Lupron And Fibroids


Hormones are naturally occurring chemicals released from one part of the body that affect other parts of the body in the exocrine and endocrine gland systems. Only a small amount of hormone is required to affect necessary changes. During the latter half of the last century, man made hormones have been used to alter bodily processes in a variety of ways, particularly with birth control and aiding cancer treatments.

Lupron is a popular man-made hormone used to control the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. This particular hormone is known as a gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog (GnRH analog), which down-regulates the gonadotropin secretion as long as the drug is administered. This effect minimizes both the production of testosterone in men and estradiol in women.

Conditions Treated with Lupron

Lupron injection was first approved by the FDA in 1985 for use to help treat advanced prostate cancer. Since that time, it has also been approved to treat the following conditions as well:

  • Endometriosis or fibroids
  • Precocious (early) puberty in both male and female children

It is important to remember that Lupron only treats the symptoms of cancer; it does not cure cancer.

Contraindications for Lupron Treatment

Lupron should not be prescribed to women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant. Women who are breast-feeding should also avoid Lupron treatments. Allergies or hypersensitivity to the following similar drugs should preclude its use:

  • Leuprolide
  • Buserelin
  • Goserelin
  • Histrelin
  • Nafarelin

Dosage adjustments or special tests may be required for people with the following conditions:

  • Osteoporosis, personal or family history
  • Undergoing steroid treatments
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Depression

Side Effects of Lupron

As with all drugs, serious side effects may result in additional personal injury and even death. Physicians need to ensure proper diagnoses and treatment plans to minimize the risks to their patients. Understanding the potential side effects and detecting problems early help minimize medical negligence on their part. Some of the serious side effects of Lupron include:

  • Birth defects
  • Bone pain
  • Swelling and rapid weight gain
  • Lightheadedness
  • Problems urinating
  • Sudden headache

Other complications may occur and should be known or researched by the treating physician.

Lupron Litigation

Hormone therapy is big business for big drug companies. While they claim to create drugs that are safe and effective, many times the drugs do not seem to be safe enough. The manufacturer of Lupron was convicted of price fixing and criminally charged with fraudulent drug pricing and marketing concerning Lupron. A company that paid out 5 million in damages to settle the criminal and civil charges would probably not hesitate to cut corners in developing a safe drug.

Pharmaceutical litigators defend innocent victims of these mega-corporations whose only concern is their profits. Lawsuits and tort law are the only recourse for seeking compensation for damages caused by callous and uncaring big business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I am taking Lupron for fibroids and after 5 months I am still getting my period. Is this normal?
    When I received my 1st shot I got a period for 12 days. My gyn told me this was normal and not to worry. Once it stopped I didn’t get a period for the next 2 months. When I received my 4th and 5th shots, both times I got a period again. I called my gyn and was told again this is normal. All the pamphlets say I shouldn’t get one. I have an appt. with my regular physician because I am not trusting my gyn too much (due to other things also) . Also the symptoms I was getting when I first got the shots are gone (hot flashes, mood swings). Has anyone else been through this and what did you experience?

    • ANSWER:

    I’ve had 2 Lupron shots for fibroids, and I’m still bleeding.Why?My doc says this is unusual.I’m only 28.
    I want to know the specifics of why Lupron shots aren’t working for me. My doctor says it’s prob b/c of the submucosal fibroids with lots of blood vessels. I have so many of them (20-30) and one large one and a few medium size ones. They cause so much pain and bleeding and I haven’t stopped bleeding since Jan 24. I had a depo-provera shot on Jan 18, a Lupron shot Feb 8 and another March 9. I had my heavy period already after the 1st Lupron shot from March 1st-9th. Before Jan, I would stop bleeding for a week to 10 days a month but now it just won’t stop bleeding. My blood count in Jan was 8.2 but it’s at least going up slowly with the Lurpon shots and taking 325mg of iron 3x/day and folic acid 3x/day. Two weeks ago my blood was up to 10.2. I had fibroids transvaginally removed 2 1/2 hrs ago already but prob didn’t get them all out. So this time I’m having abdominal surgery as well as a hysteroscopy. I’m just waiting for my blood level to go up now.

    • ANSWER:
      Has your doctor sent you to a specialist? Doctors are not omniscient and should be able to recognize when they’ve reached their limits.

      I will also point out that there are a couple more options available to you:

      I had a similar (though not as bad) problem with fibroids. I had the uterine arterial embolization mentioned in the above article, and it worked outstandingly. Since the UAE, I have only enough period to let me know the plumbing is still working.

      I did not have the HIFU treatment, but it sounds completely non-surgical and thus you wouldn’t have to deal with the problems that other techniques have.

      When I was researching the UAE, I noticed from some support groups this trend: women with a lot of small fibroids did better with UAE, while women with one large fibroid did better with myomectomy. And when I say large, I mean a fibroid that is being talked about in terms of months, e.g. one fibroid that makes a person look three or five months pregnant. The advantage that UAE has for the first group is that the UAE killed all of the fibroids no matter what size, whereas the myomectomy only addresses fibroids that can be seen.

      However, at this point if I needed to be treated again, I would go with the HIFU first to see how that helped and then go with the UAE if HIFU didn’t work. I personally would not even let the Lupron near me – that essentially creates an artificial menopause.

      Note that I’m not even mentioning hysterectomy. I might have considered that if everything else failed, but it would have had to be a life-threatening, no other treatment had worked at all situation.

      In the meantime, here’s a couple more things I found:

      Cholesterol is a precursor chemical to estrogen, and it is the estrogen that is causing the problems. I recommend highly that you go on a cholesterol reducing lifestyle:
      1. Minimize animal fats – especially sausages, bacon and (sadly) cheese. I would not eliminate beef as it is high in dietary iron, which is absorbed more easily than supplements.
      2. Eliminate ANY deep-fried foods. Even foods fried in unsaturated fat has excess amounts of trans-fatty acids that cause LDL cholesterol.
      3. Take niacin in a time-released multi-B formula.
      4. Exercise as much as you can.
      5. Iron – vitamin C increases absorption and calcium reduces absorption. Add lemon or lime juice to steak and any other iron source you consume; if you are eating steak, don’t have cheese or milk products, even if they are fat free. Also, don’t take a calcium supplement when you take your iron supplement, and do take a vitamin C supplement.

      Good luck, and I hope you get the treatment you need.

    I got a 3 month shot of Lupron,,And noticed the first week my fibroids appeared larger?? ?
    I read somewhere the symptoms can get worse the first couple of weeks then it gets better..Any thoughts, I AM TERRIFIED! Thanks for any responses out there and Happy Holiday!
    Smiley1,thanks so much for your positive energy, i really need it right now..You’re great!

    • ANSWER:
      its quite possible but i would not worry about it everything will be alright i looked it up and there are a lot a side effects but they say its effective.good luck i believe you will come out great

    Does anybody knows a natural cure for fibroids, only serious answers please?
    I have fibroids and they are very big, my GYN doctors prescribed 6 months of Lupron they help a little bit but the fibroids are growing back, does any body know any natural cure for fibroids, I will appreciate it

    • ANSWER:
      There are a few things that you can try.

      Vitex is one of the most widely known women’s herbs.
      researchers believe that vitex works by regulating the pituitary gland,the one that tells other glands how much of each hormone to make.
      The hormone in question here is estrogen,on which vitex has a regulating effect.
      Vitex needs to be taken for 6 months for it’s full benefits to be felt.
      An alternative practitioner typical dosage prescription would be any where from 2,000 to 5,000 milligrammes in capsules per day,or one to two dropperfuls of tincture 2 times per day.
      Caution-to not take during pregnancy,and Vitex can also lesson the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

      Dietary supplements
      To help shrink fibroids,try taking the following supplements once daily for 3 to 4 months.
      Vitamin C: 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams
      Selenium: 400 micrograms and Zinc: 30 milligrams.

      Uterine fibroid tea.
      This tea combines hormone balancing herbs with those that ease cramps.
      2 teaspoons vitex
      1 teaspoon black cohosh root
      half teaspoon dandelion root
      half teaspoon prickly ash bark
      quarter teaspoon cramp bark
      quarter teaspoon cinnamon bark
      4 cups of water.
      Combine the herbs and water and bring to the boil.
      lower heat and allow tea to simmer for a few minutes.
      Remove from the heat and steep for 20 minutes.
      Strain and drink at least 2 cups a day for 3 to 4 months.

      When you have a bath,you can add several drops of rosemary,lavender,or juniper essential oils to stimulate pelvic circulation.

      You could also try a castor oil pack
      The skin absorbs warm castor oil’s active constituents,lectins,which stimualate the immune response to help shrink fibroids.
      Five drops of essential can also be added to a castor oil pack to encourage relaxation.
      to make a pack,soak a clean cloth in castor oil,then place it on the abdomen or on any painful areas.
      Cover the cloth with plastic wrap,then another clean cloth.
      Then apply a heat sorce-A hot water bottle,a heating pad,a cloth bag of lentils,corn,or rice that has been microwaved for a few minutes.
      Leave on for about an hour.

      red raspberry
      This herb is useful if your fibroids cause excessive bleeding during menstruation.
      herbalists believe that it gradually improves the tone of the uterus.
      A typical dosage would be 1 to 2 cup of tea 2 or 3 times a day.
      (steep 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes).
      Caution- If you are or think you might be pregnant,use only under the supervision of an experienced practioner.

      Also in traditional chinese medicine,it is believed that taking milk thistle can also help.
      I hope I was of some help and I hope that you are feeling alot better real soon.
      Take care.

    Any help for Fibroids?
    I have multiple fibroid and cyst. I know what a mess. I’m 37 and now after starting my career I would like to have kids
    I made the mistake of having myomectomies when I was younger what a mistake. Wish someone would have told me not to because Fibroids “will” return and resulted in lots of scar tissues.

    Starting Lupron this month (the Pill). Anyone have any suggestions medication, holistic treatment, good doctors, etc.
    I am in Los angeles Area

    • ANSWER:
      I had multiple fibroids inside the uterus. I did mayomactomy when I was 24 and doctor removed 28 fibroids. Doctor said I have only 1 chance to get pregnant. The fibroids came back just in 1 year. But luckily I got pregnant.
      It was a painful pregnancy, I gave birth of a premature baby. I had hysterectomy at the same time.
      I tried luprone injection ( 4 shots)before the first surgery to shrink the size. The luprone shrieked the sizes of the fibroids otherwise doctor may had to do hysterectomy that time. But when I stopped taking injection, the fibroids grew rapidly.
      My uterus had fibroids as big as 6 KG during my pregnancy. So you should try to get pregnant ASAP or you may not be pregnant ever.

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    • Jacqueline Todd
    • 18/11/2013

    Took a series of 4 lupron injections within a year. This was for abnormal heavy flow during my period. I was told this would speed up my menopause. 7 months later I had a period. My next period was 2 month later. The period are still the same heavy, with and without cramping. It is going on 19 months now just for my primary care Doctor to tell me according my thyriod lab work, I am not even in premenipausal stage. My labs the results of a woman in her 30s. I will be 55 next month.

  1. Reply

    i took lupron for 1 year and was so happy because the pain and heavy bleeding went away and my anemia ceased. the only thing is that at the end of every 3mth shot the pain would come in with a bang. i wanted to wean myself from it but couldnt stand the pain when the medicine wore off. I put on 40 pounds. I at the end of my 1 year and went today to get another injection .the doctor and I had hoped that it would kick me into menopause but it has not . It may but i havent let it wear off but 2weeks after the 3mths. I hope I can stand it this 3mth time around. so in the meantime i am walking on the treadmill to offset the weight gain. I am 51 and menopause seems to not be anywhere in sight. LOL

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