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Ways To Prevent Large Ovarian Cysts

The only positive way of determining whether you have a cyst and what size it is, is by going to your doctor for an ultrasound. If it transpires that you have a large ovarian cyst, then it will be necessary to consider forms of treatment, since larger cysts are prone to cause pain and possibly rupture.

There are a few types of common ovarian cyst that you should be aware of. Follicular cysts can grow up to two inches but they rarely cause pain. Dermoid cysts are more of a problem since they can contain bone, hair and teeth, grow up to six inches in size and cause severe pain. Lastly, endometrioid cysts can grow up to eight inches and cause a lot of pain during menstruation.

Whilst the above cysts can all cause pain, on the positive side none of them are permanent. There is no way you need to suffer the agonies of an ovarian cyst for your entire life. Most cysts will go away without any form of treatment, but meanwhile it is important to learn how to prevent cysts so that you don’t have to endure that type of pain ever again.

Many women are led to believe that medication and surgery are their only options when dealing with a large ovarian cyst but there are natural treatments that will offer relief from pain and inflammation and will help to shrink away the cyst and prevent it from recurring. Surgery can only remove any cysts that are currently on your ovaries, but will do nothing to prevent future cysts from developing. Also hormonal tablets that are often prescribed to women can have just as damaging side effects as the cysts themselves. So you can see how necessary it is to be very careful when choosing a method of treatment.

One of the best natural treatments is to make changes in your everyday diet starting with including a lot of fibre and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Having a fibre rich diet helps the body to get rid of waste more easily and prevents constipation which when combined with the pain from an ovarian cyst, can make life very uncomfortable. Try including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably with their skin left on, beans and pulses, bran flakes and whole grain bread. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of the body and keep everything moving through. In addition herbal teas such as camomile and mint can be very helpful, since they calm both the mind and the body.

This is only one lifestyle change but there are a lot of natural remedies and treatments that you can do yourself at home to help relieve any pain you are suffering and to prevent the future growth of any large ovarian cysts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the homeopathic treatment of fibroids?
    my wife has large size fibroids (5) ( largest upto 5.50cm in size). we do not have child and planning to have one now. her age is 32

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathy does not work. For any disease.

      Look for something else that works.

    I have large fibroids in my uterus (5 month pregnant) and c-section will be performed. Will it be painful?
    I went to see the gyc. and she said that she will not touch the fibroids during C-section. If she does what are the chances of Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) ? I am scared as it is my first pregnancy and I need more kids. Will these fibroids decrease in size by themselves or I need the treatment after pregnency?

    • ANSWER:
      “After pregnancy, fibroids tend to shrink in size, and probably won’t cause you any problems.” I found a website that might be able to answer some of your questions.

    What is the average size of a human uterus ??
    I have been scanned and found to have two large fibroids but not sure how their size compares to the size of my uterus. Or what the treament may be.

    • ANSWER:
      The uterus varies in size depending on the woman’s age and whether she has had previous pregnancies. The average adult uterus is about 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. After menopause, the uterus shrinks to the pre-adolescent size.

      Uterine fibroids are tumors or growths, made up of muscle cells and other tissues that grow within the wall of the uterus (or womb). Although fibroids are sometimes called tumors, they are almost always benign (not cancerous). The medical term for fibroids is uterine leiomyomata (you-ter-in lie-oh-my-oh-mah-tah). Fibroids can grow as a single growth or in clusters (or groups). Their size can vary from small, like an apple seed (or less than one inch), to even larger than a grapefruit, or eight inches across or more.

      Uterine fibroids are the most common, benign tumors in women of childbearing age, but no one knows exactly what causes them. They can be frustrating to live with when they cause symptoms. Not all women with fibroids have symptoms, but some have pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. Fibroids also can put pressure on the bladder, causing frequent urination.

    How to shrink uterus fibroids without surgical operation?
    I have a large number of uterus fibroids since many years that increased in size and enlarged my uterus than its normal size, i become like a pregnant in around 5 months and started to cause bleeding I am 48 years old now. what should I do to shrink fibroids without surgical operation? Can food shrink fibroids and what other ways should I follow?

    • ANSWER:
      I am unaware of anything you can do non-surgical to shrink fibroids. Everyone I’ve known who’ve had these have ended up with a hysterectomy. Sorry I don’t have more positive suggestions. Best of luck!

    Large uterine fibroid tumors?
    Did anyone who had large fibroid tumors in uterus successfully go another route than surgery to deal with the problem of pain, etc. My gyne told me my uterus has doubled in size since Januaary, I have two large fibroids, and there is no other option than partial hysterectomy. I’m in lots of discomfort as my uterus is pushing against my bladder and stomach but I would like to avoid surgery if possible. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      my mother had fibrioid tumors. she had to have a hysterectomy. they had to take out her uterus and one of her ovaries. she also didnt want to have the surgery but she is so glad she had it done because now she never has to deal with those tumors or her period ever again.
      im not sure what else doctors could do about fibroid tumors.
      good luck and hang in there !!

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