Vitex And Fibroids

Vitex and fibroids

Fibroids are superfluous group of cells (tumors) that get established in the uterus. These are harmless and are not blameworthy of any undesired activities. The reasons of formation of these tumors are unknown. Being benign ones, these tumors are not involved in any cancerous doings.

More often than not, fibroids occur singly but can also be found in groups. They vary significantly in size and can be microscopic as well as macroscopic. Sometimes they are as small as pea and at other times they are as large as melon. Commonly, they are so small that they get overlooked by the patients. According to the US department of health, the biggest fibroid that has ever been reported weighed 140 pound. Although such fibroids are very unusual, yet fibroids that weigh 15-25 pounds are not that much scarce. Also, it is not very uncommon that large fibroids become a source of worry. At times, large-size fibroids can really put the life of patient at risk. These fibroids may block the uterus causing difficulties in the delivery of the baby, during pregnancy.

The answer to the question “why fibroids develop” is still alien. The root causes of uterine fibroids are still unknown. It has been found that the size of fibroids increases, owing to some hormonal changes. Estrogen plays a key role in the enlargement of fibroids. Estrogen is produced by the women as long as they are menstruating. From menarche (first and foremost monthly period) to menopause (final period), women keep on producing estrogen and hence fibroids, if any, keep on enlarging. It is because of this rationale that no fibroids are found in women who have reached menopause. Mostly, fibroids are common in women who are older than 30 years. It is very rare to have fibroids in teenage girls.

Although there are no specific symptoms that should be found in every patient, yet there are some common symptoms. These include vaginal bleeding, intense and delayed periods, pelvic pain, irregularities in urination etc. Due to such a great blood loss, patients may suffer acute insufficiency of red blood cells, leading to anemia.

Besides hormonal and surgical methods, herbal methods are also considered as very effective methods for fibroids treatment. These methods provide a long-term solution and have no side-effects. Herbal medicine can significantly decrease the size of fibroids and provide permanent way out.

Vitex and fibroid are thought to be related with each other. Vitex is considered as an effective herbal drug for uterine fibroid treatment. In addition, effects of vitex on ovarian fibroids are also very positive. It is an herb that has purple colored flowers and silvery leaves. It plays a key function in maintaining hormonal balance in the female body. It keeps the level of estrogen within prescribed limits so that “estrogen dominance” doesn’t occur. By decreasing the level of estrogen, it decreases the size of fibroids. Due to its effective treatment of fibroids, vitex and uterine fibroids make an ideal pair. If you have fibroids, then you should use vitex as it will absolutely put an end to your difficulties.


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