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Is Ordinary Uterine Fibroid Embolization Harmless?

Is uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) safe? Yes, UFE can be a safe process that is performed inside the hospital by the radiologist with the goal of stopping blood from going in to the fibroids as a result diminishing the actual fibroid over-time. This specific practice is likewise referred to as Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE), however UFE is primarily intended for fibroid tumor different from UAE which may be applied to trauma and bleeding right after childbirth. In more detail, this informative article concentrates on how the process is performed, how trustworthy it is the great sides of the process, as well as the dangers and negative effects of the said process.

Uterine fibroid embolization does not need serious processes, so how is it carried out? UFE is carried out by giving the individual some sort of medication which will cause these individuals to calm down and is actually not a general anesthesia. As soon the individual does not feel pain, the medical specialist cuts a small portion in the groin and positions a catheter, called a tiny tube.
The tube will be placed within a blood vessel to the actual uterus and small particles will be injected to the tube. These types of particles are usually constructed of plastic-type material such as grains of fine sand that brings about a stop to the particular blood stream in to the fibroids. Without blood coming to the fibroid, the actual tumor is going to then dissolve over-time.

How dependable is UFE? Surprisingly, this process is really trustworthy in lessening far too much blood loss at an extreme rate of 85% to 95%. Scientific studies actually prove that 80% of girls who have been through the actual procedure have been relieved of their extreme pain. And in terms regarding helping to make pelvic pressure much better this will go upward to 60% to 96% which is really a great sign.

What exactly are the great attributes connected with uterine fibroid embolization? UFE does not need you to remain inside the medical center for several weeks. Right after the procedure, you may remain one night after and which go home the following day. You'll be able to resume typical or every day chores immediately after one week. Plus you do not have lots of blood lost and a large scar. Even much better, you don't need sleep medicines in the course of the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Friend diagnosed with uterine cancer with no health insurance. What should she do?
    My friend recently got diagnosed with uterine cancer. She is only 26 years old and does not have health insurance. She cannot afford the diagnostic procedure they want to do to remove the cancer. (D and C?) Is there any program that you know of that can help her? Her daughter is on medical.

    • ANSWER:
      most states have emergency catastropic medicaid. she can call her county health department, or talk to the social service department at the hospital in her community. there are a few programs out there. this is another reason to pass universal health care. how awful. im sorry.

    Has anyone heard of taking rasberry leaf tea for reproductive health and uterine strength?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course! It helps to aid fertility, to regulate irregular menstrual cycles, it provides you with essential vitamins and minerals needed for pregnancy such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B3, C & E. It will also supply you with pleantiful breastmilk and it will help stop excess bleeding after birth. It is completely safe and you can drink it from the beginning of your pregnancy.

    Is an inter uterine device dangerous to your health?

    • ANSWER:
      It is really dangerous if you’re young and plan to have children in the future. It may scarr the uterus and make you unable to carry a pregnancy in the future. If you already have children and don’t really plan to have any more in the future, than it mai be the best choice. It’s really not advisable for women below 30. Another thing, some women dont’t respond well to such a device and it has to be taken out.
      If you choose to use such a device, remember it is very important to replace it every five years.

    How much do you think this surgery costs without health insurance?
    I can’t find health insurance to cover fertility treatment. I have polyps in my uterine which have made me infertile and it’s a shame medical insurance doesn’t cover women’s issues such as this. The doctor said the only way I have a chance at getting pregnant is if I get a surgery to have them removed. Does anyone know how much that would cost (in Los Angeles). It felt awkward if I asked the doctor himself.

    • ANSWER:
      Infertile women, those with genetic defects and anyone unable to conceive naturally should consider adoption. So many beautiful children need loving homes. Anyone who truly wants to be a parent would not care where their baby comes from, they’d be grateful just to be parents to an innocent child.

    Are there any health benefits for women who have not borne children?
    I am 40. Two older women at work were sharing hysterectomy stories with me. Both had had two children, both had been found to have a “dead” ovary and extensive uterine fibroids, both had been age 48 at the time of surgery. It made me wonder if my decision to remain childless (one terminated pregnancy before the 3rd month) would affect my health in any beneficial way. I have been on birth control pills since age 18.

    • ANSWER:
      Congratulations on being child free. My girlfriend is 38, and I am 42. We are both 100% child free.

      I don’t think there is much difference in your feminine health. Some men claim that their wife does not “feel” the same on the inside of her xxxx once she had given birth. I have dated both mothers and child free. I never noted anything different that could not be attributed to being a different person.

      I have noted that most child free people look younger. We are often mistaken for a couple in our 20’s. But that is just about the only difference. My brother is younger than I am, and does not go out in the sun as much, but looks much older than I am because he has stepchildren.

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