Uterine Embolization Side Effects

Learn To Dissolve Fibroids Naturally? Simple Tips To Guide You In Uterine Fibroid Treatment

More and more women are resorting to natural methods of treating fibroids. This is because the alternatives available to them are too painful. Uterine fibroid treatment is possible with surgery. Hysterectomy is the second medical option available for treatment for uterine fibroids. However both these methods are usually preceded by hormonal drug treatment to reduce fibroids. Side effects of hormonal treatment is severe at times and includes menopausal symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, skin dryness, loss of libido and risk of osteoporosis.

I would also like to highlight the fact that surgical treatment for uterine fibroids with the exception of hysterectomy is never permanent. Basically unless the root cause of fibroid tumors is removed from your body it is bound to regrow.

How to remove the root cause of fibroids? Is it possible to do so without conventional medicines? Certainly provided you are willing to devote your personal time, attention and are prepared to make certain diet and lifestyle changes.

Many a times when the fibroid tumors are small in size doctors recommend leaving them untreated till the woman reaches menopause. This option is a good one provided you fall in age category of women approaching menopause. For those women who still have several years left of their reproductive life this cannot be an option. If the fibroid tumors grow large in size they can cause a lot of discomfort. Such women must resort to uterine fibroid treatment swiftly.

Fibroids are caused by a combination of factors present in a womans body. Hence a multifaceted approach works best in treatment for uterine fibroids.

Excess estrogen is considered to be one of the causes of fibroids. In overweight women levels of estrogen in the body is normally high. One of the natural methods to dissolve fibroids is to reduce and maintain healthy body weight. Also certain pollutants and pesticides in the environment can mimic the action of estrogen. These estrogen mimickers can also be a cause of enhanced estrogen levels in the body. To get rid of the mimickers liver detox is recommended.

The occurrence of fibroids is more common in women with inflammatory conditions. Therefore you must reduce inflammation in the body by eating foods which have natural anti-inflammatory properties such as hops, oats, cumin and rosemary.

Fibroids is a condition which responds very well to natural remedies. I got rid of my fibroids by making use of a completely natural method of treatment for uterine fibroids. I identified my uterine fibroid treatment method online. It basically is a seven step plan developed by an alternative practitioner guaranteed to provide fibroid cure naturally.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? There is a proven fibroids treatment that will produce results in the next few weeks. This may seem impossible, but is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Finroid Treatment

About the author: I am an ex banker turned home maker. As soon as I reached the age of 40 I started experiencing a number of typical awomen’s problemsa. Like most others I too always resorted to modern medicines as my first line of treatment. Needless to say it was always accompanied by a number of side effects. Sick and tired of bearing up with the side effects I decided to do some research of my own. Thanks to internet I came across ideas and methods of natural cure for most of these typical women’s issues. I have tried these out personally and now am a strong believer in nature cure. Nature Cure is absolutely safe, has no side effects and offers permanent solution for most of our problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the long term side effects of uterine fibroid embolization?
    I had a uterine fibroid embolization a year and 3 mths ago and i have been fine all this time, but now i am having pain at the site where they did the precedure…. is this a cause for concern had this happened to anyone else, just need to know if i should seek help…

    • ANSWER:
      Um … .

    Hysterectomy side effects- what about Uterine Fibroid Embolization?
    I have a bleeding over 3 weeks, my uterine is large and I have Fibroid. My OBGY wants me to have Hysterectomy, I am getting Provera 10mg since last Sunday, and I had increased the doze to 20 mg.
    I am afraid of the surgery, I have heard about Uterine Fibroid Embolization which is non surgical treatment.

    My OBGY does not believe in that and refused to help me. I went to my primary care and got refer to see another OBGY for a second opinion.

    Ladies please tell me about your own experience which procedure did you have.
    What are the side effects of Hysterectomy, mood swing gaining extra weight? How long it takes to heal and be away from work? Thanks,

    • ANSWER:
      A complete hyst would have more side effects than a UFE because of the fact that if they take your ovaries out, you will need to be placed on hormone replacement therapy. The moods swings, hot flashes, etc. are awful from what I’ve been told.

      Here’s a website that might shed some more light on your situation. Good luck to you!


    Fibroids—-women only please?
    I went to my gynecologist a few weeks ago, and the pap smear was normal. But he said I have some fibroids and he wants to do an ultrasound. That will be in 2 more weeks. I h/b reading on the internet about fibroids, and they are non-cancerous and normal for women to get them. But I’m concerned about the treatment. One method is a non-operational procedure called uterine fibroid embolization done in the hospital to shrink them. This can also trigger menopause. I’m 51 so this wouldn’t be too much of a concern. Another method of treatment is an experimental drug that can have side effects. It didn’t give the name of the drug, or the possible side effects. So my question is, have any of you ever taken this drug for fibroids and if so, did you experience any side effects? Or did you have the fibroid embolization procedure, and what was your opinion? I’m not really worried about anything, but would just like to know what to expect. Thanks in advance for your input.

    • ANSWER:
      I second the natural progesterone approach!
      Fibroids are estrogen-driven. Give your body the “anti-estrogen” it needs, and you may be able to avoid surgery altogether.

      At 51, natural progesterone is something you should probably be using anyway. These fibroids give you a good reason to look into it. DO NOT do the Lupron treatment your doctor is talking about. This is some BAD BAD stuff. Or, he may be talking about the newer alternative to Lupron called Lyrica. Equally bad!

      Dr. John Lee was very successful in treating fibroids with progesterone. Check out his book called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”. He does a fantastic job of explaining – in plain English – what hormone imbalance does to us, and how to correct it.

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