Fibroid Tumour

New Advances in Fibroid Uterus Treatments

Fibroid uterus one time treatments such as Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) or outpatient Myomectomy to remove fibroids from inside the uterus by laparoscopy (going in through the bellybotton) are the latest advances in fibroid care. Women seeking a fibroid uterus treatment one time only are hoping to avoid the expensive hospital stays previously required when fibroids were removed through an incision in the abdomen in a procedure called laparoscopy. With the new procedure allowing a laparoscope to go through the bellybutton, women also avoid having a scar on their abdomen. These new options for fibroid removal can also save the fertility of women who might otherwise be forced to undergo a hysterectomy.

Another new laparoscopic procedure to provide fibroid uterus treatment one time only is called myolysis. Instead of removing the fibroid, myolysis works to destroy the fibroid by cutting off its blood supply. With this method, there is no sample for the doctor to send to the lab to be tested for abnormal cells. The tissues decay inside the uterus and scar tissue develops on the uterine wall where the fibroid was rooted.

Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) is similar to myolysis, but in this procedure a catheter is placed in the groin area through an artery which is then directed toward the blood supply of the fibroid. The catheter is then used to inject a plug to block the artery from providing blood to the fibroid. Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) is primarily used to stop heavy bleeding caused by fibroids that have not responded to chemical or hormonal treatments.

Fibroid Uterus one time treatments are a vast improvement over conventional chemical and drug treatments offered by doctors such as prescribed birth control pills to control heavy bleeding symptoms or medicines that induce a false menopause in an effort to reduce the amount of available estrogen feeding the fibroids. These medicines effect a woman’s hormone levels and need to be taken daily, while one time surgical treatments bring relief without the daily grind of taking pills and the worries about unintended side effects.

Some women decide not to treat smaller fibroids which can shrink or disappear on their own. If a woman is already close to menopause (when the level of estrogen available will naturally drop) she may want to wait and see if fibroids resolve themselves on their own. Conversely, some women have extremely large or especially painful fibroids where surgery may be a better choice. In cases where even new treatments are not an option due to a large number of fibroids, or fibroids within the uterine wall, a hysterectomy may be the best treatment. When in doubt, always consult a specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I have fibroid tumour in my breast..can it be trated without surgery?
    this is the second time i have developed a tumour in my breast..i do not want to undergo surgery again as it leaves scars on my breast..can it be treated without surgery?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any women out there who have experienced fibroid tumours?
    My girlfriend had a fibroid tumour removed about a year ago. She is still having painful periods but they just arent as heavy. Is this normal? Is there a chance she will get another tumour?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve got fibroid tumors in my breasts. They probably won’t turn into cancer, but if a person is prone to getting these things, chances are YES, she will probably get another one.
      All a person can do it take charge of their own health, and check out anything suspicious

    ligament fibroid tumour..4ins by 2in and 2 by 2?
    I have two ligament fibroid tumours..they do hurt what can be done.. i havent been to see a doctor for ages..I hate going and have a 6 month old baby i havent seen any doctors since having her..havent got time tired..night feeds ect..

    • ANSWER:
      The doctor will do another ultrasound to see if there have been any changes in size. They may also recommend a procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization. This procedure is done to try and cut off the blood supply to the fibroids to try and get them to stop growing.

      Because of the pain please call your doctor to let them know what’s going on so that they might be able to prescribe something to help ease the pain.

      I also have the link to a site that may help you find even more information. The link is at:

      You may need to copy and paste this link to the address bar of your browser if you are not able to click on it.

    can a growing, painful ,fibroid tumour do damage to other organs if not removed?

    • ANSWER:

    Can having a fibroid tumor limit my chances of getting a scholarship to teach and study overseas?
    I want to teach English in S.Korea, and the application asks if I have a disease. I have a fibroid tumor and I was wondering if putting this on the application could limit my chances of getting accepted? Do you think it would be okay if I didn’t put it on there?

    • ANSWER:
      Having a Fibroid Tumor? Is not classified as a disease.

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