Mural Fibroid

Illustration: Fig. 19. U, Uterus. T, Tumor.

Custom Murals: Cultural Windows To History

Through the years, mural painting has brought smiles to numerous faces and wonder to various eyes. The art of making such masterpieces is a puzzle that all of us are still amazed at. a Quality custom painting mirrors the deepest of emotions both positive and negative. It takes more than strokes of brushes, gallons of paint and a blank canvass for an artist to produce a mural.

In the olden days, shamans played a big part in these masterpieces because they were considered to be the first mural artists, entering caves and taverns in a state of trance and then coming out after having drawn these artworks. Considered to be the mediator of the spirits, the shaman is believed to put into these drawings the messages coming from the spirits of ancestors of long ago. These shamans are known as the leaders of the tribes or ethnic groups that they belong to.

The purposes of murals change from one culture to another. If we trace back into history, murals started as cave paintings dating back to the Upper Paleolithic Era some 40,000 years ago. Later on, years after, they moved to palaces, tombs and cathedrals that later on transferred to outdoors works of art. Walls and streets are soon converted into canvasses and now, even graffiti is known as murals ergo the negative messages they carry and the style on how they are done.

Modern art murals are renowned for their professional nature and the notable level of the skills of the artists that created them. In some countries, painting wall murals served as public announcements of special interests, either it be by the mural artist himself or by a group who hired him. Custom murals are famous for the intense emotions they convey to their spectators.

California decorative painting shops are known for their participation in mural making. Certain counties in the state have mural paintings as part of their cultural design. These quality custom wall paintings put into picture the history of the counties, captured in paint and concrete that will weather time and nature.

In the art of mural making, it is important to take into consideration the theme. Themes are the heart of the masterpiece, the inspiration behind the would-be marriage of color and canvass and the pattern where the artwork would take life. Then come the tools that the artist would use. The right brushes, the right color, and of course the blank canvass or space where the mural would take its form from separate paints in their own cans to one beautiful picture.

As a whole, murals are wonders. Such a huge piece of art cannot be disregarded as paint splashed everywhere that ended up in a great picture. They are silent witnesses to our pasts. We all know that what happened in the past became the reason for what we have now and why we are like these nowadays.

The next time you look at murals, think about it. Most would say they are nuisances. Now you know they have been there in the past, and are still here with you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    i am 7 weeks today, but when i went in for an ultrasound there was no fetus nor a fetal heart beat, i have been asked to return in two weeks for another scan… doctoer confirmed i have developed an intra-mural fibroid.. will i loose this one as well? please ladies give me some hope so i know atleast may be 7 weeks is too early to determine anything… i have been through two painful miscarriages…my hubby and i dont want a third… the rump measured about 54mm…. i am so depressed and crying now

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been thru 2 miscarriages. my last one was 23 days ago. when i was 6 weeks they were able to see the baby and see a little heart flutter beat via vaginal scan. i really hope your baby is just hiding but it sounds like you may be having another miscarriage. I’m sorry, but just keep trying and i know God will bless you with a little bundle of joy when the time is right.

    Bulky Uterus with fibroids- 5, does bulky uterus and fibroids affects pregnancy. details given below?
    Anterior wall fibroid- 22x16mm & 22x19mm, ( intra mural) – 2
    Fundal wall fibroid of 46x31mm, ( intra mural)
    Posterior wall fibroids of 52x41mm, ( sub-serous)
    18×17 mm indenting the endometrial echo ( sub-mucous) and 19mm (intra -mural)

    Right Ovary- 4×2.50 cms/ Normal
    Left Ovaery- 5.3×2.7cms/ normal with Functional Cyst of 24mm.

    • ANSWER:
      Pregnancy is possible if treatment is taken to remove the cyst and fibroids

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