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Vaginal Pain after Sex that You Ought to Know

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Do fibroid symptoms such as pain and vaginal bleeding go away on their own? With treatment?
    What kind oftreatment i available, and what is the best?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to have surgery to have the fibroids removed in order to have the pain go away. Birth control can supress the pain, but ultimately you will need to have surgery. It can be done robotically (less invasive) and laprascopically (still not taht invasive). talk to your doctor about having one of these procedures done.

    Pain near my vaginal opening- Is this a fibroid?
    My gynecologist told me at my last visit that I had one, and that my mother does too and it’s completely normal. I’m not really concerned, but I am wondering if it’s the reason that I sometimes have pain during sex. There is a spot a next to the side of the opening to my vagina, and if I press it it hurts like a bruise. I’ve had it ever since I became sexually active (I wouldn’t know about before that because I didn’t know anything about the stuff down there).

    Is this a fibroid or something else I should worry about?

    • ANSWER:
      Doesn’t sound like one…fibroids are generally in your uterus. I have some, too, and it doesn’t bother me, except it makes my periods a bit heavier.

      So I think it might be best to ask a doctor.

    What are the causes of vaginal pain during a pelvic exam?
    What could be the cause of my having so much vaginal pain — terrible, terrible, intolerable pain — during a pelvic exam (for a Pap smear) and attempting an intravaginal ultrasound? It was intolerable that the doctors had to stop the exam. I have a 5 cm fibroid, but could that really cause this much pain? If so, why vaginally then? What else could be wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:
      The cyst is putting pressure on your cervix. I have bad cysts. When they’re about to bust it feels like I’m about to give birth.

    i would like to know if using large sex toys or fisting can be a cause for fibroid tumors?
    my wife has had surgery to remove fibroid tumors. for about a year things were good but now it looks as if they have returned. we enjoy vaginal streatching in our sex play and were wondering if the use of large set toys might be a cause of the return. has anyone any experience with this?

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely not. I regularly drive a Sherman tank up my wife’s vagina and the only problem she has encountered is when I fire the main gun. She is allergic to cordite.

    If you have a fibroid in your uterine wall is it operable?
    I am so confused. I have read a lot about laproscopic and vaginal surgeries for fibroids, but a receptionist at a dr.s office said that surgery would only work for fibroids outside the uterine wall. I just found out that mine is in the front part of the uterine wall and is 1.7 x 1 cm. Can anyone please let me know if surgery is an option for this type of fibroid? Thanks

    • ANSWER:

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