICSI+PGD.. Everything was perfect according to the doctor and returned 2 grade A embryos at blastosyst stage… and yet nothing happened.. I feel devastated and depressed.. what else can i do? Atleast i want to get a +ve pregnancy test only then will i know that i normal??!! will i ever be able to have children??? this is killing me and making me depressed !! please help

    • ANSWER:
      People need to stop saying that stress causes infertility… infertility causes stress darn it!!!

      IVF does not have a high success rate, it can take several cycles to get pregnant. It may help to also give your body a few month break. They don’t know why, but sometimes that can help. But here I am making suggestions to something you’ve probably already tried.

      I’m still early in this process of looking into infertility (on Clomid since I wasn’t ovulating, only had a few tests done) but I really feel for you. People keep telling me I’m going to get pregnant, but I know thats not a guarantee and I do worry that I’ll be stuck with unexplained infertility.

      Its impossible to just relax when you have so much to keep track of and so many things being done to you. Have you reached out to infertility online communitiees? There are so many people dealing with the same thing you are and they should have lots of suggestions or even a shoulder to cry on.

      I won’t reassure you that you’ll get your BFP someday soon, I really really hope you do and there are women who take 4 years to get pregnant and no one knows why. I just don’t want to tell you’ll definitely get pregnant because you know some people never do. What I do know is that everyone seems to find a way to deal with whatever hand they are dealt. Its something you will be able to live with even if it never happens. And of course, if you do adopt, there’s always the chance you will get pregnant after that (it seems like you hear stories about that all the time).
      I wish I could help more, you’ve already tried everything that my beginner knowledge knows about so I can only suggest you seek out a support group to help you deal with this, suggest more advanced things I’ve never heard of etc.

    Internal exam results…and still confused?
    It is now 61days from the first day of my last period. Numerous p tests have been negative. I am currently waiting for blood tests and an ultrasound; but I have been waiting since Aug to find out what IS wrong with me if I am not pregnant? It is really affecting me at the mo which I am trying not to think about it but its hard. I had an internal today where the doc said my womb felt slightly large and there was a bit more discharge, but said no indication of pregnancy and will just have to wait and see on the ultrasound. I have read about fibroids and I do not think it is that as I am not experiencing any bleeding what so ever and only have slight discomfort pains and not really bad ones as they describe.

    Please help if you can as its really starting to worry me and I am ttc so will this be affecting my chances.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe PCOS? Ask your doctor about that possibility. That would explain the lack of menstruation.

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