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Treating Large Uterus Fibroids Naturally

If you have large uterus fibroids, you may have already looked at your treatment options and decided that conventional surgical methods are not for you. Although there is no doubt that surgery can be effective as a “quick fix” in the short term, fibroids are likely to regrow unless you are able to completely eliminate the root causes.

Very often, doctors recommend a “wait and see” approach, as fibroids are rarely dangerous and will naturally shrink during the menopause. However, if your symptoms are severe and you are several years away from the menopause, this may not feel like a satisfactory option!

However, the very fact that fibroids are not usually harmful gives you the benefit of having time to think your treatment options through carefully. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to try an approach which might not give instant results, but could well be the best solution in the short term.

If you are prepared to put in some effort and take responsibility for your own healing, then treating large uterus fibroids naturally is entirely possible. By using an approach which eliminates all the possible root causes whilst offering symptomatic relief, much can be gained.

Natural treatment often begins by focusing on estrogen levels. It is a well known fact that an excess of this hormone implicated in fibroid growth. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily follow that all women with high estrogen levels will have large uterus fibroids, almost all women who have developed fibroids will have elevated levels. This is because it is believed that there are other factors which subtly interact with the raised estrogen levels, triggering fibroid growth.

One simple step you can take to reduce your estrogen levels is maintaining a healthy weight. Fat cells both store and manufacture estrogen and so losing weight will have the side effect of estrogen reduction. In addition, cutting down on your consumption of animal fats and non-organic meats will also help. Additionally, it is believed that estrogen-mimicking compounds can become locked in the liver, exerting a constant effect. These are very difficult to eliminate, but one satisfactory way is to undergo a thorough liver detox.

Another way of treating large uterus fibroids naturally is to look at your diet. A healthy diet which includes 5-7 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables is always beneficial. If you have fibroids though, you should ensure that you stick to organic produce and avoid artificial additives. You should also include at least 2 liters of filtered water each day as this will help flush toxins out of the body.

The lack of comprehensive “real” help for women led an alternative practitioner to develop a complete system for treating large uterus fibroids naturally which mirrored what she taught women in her busy clinic. Her unique, 7 Step Plan has been successfully used by many thousands of women worldwide and for those who are willing to take charge of their own treatment and recognize that they will have to play an active role in their own healing, then this is simply ideal. If, however, you are the type of person who will simply expect to take a pill and be cured, then this is maybe not the right system for you. Please visit my website, Shrink Fibroids for further details.

About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a large fibroid in my uterus and do not want to get a hysterectomy, anyone had one removed?
    I have been having VERY heavy cycles for the past year and I am interested in finding out if anyone else who has a fibroid has chosen to have it removed through laproscopic surgery. I am also going to have an ablation done at the same time. Any feedback is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I have uterine fibroids as well. Almost a year ago I had a laproscopic surgery to remove some endometriosis I had and althought it ended up painful for me (because my stitches wwent in and got an infection in my incision) it was not too bad besides that. The doctor did not remove my fibroids because he wanted to know for sure which one was causing my specific sort of pain. (Which it is much better by the way) And he said that if he were to remove the fibroids, he would do a laparotomy (A little bit bigger surgery than the laproscopic so it would require a little more down time.) Well, I don’t know if this was of any help, but I know I was happy of my decision to go through with my surgery.
    I am 5 weeks pregnant and have a large fibroid in my uterus. I’m bleeding. Anyone go through a full birth?
    First pregnancy after many miscarriages. I also have blood clots. Just really scared and I want to know if I should expect a miscarriage or if there is any possibility I can carry full term. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      My cousin has a fibroid and she is now 5 months preg and the baby is growing great and the doctors see no reason for her not to go full term and have a healthy baby. I myself didn’t have fibriods but I had large cysts and as the babies (twins) starting growing the cysts ruptured and I bled alot and was in lots of pain but my doctors kept assuring me that the babies were okay. I had them at 35 1/2 wks and they were very healthy. I bled alot throughout my preg with my daughter and she was born healthy. Just go with what your doc says and if you are asked to go on bed rest or any other precaution listen to them. I pray that things go well for you.
    is a large uterus w/fibroid a reason to get a hysterectomy?
    how long recovery? scopic surgery

    • ANSWER:
      Only if the doctor feels it wi going to cause problems or turn cancerousRecovery time depends on caliber of surgery
    Does anyone has large fibroid? Does your doctor remove your whole uterus? Please tell your operation procedure
    My doctor just found out that I have an uterine fibroid. The size is about 10cm. I am so worry that the doctor will remove my whole uterus.

    • ANSWER:
      Treatment will depend on the symptoms you have, whether or not you are finished having children, the size and location of your fibroid and your health. That being said, I had a large fibroid (size of a grapefruit) and due to non-stop bleeding, the doctor and I opted for the hysterectomy.The methods of treatment include:
      hormonal medications
      myomectomy (removal only of the fibroid)
      artery embolization (closing off the blood supply to the fibroid)
      D & C

      As you can see, a hysterectomy is not the only option. The doctor will discuss all your options with you and you will decide on the course to follow together.

    I found out that I have a somewhat large fibroid in my uterus…?
    At 1st, since about Dec. I was having the most severe pains in my stomach, I couldn’t even stand or pick up my son. I had very abnormal bleeding and spotting. I recently went to a gyno and they made an ultrasound appt. last week. They found a somewhat large fibroid in my uterus, whereabouts, I find out tomorrow hopefully! Anyway, I was wondering what to expect. Do they need to do a biopsy to figure anything out or when do they suggest removing it? I’m always researching things on the internet, but they don’t help with this one too much. I also have endometriosis so I already have problems. Would the 2 combined make it even harder to have more children? I can’t wait until tomorrow. So any suggestions would be amazing. Thanks for taking your time for me!!

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t help you with respect to endometriosis, as that causes its own set of fertility problems…I had a large fibroid. They did the “wait-and-see” method first… After my symptoms continued and/or worsened, they changed my BC pills to try to manage the bleeding that way. Only thing is, while the pills may help to manage the excessive bleeding, they hormones in the pills (namely estrogen) contribute to the growth of the fibroid, itself. (ESTROGEN GROWS FIBROIDS, PERIOD.)

      I decided to get off of all pills… Then I became pregnant, at which time you produce a lot more what? ESTROGEN.

      My pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, after which I was sent to a reproductive endocrinologist, which I recommend to you, also, if you’ve got co-morbidity (more than one medical issue going on)–both of which can adversely affect fertility–and you still desire to have more children.

      Ultimately I had a laparoscopic myomectomy to remove the fibroid. At the time of my battery of tests the fibroid ways ~4.1cm at its largest… By the time I had surgery it was 8cm! So I don’t know if yours is larger, but it is possible to remove a large fibroid and leave you your womb. A reproductive endrocrinologist is a specialist who can remove it AND preserve your fertility.

      Meantime, seriously cut caffeine sources, get rid of estrogen sources that you may be ingesting in the form of medication, and stay away from soy and soy-based products, if at all possible.

      I’m sorry–you asked about testing: they can feel a lot with a pelvic exam alone, especially if you go for your annuals as recommended (they then have a baseline with which to compare)… They can examine it through ultrasound… My first fertility-type test was an HSG (x-rays with contrast dye), the next was an SIS (same thing but with ultrasound instead of x-rays and saline solution instead of dye), and ultimately an MRI, which revealed evidence contrary to what the prior two tests suggested. Non-invasive tests.

      Also, a lot depends on where your fibroid is located. I have a friend whose fibroid was removed vaginally (100% non-invasive). My sister (who is not interested in having more children!) had hers treated via uterine ablation; but that wouldn’t be appropriate for you. Again, how it is situated in your womb (mine was intramural) and where it is located (mine was dorsal and pushing down posterially into my uterine cavity) has much to do with how they’d go about relieving you of it.

      I’m sorry about all of that pain that you are in! I hope that you get this taken care of with ease, efficiency, no error, and of course, God’s mercy and divine and sovereign oversight. :0)


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