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    I got the Mirena in July 08 after having a baby in May 08 got pregnant and lost the baby. Do I have a case?
    I got on the Mirena on July 28, 2008 at the VA Hospital in Atlanta, GA after having my third child in May of 2008. In Nov of 08, I went back to my GYN to make sure the IUD was still in me because I no longer felt my strings. My GYN and a student resident did an ultrasound and stated that it was still in from the ultrasound. I stop having menstrual cycles in December of 08, which led me to believe that the device was still in and working due to not having periods as my doctor told me some women may experience. Well in Feb of 09 I started to have abdominal pains on my left side… I thought that maybe I had uterine fibroids because my mother had just had surgery in 08 for fibroids. I made an appointment to see my GYN again pertaining to the pain and explain that I had the IUD they schedule me to get a pregnancy test in March and schedule my actual appointment with my GYN in April… My March blood pregnancy test came out negative so it was a relief to me due to the fact that they were telling me that I may have become pregnant in my tubes… When I went to see my GYN in April, I explain to her the type of pain I was having, and she order a stats on the urine test for pregnancy which came back positive, then she did an ultrasound to verify with an additional order for me to go to another hospital to get a detail ultrasound to locate where the baby was at… In the process she stated they couldn’t find my IUD, or could the other hospital that she asked me to go to… When I start going to my regular OB doctors; they did their normal routine check on me and schedule my first ultrasound with the hospital I plain to have my baby at. My first ultrasound was in May of this year which the results stated I had got pregnant in March which pregnancy test came back negative, and that the IUD was still in me and located in my cervix. My OB doctors made two attempts to remove the IUD for the safety of my baby and they stated that by the IUD still being in me that it put me at an even higher risk of loosing my baby. I tried to stay calm until I found out I was having another chance a baby girl. Had an abnormal AFP test which I ended up doing an amino test, and then a week later I lost my baby found out that my baby was going to be a normal baby, and that due to the fact that I was able to still carry her a week after having the amino ruled out that the amino chances of causing me to miscarry… Due to the fact that I have not seen the IUD fall out or know what it looks like I am wondering if one was it inserted wrong from the beginning, two did it fall out, three is it the cause of me loosing my baby, and four do I really have a chance at suing the company and the VA or both, and could it still be in to keep causing some of the pains I was experiencing before I found out I was pregnant…?

    • ANSWER:
      hello. i have gotten the mirena as well. i got mine on june 10th 2009. when i got mine they made me sign a consent form. it said stuff about if you get pregnant or have an ectopic pregnancy then you couldnt sue them so im sorry but im pretty sure you cannot sue them.
    Does anyone else have a marina coil fitted and have fibroids, does it help, should i have the lot removed???
    I have had an appointment with a consultant who said i would need an hystectomy no matter what, however he had to fit a marina coil to see if that helped and said he doubted it would, and sent me for a scan. The scan revealed several fibroids i know not what type of how big or where they are yet, ive got to go back in August for another consultation and the coil is now settling down and i dont have any nasty symptoms to speak off. Id be interest in others who have the marina coil and fibroids or have had and what decisions they made and if they made the right decision and any on going problems. di

    • ANSWER:
      Has the coil helped with your periods? It usually stops periods or makes them lighter.

      I was going to have a mirena coil fitted to help with heavy periods but I had too many fibroids and they couldn’t get the coil in, so I ended up needing a hysterectomy anyway. But if the coil helps you, you might not need the op. A hysterectomy is major surgery and not something I would recommend unless there’s no alternative.

    What could be wrong with my mom? Cystitis and/or uterine fibroids?
    My mom is in excruciating pain every day.
    She was diagnosed with having Cystitis the first time she went to the emergency room at our local hospital, but the second time we went back, after a few days because the pain was unbearable, she was diagnosed with having uterine fibroids. She was told by the emergency room doctors to make an appointment with her doctor so that she could recommend her with a gynecologist.
    After an unsuccessful week of trying to make an appointment with the gynecologist, she finally made one and was charged 5.
    My mom was positive that the uterine fibroids was the cause of her pain/symptoms, but the gynecologist had another answer to her symptoms. According to the doctor uterine fibroids don’t cause so much pain/aren’t that painful. She, the doctor, believes that my mom suffers from Cystitis too. She prescribed my mother Elmiron. The gynecologist says she should see results in about 1-2 months.
    Should my mom wait 1 or 2 months to see if Elmiron really works…..what if it doesn’t? What if the uterine fibroids are the ones causing the pain. My mother is so confused and cries constantly because the pain she feels is too much.

    Her symptoms are the following:
    Excruciating pain from the knee down, both legs.
    Her toes ache a lot.
    Her lower abdomen aches, specially the sides (where the thigh and lower abdomen meet).
    She also has back pain.
    She feels the need to pee frequently but sometimes the pee doesn’t come out.
    When the pee does come out it hurts like hell….does not burn…..it hurts! Her lower abdomen also hurts.

    Do you have or had Cystitis or uterine fibroids? If yes, are my mother’s symptoms normal?

    I’m so scared and concerned for her. I feel so bad for her because it breaks my heart to see her cry.
    FYI: My mom has diabetes and she is 52 yrs old.

    • ANSWER:
      I would get a second opinion from another gynecologist. I don’t know if the gynecologist is being forth coming with your mom. You should go to a couple more of them to get some more information. Your mom’s doctor should also send her for an pelvoabdominal ultrasound or a transvaginal ultrasound. This will help detect if there are any uterine fibroids.

      I hope that this helps.

    One of my girlfriend went to her doctor for a pap smear.Anyway, the woman doctor said…”you have fibroids and
    I feel it is best if we remove them through surgery”…My friend who is very assertive, but in a nice way, said..”Well, I will have to think about it and decide later”..the doctor said ..”that will be fine”….Anyway, later…she had made her decision…..and told the doctor over the phone..”I have decided to NOT have the surgery”…The doctor asked..WHY?…she said…”because I have done a lot of reading and fibroids go away after menopause”…The doctor said that is NOT true”…She said..”excuse me, but that is what i have read”…My question is….It is HER DECISION NOT the doctors!…Why did the doctor badger her??? Should she have said…”WHY ARE YOU BADGERING ME? It is my decision”…. She showed me her health book…and she is correct!

    • ANSWER:
      I agree that it is her decision to make and it is great that she did research, but I do know first-hand that some situations are a little bit different.

      My mom started menopause at an early age (43) and had many fibroids. The fibroids were causing her to have extremely heavy periods and she was in a lot of pain. She too did research and was under the impression that they would go away in time. However, she became very sick and had to go to the emergency room. It turned out that the fibroids had caused so much bleeding that her hemoglobin was down to below 8…they debated doing a blood transfusion. My mom is now 44 years old and just had a hysterectomy. Though she wasn’t planning on having more kids it was very hard for her to lose those parts.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to scare you. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes doctors are overly forceful out of concern, not because they are rude. Good luck!

    Any help for Fibroids?
    I have multiple fibroid and cyst. I know what a mess. I’m 37 and now after starting my career I would like to have kids
    I made the mistake of having myomectomies when I was younger what a mistake. Wish someone would have told me not to because Fibroids “will” return and resulted in lots of scar tissues.

    Starting Lupron this month (the Pill). Anyone have any suggestions medication, holistic treatment, good doctors, etc.
    I am in Los angeles Area

    • ANSWER:
      I had multiple fibroids inside the uterus. I did mayomactomy when I was 24 and doctor removed 28 fibroids. Doctor said I have only 1 chance to get pregnant. The fibroids came back just in 1 year. But luckily I got pregnant.
      It was a painful pregnancy, I gave birth of a premature baby. I had hysterectomy at the same time.
      I tried luprone injection ( 4 shots)before the first surgery to shrink the size. The luprone shrieked the sizes of the fibroids otherwise doctor may had to do hysterectomy that time. But when I stopped taking injection, the fibroids grew rapidly.
      My uterus had fibroids as big as 6 KG during my pregnancy. So you should try to get pregnant ASAP or you may not be pregnant ever.


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