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Uterine Myomas – Natural Treatment

I began my search for uterine myomas natural treatment following my diagnosis back in 2007. I had been suffering from terrible symptoms for almost a year, including heavy periods which just soaked through numerous pads within an hour, breathlessness, pain, mild incontinence and my abdomen represented a seven month pregnancy.

My family and friends were pretty worried and some said I looked ill. At the time I knew very little about uterine myomas and after my diagnosis, I naively believed that an operation would put everything right, and that would be that. Little did I know that it was not so straightforward!

I had a cluster of uterine myomas which were the size of small oranges. However, one was the size of a small melon. I was told that women with less severe symptoms were often advised to take no action as myomas would shrink during the menopause. In addition, what I didn’t realize at the time was that even surgery was not a permanent solution, unless I went for a hysterectomy.

Unfortunately, because of the severity of my symptoms, a hysterectomy was advised. In some ways it was the last thing I wanted, due to the obvious side effects of hormonal imbalances, loss of femininity and I was also afraid of premature aging. In other ways, it was exactly what I wanted as I just wanted to be back to normal. I was advised that I would start treatment to turn off my hormones in around a month, as this would help shrink the uterine myomas, with the hysterectomy scheduled for around a month after the end of treatment.

Once home, I began to search for a uterine myomas natural treatment. The list of possible side effects from the hormone-stopping treatment was horrendous, including thinning vaginal skin, hair loss, facial wrinkles, night sweats and mood swings.

The good thing (if there is anything such!) about uterine myomas is that they are rarely dangerous and therefore once you have a diagnosis, you can take a little time to carefully consider your options rather than jumping headlong into surgery. Having individual myomas removed is not always successful as unless you can eliminate the root causes, they are very likely to regrow.

After much searching, I came across a uterine myomas natural treatment and approached it with my usual skepticism. However, a lot of what I was reading made complete sense, so much so that I postponed my hysterectomy by a month and decided to at least give natural treatment a try.

Uterine myomas are formed due to the subtle interaction of a number of factors which interact within the body, sparking abnormal growth. This is one of the reasons why treatment is not straightforward as there is no one obvious cause. Although there are various factors which can make a woman more prone to tese growths, it varies from woman to woman. It therefore follows that as identification of the root causes is almost impossible, successful treatment needs to use a multifaceted approach.

The uterine myomas natural treatment which I used concentrated firstly on the management of estrogen. Although not all women with high levels have myomas, most with myomas will have higher than average estrogen levels, so it’s a good starting point. I was a little overweight and as estrogen is stored in and made within the fat cells, it made good sense to lose weight, and this is one of the things I did. I also looked at ways of reducing pollutants within the body, such as pesticides and other environmental toxins as it is thought this this is often a factor. I did this by firstly carrying out a liver detox and then sticking to eating produce and cutting down on the amount of meat I ate, especially red meat.

Another tip I learnt is that women with myomas are sometimes prone to inflammatory conditions and this certainly applied to me! I therefore concentrated on eating high levels of naturally anti-inflammatory foods such as oats, hops and cumin.

Exercise should also form part of uterine myomas natural treatment and I therefore did around half an hour a day of walking ( I had to start off slowly at first, but upped the pace as my symptoms reduced).

These strategies, along with a number of others which I adopted, began to make a difference in my symptoms within a few days. After 2 months, I returned for a scan and there was a marked reduction in the size of the largest myoma and the others appeared to take up less space. After another couple of months, some of the smaller myomas had disappeared and although the others were still there, the symptoms were negligible.

So how do things stand now?

Well, it’s now a couple of years since I used uterine myomas natural treatment and I have largely kept up the good practices and have not seen a return of my symptoms. I believe it worked because I persevered and used a system which eliminated each and every one of the possible causes by using a “no-stone-unturned” approach. In addition, I was extremely motivated to do something about this problem as the prospect of major surgery was not attractive to me!

The lack of help, other than surgery, for women suffering from this condition lead an alternative practitioner to offer the same successful uterine myomas natural treatment which she taught in her busy clinic.

Her unique, 7 Step Plan has been successfully used by many thousands of women worldwide and for those who are willing to take charge of their own treatment and recognize that they will have to play an active role in their own healing, then this is simply ideal. If, however, you are the type of person who will simply expect to take a pill and be cured, then this is maybe not the right system for you. Please visit my website to see further comprehensive information about Uterine Myomas Natural Treatment.

About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a treatment in myoma cancer?
    Hi to all, my mother took surgery a week from now to remove the uterus (hysterectomy) as what the doctor said, then after i was so sad to know that she already had a 3stage cancer. The only thing for sure now is to find cure if there is and care for her a lot since i don’t totally know what her survival rate … your answers are highly appreciated…

    • ANSWER:
      I truly wish I could be of more help other than to tell you to please try to ignore the spammer who first answered your question. They prey upon people who are worried about cancer. Hopefully an expert in myoma cancer will check in and help with an answer for you. I’m going to research a little to see what I can learn. Best of luck to you.

      P.S. Did you mean myeloma or myoma? If so, myoma tumors are NOT cancerous.

    does anyone know what is the treatment for myoma aside from surgical operations?I mean herbal or any medicine ?

    • ANSWER:
      any abnormal growth, wither be lipoma ne tumour or any thing, can be removed by panchkarma process ( ayurvedic). one needs to understand first that this abnormal growth is because of excessive ”kapha” dosha in body. with intake of kanchanar ghrita in rejuvenating part of panchkarma, any sory of abormal growth can be removed. i have got my lipoma of left hand removed with abhyangam. abhyangam is ayrvedic massage( has to be done very carefully with correct medicinal oil at specific time with dietary observations) as a part of panchkarma.
      if you want more information then contact me on

    what is myoma, symptoms and treatments. Can i continue doing exercises for my tummy which is bulging?
    im having heavy and prolonged menstrual period with lower back pain and despite my exercises, my stomach is still fat.

    • ANSWER:
      myoma is a mass in the ovary. can be remove through operation. i suggest that you prioritize your health first. heavy and prolong menstruation is something you should consult to your doctor. then afterwards continue doing your exsercises.

    Does a person with myoma can still get pregnant? Will the person’s capacity to bear a child will be affected?
    My friend has a normal uterus size but was diagnosed with a large (1.2 cm) myoma (intramural to subserousal). What is the best treatment she could get for this case so pregnancy will not be a problem?

    • ANSWER:

    How can you minimize scar tissue? Or reduce it after surgery?
    Hi, for any kind of cut or incision, are there any creams or foods or treatments that can reduce the amount of scar tissue or make the scar tissue softer or more pliable/flexible?

    Is it dependent on the skill of the surgeon?

    I’m thinking of scar tissue from C-Sections or Myoma removals, etc.
    Is there a window of opportunity? Ie. the vitamin E cream needs to be applied within a certain period after surgery or can it even be an old scar and the cream can still help?

    • ANSWER:
      apply vitamin E cream or ointment and don’t touch the incision or area around it

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