Soy And Fibroids

7 Signs That You May Have a Soy Allergy

1. Nausea, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting.

2. Flushed face, hives or a rash, red and itchy skin.

3. Swelling of the eyes, face, lips, throat, and tongue.

4. Trouble breathing, speaking or a drop in blood pressure.

5. Rapid heartbeat (palpitations), loss of consciousness.

6. Anxiousness, distress, faintness.

7. Paleness, sense of doom, or weakness.

The most common allergies are Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Tree Nuts, Fish,

Shellfish, and Wheat. Proteins in these eight major foods are estimated to cause 90 percent of the allergic reactions in the United States.

Gregg discovered peer-reviewed research shows a variety of factors unique to soy that could be to blame. Among them: Several naturally occurring compounds that are toxic to humans and animals are present in soy. Called “anti-nutrients,” these toxins prevent the body from fully breaking down nutrients and target specific organs, cells and enzyme pathways. The governments of Britain and New Zealand were concerned enough about soy to issue official guidelines discouraging parents from using soy formula unless recommended by a doctor.

In this heavily sourced yet eminently readable book, readers will also learn:

— What peer-reviewed, published studies really say about soy’s supposed and much ballyhooed “benefits.”
— The aliases by which soy is known on ingredient lists, and the hidden financial basis for its ubiquity in the food industry.
— Research showing why parents should stop feeding infants soy formula, which can disrupt reproductive development and increase allergy risks.
— Alternative ingredients and soy-free recipes that taste great.
— Compelling testimonies from others affected by soya”and how they kept it out of their lives.

A must read for anyone concerned about their health, “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is now available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor,,, and the online bookstore of Outskirts Press, at or visit:

About the author: Dianne Gregg, author of “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” decided to write this book after developing a severe allergy to soy and nearly dying. She has done extensive research on this subject and wanted to share this crucial information to protect your health. The fact of the matter is that soy is not the “health food” it’s cracked up to be. She is now hosting her own radio show Tuesdays, 4pm – 5pm EST interviewing experts in the health and wellness industry. To learn the truth about soy and receive a free chapter of the book and soy-free recipes visit


Frequently Asked Questions

    is there any relation to soy milk and fibroid tumors?
    I am a 52 year old woman in peri-menopause stage. I have been drinking soy milk for the past two years and I have just been diagnosed with a medium to large fibroid. My understanding is that Fibroids feed off of estrogen. Are the phytoestrogens in soy milk linked to increased growth of my fibroid tumor?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible. But it’s complicated. The weak phytoestrogens of soy compete with the more powerful estrogens your body makes, for the same estrogen receptors. So, depending on how much estrogen your body is making, the soy could be making the situation worse, making the situation better, or not making any difference at all.
    Fibroids How long does it take to shrink them?
    I 28 yrs old from California and while I was staying with my parents I went to a Gyno was told that I have 3 fibroid tumors 2 size of a lime and 1 lemon. I was taking some natural pills called, Fibrovan but that didn’t help me. So now I’m in Australia and I went to an OB here and the doctor told me my fibroid grew enourmously. I was so dissapointed but I still have hope that they can shrink. So I changed all my eating habits (no meat or dairy only a bit of soy for my brew with molasses) when I arrived. I’ve read about natural stuff right now I’m doing this juice detox just drinking fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking Plenty water. I don’t eat lollies or anything greasy I’m really trying to shrink these bad boys if u know what I mean 😉 I drink my cup of black strap molasses in the morning and the rest it’s just a fruit and veggie juice the whole day. I feel fine I don’t have bad side affects like some other women thank goodness for me (I just go to the bathroom more) but one thing Im worried is that I have recently noticed since my fibroid is located on top of my uterus I can start noticing that it’s popping up, growing more or moving up more. You can actually start seeing my fribroid. My eating habits changed recently. What other things do u recommend i should eat? Am I on the right track of shrinking my fibroids? I’m about to excersise which I do for about an hour. I didn’t get my menstrual period last month which is not the first time just the second but other months it’s been normal. I’m not insured and I don’t believe surgery is the only way. Ladies, please I need your advise from your own experience or from someone that knows that has succesfully shrink their fibroids. I appreciate positive advise and support!Hope to hear from you!
    Thank you 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      You are very lucky that your not having problems related to those tumors. MSN Health states “a healthy diet and regular exercise are important parts of a good health plan, but there is no evidence that they will directly affect the growth or symptoms of fibroids.”
      Tumors grow in response to estrogen and the medical treatment are drugs that decrease estrogen, starving the tumor. Surgery is indicated when the woman can not tolerate the side effects or if your unable to concieve after a year of trying. The same article lists some procedures that are being tried to shrink the tumor, ultrasound and some procedure to decrease the blood flow that feed it.
      I had fibroids removed surgically but only when I could not tolerate the pain anymore and my periods were very heavy and getting closer together.
      So to answer your question, I am sad to say, your options are limited You can do very little on your own. But the good news is you feel good, Take care
    has anyone had success with soy isoflavones?
    Hi there,
    We have been ttc for 14 months now.
    I have pcos and endometriosis and fibroids.
    I had a laparoscopy and d&c in May 08 and Aug 09 to remove cysts and endo.
    I am 20 and my partner is 23.
    I tested soy isoflavones last month but got AF yesterday 🙁
    Has anyone had any luck with this?
    I have been to a gyn, had bloods taken, had hormones tested etc
    Due to my age GYN wants me to TTC for 18 months before taking any action..

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there, i’m going to start trying soy isoflavones today after reading up quite a bit on it lately. I have been TTC for 6 months but have had PCOS for years and no AF for over 2 years now. I’ve heard it’s a natural version of Clomid which is what I should get prescribed by doc soon to help me ovulate. But I also heard that docs don’t like to prescribe you more than 3 rounds of clomid. So my thinking is why not try the natural version and see how I get on. I am already taking Vitex (agnus astus) but it doesn’t seem to be having much affect. Good luck anyhow! x
    Has anyone got a BFP at 9/10dpo?? Im desperate to test..?
    We have been ttc for 13 LONG months..
    I have PCOS and endometriosis as well as fibroids (at 20 years of age)
    This month i have tried soy isoflavones (supposed to act like a natural clomid) so fingers crossed..
    Wondering if anyone has got a positive at 9dpo before? Or even 10?

    • ANSWER:
      Some women do get positives as early as 9dpo, but I would just expect it to be negative still at that point, even if you are pregnant. Becuase implantation occurs between 6 and 12 days past ovulation, it’s possible you haven’t had implantation yet, or if you HAVE had it take place, it could still be too soon to have high enough levels of hcg in your system.However, I would be just as tempted as you, and as long as you have several (and preferrably cheap) hpt’s, i would test too! But just remember a negative isn’t necessarily a true negative until you get your period or have it confirmed by a doctor. On the other hand, a positive IS a true positive 99% of the time. Good luck!
    Is it my birth control pills or what I’m eating?
    For the past for what seems like forever, I have been spotting constantly between periods.
    I am taking Triquilar and my doctor seemed to think this one was a good one since I was already having this issue..but it hasn’t stopped..and maybe seems like it’s getting worse.I just recently found out that eating/drinking soy products screws with womanly things, and can even heighten the risk of breast cancer.
    All I ever have that’s soy is soy in my drinks which is maybe one glass a day at MOST, meaning I go many days in between without any soy at all.. The kind I drink is the So Good brand.

    I eat eggs almost every day and I try to eat regularly.

    It’s just that I’ve been starting to have more time with my boyfriend and I’m not going to let him touch me if I’m bleeding all the time. It’s frustrating and kind of depressing, feeling like I need to wear a panty liner my whole life..

    Feminine issues run in my family. My mom had fibroids and my sister has polycistic ovarian syndrome, stuff like that. I know I don’t have the disease, and my doctor is even looking out for fibroids. I have no idea what’s going on.

    Serious answers only, please.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be related to the pill that you are taking (an example only) especially if you are just starting out with using the medication.However, I would recommend checking with your doctor again to see what they say.


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    Ladies, it breaks my heart that so many of us are suffering from this condition. Keep up the exercise & activity, which helps keep body fat low. Body fat increases estrogen. Also add meditation &/or prayer to keep stress & cortisol low. I’m certified as a holistic health counselor, and for 10 years have been teaching, yoga, meditation, and now, ayurveda. Ashoka & asokarishta are ayurvedic herbal remedies you may want to try for yourself. You can probably find them online or I can get them for you. My information is on my website. Namaste’

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