Uterine Fibroids Nausea

Menstural Cycle

Bloating, Pain and bad mood – Isn’t it Menstruation?

All women have it and about all men suffer from it.

After every 28 days the female reproductive system is getting ready to receive an ovum and start a pregnancy. If the fertilization did not occur, the blood lining of the uterus is discharged and causing menstruation or as commonly called: woman’s period or menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle is recurring procedure of physiologic changes; use to appear in reproductive age of females. During the procedure the women’s body releases endocrine which is a hormone that causes the terrible pain the women feel. The hormones might also cause changes in the women’s mood which we all know.
The problem with this pain is that it doesn’t come only during menstruation but also before and sometimes after, thus creates bloating, bad moods and pain. The cycle can also include: back pain, nausea and general bad feeling.

Some women also suffer from such a strong pain that makes it impossible for them to perform normal household, job, or school-related activities for a few days during each menstrual cycle.

How to make menstrual cycle easier?

There are pills to numb the pain but there are also some household products that are good to use for making homemade medicines. It is very easy and you can use almost anything you normally have in the kitchen, no need to go and buy special products. Let me demonstrate how easy that is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what the heck is wrong with me? why am i not having my period? my tubes are tied and……………………..
    ok here is my deal. my cycles are really really long, 9 days, and they are extremely heavy. i have uterine fibroids and my tubes have been tied and “burned” 8 years ago, so medically i couldnt be pregnant right? now i do have 4 kids, and i have headaches, nausea, tiredness, that “funny” feeling in my stomach and the whole crazyness of pregnancy. but IM NOT SUPOSED TO BE ABLE TO GET PREGNANT. RIGHT?????????? i am 29 and i havent been under any more stress than normal just really emotional. any REAL help would be appreciate. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Early menopause? See a gynecologist.

    Stitch darkening, should I be concerned?
    I’ve had a history of ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids. In June, I had a lap done to remove a cysts on my left ovaries, as well as some fibroids.

    I have an incision point near my left ovaries, and up until a few days ago things were great. Starting Monday, I began having sharp pains much like those I experiences with my cysts, and it was located in my lower left abdominal area/ left pelvic area (where my previous cysts were located). I attributed the pain as a symptom of the flu, since I also had severe stomach pain and nausea. Today when I looked at the stitch located in my lower left abdominal area (also where they removed the cysts), it’s a deep purple and looks bruised. I have very fair skin, so my stitches were always quite visible, but there is a definite darkening of color.

    Currently my stomach pain and nausea have subsided, but the pain in my lower left abdominal area/left pelvic area is still there. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced a darkening of stitches after surgery, perhaps it’s normal. Or if I should be concerned.

    Thank you for your help!

    Newbie to Yahoo Answers,
    I had my surgery over 6 months ago…is there still a chance the stitches could be infected? I’m extremely tender around the area. I’m concerned it could be another cyst, but my GP has told me that I shouldn’t have any more cysts since I’m on depo. Is this true? My cysts were related to my endometriosis, without regular menstruation it’s under control and should eliminate my cysts. Right?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think its normal… but I wouldn’t be too concerned either. If I were you i’d call your surgeons office in the morning and give them your symptoms. They’ll have the nurse call you back and if they think its serious they’ll have you go in. Good luck =)

    Has anybody experienced neg hpt,neg blood test and no period?.?
    I am 31 yrs old and was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and endometriosis earlier this year. I had undergone laparoscopy and they have removed my right ovary. I know both of my problems is tied with infertility but I was told by my obgyn that I will still be able to conceive. My question is, has anyone ever had an experience of getting negative hpt,neg blood test, still no period but still ended up pregnant? My last period was Sept 19, it was like my normal 1 day period. I tried using ovulation test during my supposed fertile week and I got a positive on Oct 2. We made love that same night then again on sunday night. My cycle is an average of 27 days so my expected period is Oct 16. I have very few symptoms, I have noticed nausea kinda like how you feel when you’re in a car and you’re reading a book and I always feel like I’m about to puke but it doesn’t happen. I had a migraine headache last friday. My breast is just a little bit sore but it doesn’t hurt to run or move. I have clear CM, I always feel like blood is coming out of me but, every time I check there is nothing, just clear mucus like I’m ovulating. I don’t feel like my period is about to come anymore, I mean, no more period cramps, just some mild cramping I relate to the fibroids. I really want to have a baby but I’m afraid I might loose it buy doing my regular routines because I always get negative results. Am I just imagining this because I really want to have kids or I may be pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      it’s rare but it’s possible, talk to your doctor to see if your periods might becoming irregular and that’s why you’re delayed but still with a negative blood test.
      you can also ask fertility doctors online for free, try fertilityties.com
      good luck!

    Can a blood pregnancy test show false negative?
    My last period was on 15th of Dec.and today is Feb 19th. I had a home preg. test positive actually three of them. Went to Dr. and had urine and blood preg. tests done and both were negative. I have also been having other symptoms. Breast pain/tenderness tingly nipples and have gone from a 36 C to a 38 or 40 C also nausea and weight gain really bad mood swings too. Can the tests both be wrong? And what else could be going on if I am not pregnant? Can anyone answer this from experience or professionally or even give me something to reference. I am really confused here and am sure something is happening here but unsure what.
    I do have a history of ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. I am also 44 years of age. If that helps. These are my symptoms. Any good advice or answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      YES!!! Oh my goodness!!! I work in a doctors office as an MA and I also do phlebotomy, which is taking blood. So one of my co-workers was complaining that she was getting really nauseous lately. So the doctor we work for (he’s also her PCP) gave her two pregnancy tests. First, the ordinary dip stick pee test. And then a blood test. The urine dip test came back positive, though the line was a tad faint. So then we sent out her blood. We called to get a rush on it (cause we can lol) and the next day we had her results….a resounding negative. She was so relieved cause her bf was not the nicest of guys. Anyway, I was like ‘what about the urine test?’ But everyone dismissed it because clearly blood is a better test right? Not so much, not if it’s too early. The hCG urine test happened to pick up on it first. A few days later she took another one which came out VERY clear. We sent out her blood once again because she was still very nauseous and her urine test looked pretty damn +. That time it finally came back positive, confirming her pregnancy once and for all. So yes, in short, it is possible. I have seen it happen. If it is too early, it can happen. Your best bet is to take a couple urine tests as well. Then if they are negative and you still don’t get your period, take another blood test.
      Good luck doll! <3<3

    Do I need to go to the hospital? Urgent please help?!?
    I started my period today. My cramps are very bad… They have always been bad… I have passed out 3 times, Gotten headaches, nausea, fatigue and dizziness. There was something wrong with my mom’s period so she had to have a Hysterectomy. There was also something wrong with her mom’s period as well. My sister thinks there is something wrong with hers to… When I get cramps I get them in my legs to… Sometimes it hurts more on my right side… They get so bad that yes I have passed out. Today I spent the whole day in bed… I’ve begged my mom to take me to the ER several times but she won’t do it. I have to take 3 or more Ibuprofen to get rid of my cramps… I’m 20, have had Thyroid problems, I’ve had an Ultrasound done, I’ve also had a Pelvic Exam done(They didn’t find anything) I’ve also been put on Zovia and Levora birth control and they didn’t help… I’ve tried taking a bath, the fetal position and a heating pad… Nothing works… I usually pass out before I get any relief…I am being put on the DEPO shot soon but idk if it will help… I also have type 1 Diabetes. 2 times when I passed out I was laying down. The last time I passed out was in front of my bedroom door… Everything just went White and I woke up a few hours later wondering what happened…My right side hurts right now… under my belly button also… I think that I might have Uterine Fibroids or Endomitriosis… I have symptoms of both… I have also lost just straight tissue as well. I have also never had sex so I KNOW I’m not pregnant so I can’t be having a miscarriage either… So idk should I go to the hospital? If they get really bad again should I go to the ER and have a full body scan done or something? Should I have a more detailed Ultrasound done? I do also only have pain in my right side and leg and under my belly button right now… So what should I do? Please help… Serious answers please….Anything helps… Thanks…
    I do also have Anemia… I got my period a couple years ago and it has always been Irregular… It can last anywhere from 3 days to 7. It can also be anywhere from really light to really heavy… Anything else just ask…

    • ANSWER:

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