Uterus Cysts

           Uterus cysts

Cysts are closed cavities that contain fluids or semi-solid stuff. Cysts that are present in uterus are known as uterus cysts or uterine cysts. If truth is to be told, these cysts are located on cervix, so they are technically called as cervical cysts or nabothian cysts. Although, these cysts can appear in women of any age, even after menopause, yet they are more common in women during their child bearing period. These sacs actually become a source of stress for women are about to conceive a baby. They interfere with the process of conception and can yield deadly consequences.

Most of the uterine cysts are benign tumors. Basically, tumors are unwanted and abnormal group of cells. There are two types of tumors, namely malignant and benign. Malignant tumors are able to invade adjacent cell (metastasize) and are guilty of cancerous doings. Unlike malignant tumors, benign tumors are not involved in any cancerous activities.

Symptoms of cysts in uterus depend upon their size and exact location in the uterus. These cysts interfere with the monthly periods and can cause several irregularities in menstrual cycle. This includes heavy bleeding, pain in abdominal area etc.

Uterus is considered as the most important part of female reproductive system.  Uterus, also called as womb, provides a platform for implantation. Implantation is the initial phase of pregnancy in which the embryo (product formed as a result of fertilization between sperm and egg) attaches itself to the wall of uterus. Cervix (neck of the uterus) is a cone shaped structure that is responsible for expulsion of baby from the body. It also serves as corridor through which sperm reaches the egg. These small cysts in uterus can block that entrance way causing the sperm to remain outside. As a result they may not access the eggs and hence no fertilization (conception) can occurs. Now, this becomes a real headache for those who want to conceive a child. Until and unless, fertilization occurs, nothing can proceed. To cope up with this situation, these women should keep on visiting their doctors regularly as they will guide them to the best. It is also for the reason that the small cysts in uterus have no specific symptoms and can go unidentified. Unlike small uterine cysts, large ones can show some of the above mentioned symptoms.

The doctor will recommend you for some tests to identify mall cysts as large cysts can be identified by pelvic examination. If you are identified with cysts, to doctor will ask you to visit him after 4-5 weeks.  In your next visit, he/she will find out the status of cysts, either they have increased or decreased in size. Usually, these types of cysts get dissolved with the passage of time and don’t require a specific treatment. On the other hand, if your cysts have grown in size, then you are required to go through a series of further tests. In case these cysts become very large, they can be removed through surgery. It is really not a cumbersome procedure and doesn’t take huge amount of time.




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