Why Do Fibroids Hurt

Why Smoking Isn’t Good For You

Smoking is not good for you because it damages your body and your health. A lot of people call cigarettes “death sticks” or “killer sticks” because that’s what it can do to you if you smoke. Cigarettes have so many chemicals and toxins in them, which will hurt your body. Just the smoke alone can hurt someone if they are around it. Cigarettes have tar in them, and it stays in your lungs. In time, it builds up, giving you more and more problems, not to mention everything else that are in them. It can make you have to have a breathing machine so you can breathe, and you will have to take medicine to get better, if it’s not too late for you.

It will make your teeth turn yellow, put a yellow color in your eyes, and your body and your hair smell like smoke. It also makes your house smell like it, too. It doesn’t matter whether you are in one room of the house that is far from everyone else because it will still travel through you home and get to everyone that is in your home. It can turn your fingers yellow if it sets there for too long. You smell it even after you breathe it out, and it will make your food taste nasty because it kills your taste buds. It can eat away at the gums and whether you are smoking or drinking, you will have to get a lot of work done on your mouth, if it hasn’t gotten really bad.

It can make it hard to breathe, takes years off your live, makes your skin age, damages your lungs, and can give you cancer. You will have shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and it can make you cough up blood. You will age faster, making you look like you are older than what you really are and give you lots of wrinkles on your face that you don’t want or that you shouldn’t be getting until you are in your 70’s or your 80’s. You need to stop smoking for you and your family so they don’t get this problem, too. All it takes is some will power and the help from your friends and your family to help you stop and stop for good. You don’t want this happening to you or you loved ones. Take over your body and don’t let the cigarettes take over you because you are stronger than that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do my uterine fibroids hurt mostly at night? Thanks, 🙂 arum?

    • ANSWER:
      that’s when you are most relaxed, and not thinking about other things-you notice it more.

      what do mean by “hurt”?

    Is pain releif needed when removing fibroids vaginally?
    I may have fibroids and have been told that the consultant will remove them on my first consultation without anasethic. My gp told me that it is a sensitive area and to do so would be unthinkable. However I have been told since by a clinic nurse that no pain relief is needed and it wont hurt. Why would my female gp lie. I am scared to death. all internet research says they use anasethic, local or general. If it is so pain free up there why do they knock you out for a D&C? what should I do. I dont want to get there, be lying vunerable and just have it done when I am in no position to protest or stop them. HELP!

    • ANSWER:

    Why do my chest and left arm hurt? I’m mid 30s, good overall health except for Long QT but I take meds for it.?
    The last time I had arm numbness and chest pain, the ER said it was anxiety. But this “attack” is lasting for a few days. It started after I had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove fibroids.

    Should I get it checked again? Or could an anxiety attack last this long?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes get it checked. if you went to the ER right now they would immediately check you out. if you recently had a surgery you could have a blood clot or suffered heart damage from anesthetics. Follow this link to look at some facts about your symptoms.


    can fibroids hurt my 16 weeks baby. what can you tell me to save my pregnancy from miscarriage?
    I just find out I have 5 cm fibroid right on my uterus. I am 32 years old. I am 16 weeks prgn. my first pregnancy.I have a sharp pain mainly at night now on my left abdomen. My doctor indicated that we can not do anything untill we see what will be the size 4 weeks from today on my next ultrasound. but I just cant wait for four weeks knowing that anyhting could happen between now and 4 weeks from today. I read online that I could take some type of drug that could shrink it but I dont understand why the doctor did not suggest it. I am so worried for my baby. I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now and now that I am finally pregn, I could lose my baby due to this fibroid. I am so scared. do you think I should consult another doctor. is this commun among pregn women. what are my chances from not losing my baby. I spent new years eve of 2008 in the emergency trying to find out what is this pain I have in my abdomen. then with the ultrasound we found out that it is the fibroid

    • ANSWER:
      I had multiple huge uterine fibroids during my pregnancy. I’m 28 years old.

      I had a mayomactomy when I was 25 years old. But the fibroids grew again very fast. I was very lucky that I got pregnant with the fibroids inside my uterus.
      The fibroids grew even bigger during the pregnancy. I could not move comfortably. My abdomen was as big as 40 weeks pregnancy when actually I was 20 weeks pregnant.

      I took full rest, I didn’t climb stairs, took folic acid and iron supplements. Most important, I was very careful, as you know, it was a risky pregnancy and my first and only chance to have a baby also.

      My blood pressure was very high when I was 30 weeks pregnant and my water broke. SO doctors did Cesarean on me. It was a premature baby who didn’t grow very well because of those fibroids. My daughter was only 1 kg.

      Doctors also removed my uterus which was weighted 6 kg!

      You must take lot of rest, take nutritious food cause the fibroids are taking lot of blood and nutrition from you, keep an eye on your blood pressure, regular check it even at your home, don’t do any hard work and finally consult your doctor regularly, if possible 3/4 times a month.

      Oh ya, my baby is fine now. She is 6 months old now and doing fine.

    why does my one boob hurt really bad when I touch it or even move or even when I take off my bra?
    I’m 25 years old, and I have been having the worst pain on the side of my right breast for about 3 or 4 months now! It feels like someone is stabbing me in my boob. So I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and he gave me cortizone shots. The first treatment worked, but when I went back a couple weeks later, he did it again and it did not work! He told me the problem is is that the cartilidge in my chest is torn away from my ribbs, he said that I would get better. But I haven’t. I feel like I’ve gotten worse. Every time I take off my bra, my boob hurts so bad! Even if I touch it, not press on it, it hurts! So what do you think it could be? This is a constant pain, it’s not a pain that comes and goes. Could it be fibroids, my doc. checked me for that and said it wasn’t, but I’m not so sure about that! I need some advice here! Thank you!
    And I do NOT wear an underwire bra, it hurts even when I don’t wear a bra!

    • ANSWER:
      i get that sometimes and this is going to sound stupid. are you wearing an underwire bra? when i wear mine all day, like at work, i get like that. it hurts so bad. if your wire is the slightest bit out of shape that will do it. then when it is off it just hurts. i take ibuprofin and put icy hot on the chest muscle , not the breast itself. it helps. you may need to go bra shopping, get properly fitted, and get a couple of new ones. i am not sure if this helps but it doesnt hurt to try. it helped me.

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