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Factors Causing Recurrent Miscarriages

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy up to 20 weeks of conception. After that, it is considered still birth. The cause of miscarriages is usually unidentified. Probable factors include DNA deficiency, oddly shaped uterus, uterine fibroids (fibroids infertility), scar tissue (endometriosis infertility), hormonal imbalances (hormonal infertility) and sickness such as diabetes. The threat of pregnancy loss also increase with womens age and habits relating to smoking, caffeine and alcohol intake, and the use of certain medication. For ladies under 35, recurrent miscarriages means 3 or more miscarriages; and 2 or more times in ladies older than 35.

Fibroids infertility is caused by to regular harmless growth of the uterus muscles causing reduced fertility. The most basic sign of fibroids infertility is pressure on the bladder and heavy menstruation flow. Fibroids is able to cause an alteration or reduction of blood flow to the uterine lining making it less conducive for an implanted embryo to grow and progress. Small fibroids that develop within the uterine cavity may act as a alien object and cause an inflammatory effect that makes the uterine surrounding hostile for an embryo to implant. Fibroids are also vying for room with the developing foetus and so their existence contributes to recurrent miscarriages.

Fibroids infertility can be remedied with oral medicine to minimize and/or control the extent of the fibroids. In some cases, surgical procedures is used to take out the fibroids.

Endometriosis infertility is the development of tissues like those that form within the uterus outside the uterus and can lead to scarring, tubal blockage and even ovarian cysts. One indicator of endometriosis infertility is painful intercourse. The endometrium emits prostaglandins and for a woman with endometriosis infertility, prostaglandin production can be so excessive that it causes recurrent miscarriages. When a lady suffers from endometriosis infertility, her bodys immune system malfunctions and may recognise sperm and foetus as alien objects and assualts it, leading to a miscarriage.

Endometriosis infertility can be treated with oral drugs and/or surgical procedure. Though, similar to fibroids infertility, this is not an enduring remedy and the re-growth of the cells is the cause of recurrent miscarriages. Unconventional theraphy such as homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been successful in the treatment of endometriosis infertility too.

Hormonal infertility refers to failure of the ovary to create sufficient progesterone to continue conception. There are several indicators of hormonal infertility including cold sweats, mood swings, insomia etc. Hormonal infertility can be remedied with oral medication or injection.

Complementary treatment like homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine are also been successful in the treatment of hormonal infertility.

About the Author:
Maggie Tan grew up in Singapore where natural fertility treatment is a way of life.

In her time in the UK, she discovered this potent treatment is unknown in the West. To help couples realise their parenthood, she set up Natural-Infertility-Cure which grants quality fertility information, including topics on stop miscarriage and .


Frequently Asked Questions

    I have small cysts and fibroids in my both of my breasts. Will this become a problem if I have a baby?
    My husband and I are planning on having a baby in the next year or so. What will happen to the cysts or fibroids – will they grow or be a problem?

    • ANSWER:
      It was no problem for me. Check with your doctor.

    my wife pregnant with 4 wks.test shows 2 small fibroids in the uterus.r there chances of miscarriage?
    she is 40 yrs pregnant after a gap of 15 yrs.the foetus seems normal by ultra sound.5 months back she went surgery for a tube block.rite now everything is normal.

    • ANSWER:
      I had huge rapidly growing multiple fibroids during my pregnancy. I’m 28 years old. The fibroids did not let my baby to grow well. My blood pressure was so high in my 30 wks that doctors had to do cesarean to bring the baby out. Doctor also removed the uterus. My baby is fine now. Only problem was that she was premature.
      If you have small fibroids, I think there is nothing to be worried of, just take rest, relax.

    Can having small fibroids effect pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:
      more than likely it won’t affect anything…My mother carried all three of us with so many fibroids, cysts and pre-cancerous tumors that the doctor was astounded! (there wasn’t anywhere inside the uterus when she had a hysterectomy that he could place a finger without being on another malformation)
      I would say that things should go quite normally: fibroids are very common and most of the time a woman doesn’t even know she has them, so try not to worry!

      Good luck!

    Are fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia or polyps a precursor to cancer?
    I’m 44 and had heavy menstrual bleeding. Ultrasounds and MRI showed three small fibroids, focal complex hyperplasia and polyps. I’ve been trying natural remedies which have improved menses dramatically, no longer heavy, nor as painful. Should I still have hysteroscopy or other procedure done, or does the resolution of symptoms mean I’m OK?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a precursor to cancer. Chances are the pain and bleeding will return. Interuterine scraping is another option, but I hear it is painful and not always effective. Hysterectomy may be another option for you if you just want to be done all together.

    Acheck up showed that I have small fibroids would like to know how to cure or prevent it from growing further?

    • ANSWER:
      If it is small and if there are no symptoms you can leave it. You cannot prevent it growng further. If it grows after certain period it is removed along with the uterus.

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