Symptoms Of Fibroids On Uterus

Uterine Prolapse Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

The term prolapse means “fall out of place”. Prolapse is the condition where organs such as uterus slip out of place. Uterine prolapse is the condition of sliding and falling of uterus from its actual position in the pelvic cavity into the vaginal canal. A spinal disc herniation is also sometimes known as “disc prolapse”.

Uterine prolapse usually occurs in females and sometimes it does occur in animals also. Uterine prolapse generally occurs after an immediate delivery due to maximum force of contractions. Spontaneous abortion can cause serious uterine prolapse. Some types of prolapses are as follows –

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a valvular heart disease defined as the dislocation of an abnormally thickened mitral valve leaflet into the left atrium during systole.

Rectal Prolapse

It is that situation where the entire walls or part of the rectum walls slip out of place, the rectum may stick out. Symptoms of a rectal prolapse can be –

1. Stool leakage
2. Protruding of tissues from the rectum

To secure the part of the large intestine a surgeon may operate through the belly. Sometimes surgeon removes the affected part of the intestine.

Female genital prolapse

Uterine prolapse is also known as female genital prolapse which occurs when the uterus falls out of the normal position. It is very common in women of all ages especially in those who have delivered large babies.


Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus falls out of the place. The uterus is held in position in pelvis supported by the muscles, special ligaments and other tissues. The uterus prolapses into the vaginal canal when the muscles, ligaments and tissues weaken. It also happens in women who have delivered large babies. Frequent abortion can also cause this problem.

Signs and symptoms

Some symptoms are mentioned below –

1. Shortness of breath
2. Fatigue
3. Dizziness
4. Cough problems
5. Backache
6. Inability to control urination
7. Protruding of cervix
8. Pain and vaginal bleeding, etc


A pelvic examination is performed to determine the organs involved. This is usually done without full bladder. There are also several methods of surgical treatment which are performed to cure this problem. Vaginal estrogen cream helps to improve vitality of vaginal epithelium. Non surgical treatment such as exercises can strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor which in turn helps to combat against uterine prolapse. Herbal remedies along with exercises are very helpful in this condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it necessary to take hormone replacement’s while on Lupron Depot even if you don’t have any symptoms?
    I was diagnosed about 3 months ago with 3 fibroids in my uterus, so large they told me I was “about 18 weeks”! I was informed that the soonest I could get surgery was in June so the doctor suggested I take Lu pron to ease my pain, stop the growth and lighten my symptoms of which were constant pain and pressure on my bladder, my bowel and horrible cramps. Anyhow, I got the Lu Pron injection a little more than a month ago and was told to wait a month then start taking a prescription of replacement hormones. Estrogen and Progesteron. Question is, If I feel great, better then I felt in years, with no side effects to complain about, just very light headaches and barely noticable warm flashes, is it necessary for me to take the hormones?
    I’ve only heard horrible things about Lupron, but I have to say, I feel great!!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, especially if your gyno tells you to and prescribes you the hormone replacements.

    Two Uterine Fibroids….now what?
    I just found out on Friday that I have an enlarged uterus because of two fibroids. Before the doctor sent me to get an pelvic ultrasound she told me that if I do have fibroids and if they aren’t bothering me we don’t have to do anything. After it was confirmed that I do in fact have fibroids I started putting everything together….extremely heavy cycles, bladder leakage, and lower pelvic pain a week before my cycle. With my sister having endometriosis and my mom having fribroids and with both of them ending up having to have hysteroectomies later in life, I want to go ahead and have the surgery (myomectomy) done. I don’t want to be prescribed medicine that is supposed to shrink them. I have researched my options and the best option I see so far is having the myomectomy if I plan on having children in the future. How can I get my doctor to agree that surgery is the best option since I didn’t tell her of my symptoms (heavy cycles, bladder leakage, and pelvic pain) when she intially asked me?
    I got a call from the doctor yesterday and she told me that one fibroid was in the middle of my uterus and was the size of a peach. The other fibroid is 7 cm. The myomectomy is what she suggested but, the recovery time is 4-6.

    • ANSWER:
      Of course to preserve fertility you can’t do a histerectomy. You didnt’ say where fibroids are located in the uterus and how big they are. The size is an issue when you get a myomectomy. You may need to have them shrinked with Lupron which is a horror. The biggest I had was 5.5cm or so and I had to take Lupron to reduce them and not lose my uterus.

    My uterus is harder than usual, confident I’m not pregnant, could it be something else?
    Here is my situation:

    My son is eight months old now and I am exclusively breast feeding him and have not started on contraceptives. I will be weaning and taking the contraceptives starting this weekend. Over the last week I have noticed a hard spot that rests in my pelvic bone, presumingly my uterus. However, I do not have any pregnancy symptoms, which I definitely had with my son.

    I am anemic, had problems receiving enough iron when I was pregnant, and have been having a lot of crazy hard intimate fun with my husband this past week, the hardness happened the day the fun began. Could it just be that my body needs a little rest? Could I have fibroids? What do you think?

    I’ll be able to take a test once my son wakes up from a nap in the next few minutes for a drug store run. But until then…. (even though its probably only twenty minutes away, ha). Hopefully pregnancy is ruled out!

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure, but yes you can get pregnant during nursing. It is a fact and has happened to tons of women. You should always use some form of birth control. Even if it’s just a condom. Especially if you are not ready to change 2 sets of diapers! Good luck!

    PLEASE READ!! Pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks no normal flow for 2 months!!?
    i’ve was taking bcp (21 days) for 6 years but last few months had not been good with timing & been ill but i’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks now increased cm (kind of milky white sorry tmi!), sore veiny boobs, crampy, bloated (trousers tighter), heartburn, low back ache & feeling sick but not being sick, hips have started to ache and have become very veiny… i was due to have period on the 16th Dec (had cramps like was going to start for two days) but on the 13th Dec v. light spotting started this lasted 2-3 days & went from brown to very watery pink… my normal flow is very heavy with lots of clotting and still hadn’t shown so knew that pregnancy was still possible, i got 2nd faint + (within time limit) on 31st so went to the doctors & he then took me off bcp to see if ‘normal’ period would resume i haven’t taken it since 30th & started to spot on 31st December but not heavy (same as last) 5 or 6 days in all but barely on & off (my doc said that i may have this even if i am pregnant as withdrawrel from taking the pill) i went to the doc for a quantative test & i got the results Friday 11th which were negative my doc has booked me in for a ultrasound on the 28th (does anyone know what kind of u/s it will be) as still having all symptoms of pregnancy and faint positives on home test I feel different & I know that things like a molar pregnancy you experience high levels of hcg and other symptoms that i dont have and a phantom pregnancy would not produce excess cm and other symptoms! Over the last few days my tummy has also got a raised bump which now meets my belly & never used to just above the pubic bone which is much bigger by the end of the day & my boobs are suddenly huge!! Please reply if i am i would be 9 weeks Friday but not even sure about that as also had a funny period in October and read on that it’s at 12 weeks your uterus starts to come out of your pelvis but I was only 8 ½ stone before all this but I’ve suddenly grown a bit of a belly I am eating like a pig at the moment but that’s because I’m always so hungry!! I’m also craving weird things (for me anyway) CHERRYADE of all things!

    WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE THOUGH?? What could cause these symptoms what else could make me feel this way! If I’ve had a miscarriage without knowing why would I still be growing !! can cysts / fibroids / hormone imbalance really cause all my symptoms!!

    (not ttc or crazy and bf read the positive home tests results too and doc!!) Latest pregnancy test was barely positive which was yesterday but digital said not pregnant!
    So my main question is how many women have experienced this and have they still had a healthy pregnancy ??? if I am pregnant would be a very happy accident but just scared of what else it could be!!

    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      When you first get pregnant, your hcg levels are low. What the doc looks for is an increase in the levels over a period of time. The ultrasound you will probably have will probably be a transvaginal ultrasound. They insert this thin tool into your vagina so they can see your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes very clearly. Are you having any pain in your abdomen? A tubal pregnancy can cause all of your symptoms (viable pragnancy, but in your fallopian tube.) Tubal pregnancies are dangerous for you because they can cause your fallopian tube to rupture. However, you usually have pain first.
      there are alot of different things that could cause these symptoms from a simple hormone imbalance to cysts to (God forbid) cancer. You are doing the right thing by pushing the issue with your doc. Don’t let him/her say, “You’re not pregnant. Go home.” If you feel different, then there is something different going on in your body! Try not to worry and go to your ultrasound appointment.

    Has anyone ever had uterine fibroids?
    I’ve had issues with my period. I had one in January. Then it vanished for a few months (no chance of pregnancy) and finally on April 30 it started. It lasted 2 weeks with lots of dark brown blood and black clots. Now, I should have had another one. I’ve had lots of pressure, pelvic pain, cramping and at times some minor back pain. My uterus has been swollen (like I’m about 3 months pregnant) and is tender to the touch. I’ve also had some light pink discharge over the last few days. I finally saw my doctor for this today and after 3 times of asking me if I could’ve been pregant he finally took me in his office and told me he thinks it’s uterine fibroids. I’m going to research the symptoms. I wanted to start here and see if anyone has had this before and what your symptoms were. I am on medication for the next 10 days to make me shed my lining and I’ll be having an ultrasound next week. Any stories and advice would be greatly appreciated….


    • ANSWER:

      I used to suffer from uterine fibroids five years ago. My symptoms included abdominal bleeding,pain, back pain, cramps and urinary problems.

      Uterine fibroids if detected in early stages when the tumors are small in size can be easily treated with the help of natural cures. Unfortunately the symptoms start showing up only after the tumors increase in size or numbers.

      These are benign tumors which are rarely life threatening. For women looking to avoid fibroids surgery there are a number of alternative methods of uterine fibroid treatment.—What-is-a-Fibroid,-Symptoms,-Risk-Factors-and-Alternative-Treatment-Method?&id=4369618

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