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Do you know about your own body ? And how many do you know? Following me please, women friends. There are uterine fibriods whose growth are affected by the hormones and estrogen on our uterine walls. Most women suffer from them, but they are unware of that. Unfortunately, they are more common as thay age. Though they are benign tumors, they can trigger many discomfort.Stop Fibroid Method Click here

Pain and heavy menstruation is one of the apparent results. About 33% women are affected to blood loss as well as anemia. Freguent need to urinate is another symptom. Large fibriods which give a press on the bladder to reduce its capacity make you have a feeling to urinate more and more often. And with the utrine fibriods are bloating, they can make women looks pregnant. What a horrible thing for the women who want to be slim! If you have a fibroid near the cervix, you will suffer pain while having sex. Most severely, there are many difficulties for you to have children if you have the fibriods within the wall of the uterus. Certainly, there are many other discomfort such as bleeding in between periods, digestive complaints, pelvic pain and so on.

Of course, there are many corresponding ways to deal with the fibriods problem. If you want to none of your own children any more, you will choose the surgery to have a hysterectomy and the fibriods can’t affect you for ever. Another surgery is to have a fibriod embolization and this kind of ways can also make you conceive difficultly. Well, you had better think about some natural cures. Most importantly, you should avoid taking birth control pills and choose a proper weight loss plan. Otherwise, there are many diet changes to help you to control the fibriods. Keep yourself from eating red meat , white bread, flour and so on. Keep yourself from agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, soft plastics and so on. If possible, you had better quit milk. And the organic or goat milk maybe the best choice for you. Besides above ways, a unique, 7 steps plan which are developed by an alternative practitioner is a useful tactic. It has been proved by many thousands of women worldwide and play an important role in the healing. Are you interested in having a try now? Stop Fibroid Secrets Click here

Make effort to stop fibriods. Please pay more attention to your health and treat yourself well. Grab A Copy Click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost up front to have Uterine Fibriods removed?
    Is it concidered emergency and just done and pay later or do you have to pay up front in order to have the surgery?
    This is in the case they are causing pain and discomfort only.

    • ANSWER:
      No, it is not considered emergency. Generally physicians and hospitals require a copay up front before the procedure. Both should present to you estimated bills before you make your decision. This way you have a general idea of what costs to expect (of course, any unforeseen problems that arise during the procedure will involve more money). FYI, not all hospitals and doctors have the same fees for their services so you should “shop around.”

      First, contact your county Department of Health (especially if you do not have health insurance). There should be a community organization in your area that can assist financially.

      There are different methods/techniques used to perform fibroid removal. Research the methods available (see below). Some docs stick to the “old school” which may not be the best method.

      Google and research these methods to determine which would be best for your condition:

      Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
      Laparoscopic Myomectomy
      Uterine Artery Emoblization

      Avoid hysterectomy if possible.

      castleconnolly.com is a great site to locate top reputable doctors and hospitals in your area. They allow some free hits to research.

      Educate yourself as much as possible BEFORE visiting with a doctor.

      Good luck and best of health!

    what causes uterine fibriods?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think anyone knows. They are benign tumors and there could be a lot of factors from genetic to environmental to cause them.

      Interesting that the last person mentioned Insulin-like growth factor. There is a growth hormone type of substance given to cows to make them produce more milk, and it is manufactured by Monsanto and is called rbGH or Posilac.

      This is what someone had on YA that I saved…

      “MONSANTO AND rbGH (Posilac)

      Monsanto Chemical Co., maker of fine poisons such as DDT, agent orange, Roundup and more… spent around half a billion dollars inventing a shot to inject into cows… to force a cow to produce MORE milk (for an already glutted taxpayer subsidized market).

      Unfortunately, they created *FIVE* errors in their Frankenstein Posilac (rbGH) shot that direly affected all test animals… but that important report (Richard, Odaglia & Deslex, 1989) has been hidden from everyone under Clinton’s Trade Secrets act. The Canadians read enough of this report (before it was stolen) to reject rbGH for their country.

      Monsanto’s Posilac creates additional IGF-1 in milk: up to 80% more.

      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) insists that IGF-1 is destroyed in the stomach. If that were true, the FDA has proven that breast feeding cannot work. Common sense says their “finding” is ridiculous because this growth factor DOES make the baby calf grow (rapidly, as mother natured intended). Visit the Dairy Education Board at http://www.notmilk.com/rehw483.txt ….. to review a DAIRY study that confirms what the FDA has lied about this for years.


      This study involved two groups. One group consuming 12 ounces of milk a day and the other consuming the USDA recommended allowance of 24 ounces (three cups). This report notes that the participants consuming 12 ounces more milk per day… HAD A 10% RISE IN IGF-1 IN THEIR BLOOD SERUM! Now, consider that PER DAY, from ALL sources, the typical milk/dairy consumer ingests approximately 39% of daily diet from dairy… and that 10% increase becomes the “tip of the iceberg”. We have NO idea of the non-dairy versus full-dairy difference but considering cancer rates… it has to be significant.”

    i am pregnant!!?
    i had asked this question not too long ago http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20060905195036AAr9qVs.

    well it turns out that i am pregnant i have uterine fibriods and that is why the doctor couldn’t see the baby.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh My god, That is wonderful news! time to break out the apple cider and celebrate!!congratulations to you, you must be so happy Mom!! many sleepless nights,ahead but it is well worth it! I’m sure you will make a awesome mother!!! again congatulations, and best wishes!! I wish you the most happiness!! good luck!!!

      P.S. Thanks for let us know! you are a true Yahooer!!

      keep on YAHOOING!!

      warm hugs ~~~SPARKY~~~

    In what ways can cancerous fibroids be diagnosed other than surgery?
    I have 4 uterine fibriods the largest is 9 cm.They have not caused any discomfort in the last 4 years I’ve had them.I know they are non-cancerous ,but my gyn wants me to have a hysterectomy because of the size.I sought a second opinion and I got the same answer.The two doctors say that they may be cancerous because of the size.But I have sonograms every year and they are not getting bigger.Everywhere I read ,I see that uterine fibroids are benign tumors. I am 38 years and I do not want a hysterectomy at this age.Some doctors are quick to do unnecessary surgeries and I do not know If I should go ahead with the hysterectomy or wait.

    • ANSWER:
      Good for investigating options. There are other options open to you. Have you explored uterine artery embolization? Or myomectomy? Hysterectomy is just the easiest way to deal with this, but these other options may be viable for you.

    Dealing with anxieties before surgery?
    I’m supposed to have a surgery soon. It’s not about saving my life, but about improving the chances of successful childbearing. (If you know what it is – meomectomy – I have 6 large uterine fibriods, the largest being the size of a melon ). So I’m competely freeking out about making this decision. I don’t even have a man to have children with, but that will hopefully change one day. Yeah, it seems like it’s not a good idea to have a tumor of this size if I want to get pregnant at some point, right? But I’m so scared that my uterus will be damaged during the procedure. I can’t even think straight anymore. Any experiences you can share? How can I stop freakign out?

    • ANSWER:
      You just have to remember that it is going to be good for you. Even if something does go wrong at least you tried to help yourself have a child.

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