Symptoms Of Fibroid

Symptoms Of Fibroid Tumors – Should You Be Alarmed?

Fibroids are actually non-cancerous tumors that develop on the inside or outside of the uterus. The cause of fibroid tumors is still a mystery to everyone. But according to studies, estrogen is the main contributor in the development of fibroids. Some physicians note that these tumors are formed once the body reacts to the abnormal level of estrogen. However there are also experts that would contest this belief. Fibroids usually grow during pregnancy and when taking birth control pills since there extra production of the estrogen hormone. Fibroids are also believed to develop when taking estrogen supplements. But the tumor reduces in size the moment a woman reaches the menopause stage. This stage happens when the body stops releasing estrogen.

Around 80% of North American women are victims of fibroid tumors while 40% of Asian women can also be affected. One will determine the presence of a fibroid tumor if you experience the following symptoms – lower abdominal pain and irritation in the bladder part is felt when there is a formation of fibroid. Women can feel sporadic pain while some can experience constant pain. Pain during sexual intercourse can also occur once the tumor is developed near the vagina.

Aside from pain, one can also experience a pressure on the lower abdomen or bladder. Tumors prompt you to urinate often and this is the main reason why the pressure is felt. Some may feel the urge to urinate before you normally expect while others can no longer urinate. Menstrual cycle is also prevalent if you are dealing with fibroid tumors. Expect to have heavy and painful bleeding and women who have this kind of tumor have menstruation that lasts or 8 days or even longer.

Other symptoms of fibroid tumors also include significant weight gain, depression, and mood swings, infertility, and a whole lot more.

Fibroid tumors are also the main reason why women with the age bracket of 30 or 40 have hysterectomies. But not all fibroid victims are courageous enough to seek the help of a doctor. Though only 1% of fibroid tumors are malignant, one should still be vigilant in curing this health problem. Your doctor will advise you to undergo hysterectomy once fibroid tumor is detected. However, this procedure will only be carried out if you have heavy bleeding.

As a member of the female population, it is your responsibility to arm yourself with the right information about fibroid tumor. Anyone can become a victim so it is only right that you are well prepared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the symptoms of early fibroid,is it associated with cramps can it cause miscarrige.?
    Please i need more clarification

    • ANSWER:
      75% of women who have fibriods dont have symptoms but the most common symptoms of fibroid is heavy menstrual bleeding and pressure in the pelvis which can result in frequent urination,pain during sexual intercourse,constipation,abdominal pain or back ache and depending on the size and the location it can cause cramps.
      Fibroids in certain areas can make conception difficult or cause miscarriage.Submucous fibroids that grow inwards into the womb are thought to cause recurrent miscarriage.
      If you have symptoms and think u might have fibroid,see your doctor for examination.

    what are the symptoms of fibroid?

    • ANSWER:
      fibroid are classified according to there location and type. there are three types-

      1 submucosal
      2 subserosal
      3 intramural

      the symptoms of fibroid are according to their type. some fibroid are silent and their are no particular symptoms. they are diagnosed only in ultrasonography.
      large fibroid may be responsible for abdominal pain or increased urination as uterus is situated between bladder and rectum. Heavy bleeding during menstrual period or menses for longer period is also seen in many cases.
      Fibroid are diagnosed by USG abdominal as well as trans vaginal.
      If only fibroid is removed surgically it is known as myomectomy and if whole uterus is removed it is called hysterectomy.

    What are the symptoms of acute uterine fibroid?

    • ANSWER:
      You can read all about fibroids here:

    what is fibroid myalgia?
    What are symptoms of fibroid myalgia and what can be done for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids and fibromyalgia are two different conditions.

      For fibromyalgia info, I recommend visiting the Fibromyalgia Network at They can help with info, details about treatments, support, and more.

      Good luck.

    I aged 33 have 10x8x8 subserol uterine fibroid.I’ve one baby and plan to have one more.Suggest what to do?
    Is surgery reliable and will I be able to conceive after surgery?I have no external symptoms of fibroid like pressure, pelvic pain etc.

    • ANSWER:
      Only have one baby. Save us from overpopulation. Thanks.

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