Fibroid Shrink

Fibroid Shrink

Uterine fibroids are tumors of benign origin. They are non-cancerous and are not related with any malicious activities. They are very common in females who are above 20 years. It is very rare to have fibroids in teenage girls. Fibroids are very widespread in African American women as compared to any other women. Normally, they have a very small size but sometimes they become big enough to fill the entire uterus. They may occur singly or in groups.

Even in these days, there is no solid knowledge about the causes of fibroids. The growth of fibroids is coupled with the level of estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for the development of fibroids. That is why fibroids are common in women of the age group of 20-35.  During the menstrual cycle of females, estrogen and progesterone are produced and thus they have high chances of having fibroids. In females, the production of estrogen is halted as soon as they reach menopause. As a result, women who have reached menopause have no probability of growing uterine fibroids owing to the decreased estrogen level.

Inside uterus, there are various places where fibroids can establish their realm. They can develop in anterior as well as exterior wall of uterus. Anterior wall fibroids are located at the back side of uterus and don’t pose any grave threat. Fibroids which are located on the opposite side of uterus can really be alarming as they can cause complete blockage of uterus. Besides these, uterine fibroids can also develop in the internal lining of uterus (endometrium).

Regarding fibroid shrink, there are a number of methods like hormonal therapy, surgery, herbal medicine etc. Although hormonal methods are effective in shrinking fibroid, yet they are not recommended. This is for the rationale that hormones provide a short-term solution and can’t be relied upon. Another disadvantage of hormonal therapy is that it can’t prevent the recurrence of fibroids. New fibroids will start growing as soon as the patient has discontinued the usage of hormones.

Surgical methods involve the removal of either fibroids or uterus. Surgical removal of fibroids is known as myomectomy and that of fibroids is known as hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is considered as the last option as it renders women infertile for the rest of her life.

Besides these methods, herbal medicines have proven themselves very effective in the treatments of fibroids. Now days, more and more people are choosing natural medicines for shrinking fibroids. This is because the traditional methods, don’t eradicate the causes of fibroids. These methods don’t provide a long-term solution and only serves as a vehicle of temporary relief. Only hysterectomy provides a permanent solution but it yields a detrimental consequence. Although, natural medicines do take some time to show result, yet they give your permanent relief. They offer a long-term solution and this is their real distinguishing trait. In addition, they produce no side-effects.

Does Oliver oil shrink tumor?

Oliver oil is considered has one the very effective agents in shrinking tumor. The patient feels real comfort after using it for a sufficiently small period of time.

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