Posterior Uterine Fibroid

 ... heterogeneous but predominately hypoechoic posterior uterine fibroid

Can You Get Pregnant With Fibroids?

If you are aware that you have fibroid tumors, you may be wondering about the impact it might have on your fertility. The time when we are trying to conceive is always a time of mixed emotions and anticipation and a time when we want as little as possible to worry about as there is no doubt that stress can impact negatively on our ability to conceive.

In answer to the question, “Can you get pregnant with fibroids?”, the reply is generally positive. Many women can and do get pregnant despite having fibroids, but there is no doubt that the condition can cause problems in the minority.

The three issues relating to fibroids which can affect your ability to get pregnant with fibroids relate to their size, location and type.


The larger your fibroids, the more adversely they could affect your chances of getting pregnant. However, some women with large fibroids will still conceive although they could experience discomfort throughout pregnancy and can cause an early delivery.

Location Of Fibroids

If fibroids are located either low down and near to the cervix they can block the passage of sperm, thus preventing a pregnancy. Similarly, if fibroids are high up in the uterus, they can block off the fallopian tubes and prevent the sperm reaching the egg.

Type Of Fibroids

Submucosal fibroids (those located just under the lining of the womb) can sometimes distort the uterine cavity significantly and this prevents implantation. These types of fibroids do not usually affect conception, but a women will often not know that she has conceived as the miscarriage occurs before implantation.

Fibroids are a sure sign that your body is out of balance and although we would all prefer to be free of them before conceiving, surgery and hormonal treatment is rarely the best option at this time and can actually hinder conception. Although the answer to the question “Can you can pregnant with fibroids?” is normally positive, we would all prefer to remove any possible hindrances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a fibroid measuring 87×65 mm in the posterior uterine wall & I’m pregenent for 2 mths. W’l it affect?
    Will it affect the baby?
    Its hard to know. You would have to talk to your doc and ask the questions x
    Fibroid questions, thanks?
    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know what a anterior fundal subserosal fibroid is…where it is located? I don’t know what anteriior fundal means?…also please: a right uterine body intramural fibroid, an anterior uterine body subserosal fibroid, a posterior uterine body intramural fibroid, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I was trying for ya! 🙂
      When i typed it in it didn’t show me any links so i went to the one that it offered in the drop down part when you type it
      subserosal anterior fundal fibroid Leiomyoma
      If you go to this link after looking at the pics. go to the overview and it will explain everything. I could copy and paste but there is a lot of good info. you should read! Good Luck!
    I have a 6.0mm hypoechoic lesion in the posterior wall of the uterine body. what does that mean?
    The lesion is said to correspond to adenomyosis vs. intramural fibroid. I was told I have a pedunculated subserosal fibroidat the uterine fundus measuring 46.2 x 45.0 mm.

    • ANSWER:
      It means you have a mass that does not bounce echoes back. If it bounced echoes back that would indicate something fluid filled vs. solid. Yours sounds solid. This rules out something fluid filled like a cyst.Basically it sounds like you have a mass on the back (posterior) of your uterus and it is most likely a uterine fibroid.
    I need to know wht this means.?
    My First Utrasound 2/1/08 stated hypoechoic measuring approximatly 1.5 is identified in the posterior aspect of uterine fundas. This was present from 10/06/06. This may represent leiomymatous change. no disrete fibroid actually seen. Endomettrial lining 2mm. Nothing seen in right or left ovarie of solid adnexal mass free in cul-de-sac. However L/O changed in size. They did another Utrasound on 3/10/08. Very large difference. Post menopausal, Findings: Uterus grew from 7.6×3.5x4cm from utrasound above, 10.2×5.4× A hypoechoic area noted in fundas previously not well defined today. Endometrium also grew from 2mm to 12mm. Endometrium is heterogeneous in echotexture with small cystic area seen fundally. Left andexa grew from 2.7etc…to 5.1etc….and two hypoeechoic nodules mesuring 2
    Right adnexa: 5.1×3.4x7cm. Two hypoechoic nodules measuring 2.3×2.3×2.1cm and 2.8×2.2×2.4 cm respectively are likely hemorrhagic functional cyst. These have lace-like internal echoes nodules. Hemorrgic
    please look for the remainder part of tests, to answer. Thankyou. Same question continued….

    • ANSWER:
      your doc can go thru it step by step. all i ma getting out of it is sounds like endometriosis


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