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Royal Wedding Memorabilia: How To Avoid Bad Surprises?

D-Day for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is approaching fast. All the souvenirs shops are packed with a heterogeneous range of gifts. It is very easy to find a cheap deal. If you want to purchase quality, you could struggle to find it. Here are a few useful tips to understand what real memorabilia is, and how to find it.
What types of quality Royal Wedding collectibles can I buy?
Royal Wedding collectibles should not be mixed with souvenirs. Generally speaking, forget about cheap gifts shop. Royal Wedding memorabilia is made by people who love to share their passion.
A good starting point is to remember which memorabilia has been officially approved by Buckingham Palace:
-Fine bone china such as mugs, tankards, plates, pillboxes,
-Tea Towels,
-Small high quality decorations.
Now that we know what we can buy, lets see who produces it.
Which Royal Wedding memorabilia producer is the best?
Dont panic: it is not impossible to find real good quality Royal Wedding collectibles. They are all made in the UK, by traditional producers. All these companies tend to be based in the North of England, near Stoke on Trent. Stoke is the capital of pottery, and the homeland of these hundred years old factories.
You have two choices for real Royal Wedding memorabilia:
1/ The Official Collection produced in agreement with the Royal Family: a mug, a plate, a pillbox, a tea towel, and a small decoration.
All these collectibles are great value for money and will stay with you overtime. Buckingham Palace did not release the details of the manufacturer. But it was obvious the Royals could not rely on one single partner for the first Royal Wedding of the Century! Five companies collaborate to produce the Official memorabilia. If you choose to order, it may take some time (the ceramics are handmade). Until now, delays experienced have been quite reasonable (one week maximum).
2/ If youre looking for something a bit different, but still quality, go for a renowned British traditional pottery maker. They generally propose a memorabilia collection dedicated to the Royal Wedding: often a plate, a mug and a pillbox.
How do I identify real fine bone china?
If you want to buy fine bone china, you made the good choice. It is the best collectible you can find to commemorate the Royal Wedding. It is advised to buy it from a trusted seller on Internet. Try http://www.royalweddingmemorabilia.net/ . Made by passionate people, this site sells quality items, including the Official Collection (which is quite hard to find on the Internet).
You can also buy fine bone china if you are visiting the UK. If you are in a ceramic shop, remember these four tips:
-Fine bone china should display a bright white colour.
-High quality fine bone china should be translucent. To verify, put your ceramic in front of a source of light. You should be able to see the shade of your fingers through the plate/mug.
-You should find a trademark at the back of your purchase. Thats how quality producers sign their art.
-Cheap price = cheap quality.
With all these tips, you are now ready to start your quest for Royal Wedding memorabilia!
Enjoy the Royal Wedding, and try to come to London on the 29th of April, you wont regret it!

About the Author:
Kat Willis is a fan of the British Royalty. She likes to collect memorabilia and share her passion with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can anyone help me understand this MRI?
    My dr says mild adenomyosis, but I think the report is conflicting and states other issues, any ideas?

    MRI of the pelvis without gadolinium.

    1. Axial T1 SE.
    2. Axial T2 SSFSE with fat-sat.
    3. Coronal T2 SSFSE with fat-sat.
    4. Sagittal T2 SSFSE with fat-sat.
    5. Axial proton density with fat saturation.
    6. Coronal 3 mm T2-weighted images with fat-sat.

    Findings: The uterus is enlarged measuring approximately 9.6 x
    6.5 x 5.0 cm. The uterus demonstrates myometrial heterogeneity
    with what appears to be linear focal areas of alternating
    decreased and increased signal. The junctional zone is distinct
    and normal in appearance measuring approximately 5 mm in
    thickness. There is a focal cystic structure in the right mid to
    lower segment junctional zone which measures approximately 7 x 3
    mm. This is consistent with focal adenomyosis. Diffuse signal
    abnormality in the uterus does not appear to represent
    adenomyosis. This may represent venous engorgement, possibly from
    pelvic congestion syndrome. There appear to be prominent adnexal
    varices which are not well evaluated without contrast. This could
    be better assessed with endovaginal ultrasound using Doppler
    interrogation with Valsalva maneuver. Doppler evaluation of the
    uterus might also be helpful at the same time.

    There is a tiny 3 to 4 mm hypointense lesion in the right aspect
    of the uterus adjacent to the junctional zone which may represent
    a very small submucosal fibroid.

    The cervix is within normal limits. The vagina is normal.

    The right ovary is within normal limits measuring approximately
    2.5 x 1.7 x 1.3 cm. The left ovary measures approximately 3.7 x
    2.3 x 2.8 cm and contains a dominant simple-appearing 1.9 cm

    A small to moderate amount of free fluid is also noted in the
    posterior cul-de-sac.

    There is no evidence for pelvic adenopathy. The bladder is within
    normal limits. The visualized bowel and rectum appear to be
    within normal limits. The bones of the pelvis appear normal.

    1. Enlarged uterus with slightly heterogeneous linear myometrial
    parenchymal structures which suggests vascular engorgement,
    possibly related to pelvic congestion syndrome. The findings of
    diffuse heterogeneity are not consistent with diffuse adenomyosis
    as the junctional zone is normal. This could be better evaluated
    with endovaginal ultrasound with Doppler with and without
    Valsalva maneuver.
    2. There is a small focus of adenomyosis in the junctional zone
    measuring approximately 7 x 3 mm. This is of uncertain clinical
    3. Prominent adnexal varices are suggested. This again would be
    best evaluated with endovaginal ultrasound and Doppler with and
    without Valsalva.
    4. 1.9 cm simple-appearing left ovarian cyst.
    5. Normal right ovary.
    I guess the other issues are that it says something about a submucosal fibroid, venous engorgement (whatever that is), and prominent adnexal varices (whatever that is). I agree with the cyst on the ovary being due to ovulation.

    I guess I just need to be patient and see what my dr says. I am having a hysterecomty at the end of July anyways, but my other MRI never showed anything.

    • ANSWER:
      What about it makes you think it might be other issues? It sounds like your ovaries are normal (the cyst on the left is likely a normal cyst produced due to ovulation). Your pelvis is normal, cervix and vagina are normal. So it’s the ovary with the problem, and though it could be several possibilities, adenomyosis seems most likely. You could get the tests done that are recommended in the report to confirm or refute that, but I can’t comment from here without seeing anything.

    I need to know wht this means.?
    My First Utrasound 2/1/08 stated hypoechoic measuring approximatly 1.5 is identified in the posterior aspect of uterine fundas. This was present from 10/06/06. This may represent leiomymatous change. no disrete fibroid actually seen. Endomettrial lining 2mm. Nothing seen in right or left ovarie of solid adnexal mass free in cul-de-sac. However L/O changed in size. They did another Utrasound on 3/10/08. Very large difference. Post menopausal, Findings: Uterus grew from 7.6×3.5x4cm from utrasound above, 10.2×5.4×5.1.cm A hypoechoic area noted in fundas previously not well defined today. Endometrium also grew from 2mm to 12mm. Endometrium is heterogeneous in echotexture with small cystic area seen fundally. Left andexa grew from 2.7etc…to 5.1etc….and two hypoeechoic nodules mesuring 2
    Right adnexa: 5.1×3.4x7cm. Two hypoechoic nodules measuring 2.3×2.3×2.1cm and 2.8×2.2×2.4 cm respectively are likely hemorrhagic functional cyst. These have lace-like internal echoes nodules. Hemorrgic
    please look for the remainder part of tests, to answer. Thankyou. Same question continued….

    • ANSWER:
      your doc can go thru it step by step. all i ma getting out of it is sounds like endometriosis

    I am 50. Had excess bleeding during period recently. Ultrasound scanning result was as under.?
    1. Bulky uterus. Small subserous fibroid in the anterior wall. Myometrium heterogenous ? Adenoneyosis. 2) Small cyst in the left overy. Dr. prescribed tablets to control bleeding and told no problem. I am worried and confused. Could any expert readers enlighten me whether I suffer any serious illness.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to say, but it could be some type of cancer. Maybe uterine or ovarian cancer. I say so, because my mom was experiencing similar symptoms, excessive bleeding, huge blood clots, pain in the lower abdomen, etc. She was so worried and afraid to go to the hospital. She went to the doctor and they found cancer. You should definitely take care of this.

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