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Natural Cure for Fibroids – Shrink Fibroids Without Surgery

Many women strive to find a natural cure for fibroids rather than undergoing costly, painful surgery or living with the condition. Although doctors may advocate leaving fibroids alone as they will shrink during the menopause, this is simply not acceptable if you have years to go or if your symptoms are severe. Other treatment options include surgery to remove fibroids, which is not a permanent solution as fibroids can regrow within months of removal. A hysterectomy is always only considered as a last resort and is classed as a major operation, carrying risks of anesthetic, bleeding, infection and of course, has a long recovery time.

It can sometimes feel like there are no answers, with symptoms which can include heavy bleeding, bowel and bladder problems, bloating, anemia and discomfort and pain during intercourse. Indeed many doctors will recommend that you simply do nothing or they may recommend treatments which do nothing but mask the symptoms meaning that fibroids will simply regrow even if you shrink fibroids temporarily. If your quality of life is severely compromised, then it makes complete sense to consider a natural cure for fibroids.

Very often, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact cause of a woman’s fibroids. However, there are a number of identifiable common factors. Firstly, fibroids only grow in women of reproductive age and it is thought that they grow in response to estrogen-the higher the woman’s estrogen levels, the more likely she is to have fibroids. Also linked with this is the fact that estrogen is produced by and stored in fat cells. It therefore follows that overweight women are more likely to have higher levels of estrogen. Afro-Carribean women are also more likely to have fibroids. Genetic factors can also come into play-if your mother had fibroids, you are more likely to be a sufferer yourself. For some women, it is thought that diet has played a part. For example, it is known that certain pollutants can mimic the effect of estrogen, thus causing fibroids to grow. These pollutants can be stored in the liver and the effects of them can be longlasting.

Many women have found natural treatments to be a highly effective way of treating this condition. However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. If anybody tells you that there is a very easy solution to fibroids which takes no effort at all, then tread carefully. If you are hoping for a “quick-fix” method to shrink fibroids then there is no such thing. However, if you are prepared to invest a little time and effort in your own healing then it can be done-indeed many thousands of women have managed to free themselves completely from the symptoms of fibroids, very often shrinking large fibroids altogether.

There are some simple self-help steps which form part of an overall natural cure for fibroids and these are a good starting point if you are wanting to shrink fibroids. Firstly, as estrogen is a factor, it makes sense to reduce this by maintaining a healthy weight. Less fat cells will mean less estrogen production and storage. You could also consider a liver detox, which could remove any toxins and pollutants which are contributing to fibroid growth.

A natural cure for fibroids is sometimes offered by just a small niche of alternative healthcare professionals as the majority will not be specialized enough to treat fibroids. These specialists are likely to be very costly and possibly have long waiting times. However, as fibroids are very rarely dangerous or life threatening, this is a condition where you do not have to make snap decisions about life-saving surgery and so it is extremely worthwhile trying to shrink your fibroids naturally.

There is an excellent 7 Step Treatment Plan which has been prepared by Shola Oslo, who is a specialist in female alternative health, which guarantees that you can eliminate fibroids by using all-natural methods. She offers the system online to keep costs to a minimum and to reach the maximum number of patients. There is, of course, full back-up support. You can find details at Shrink Fibroids. If you would like further general information and learn all about the different types of fibroids plus the different treatments for each, please visit Natural Cure For Fibroids.

About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

    what is best way of removal/dilution of uterine fibroids?
    I am suffering from uterine fibroids (two big fibroids), I want to get rid of this problem. Every body is suggesting for removal of these fibroids with or without uterine through surgical operation of two-three types. It is my humble request as to how to get rid of these fibroids without any surgery/ operation.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone been through surgery hysterectomy for fibroid removal? How long was surgery?
    Did you have any pain with fibroids? Give me knowledge. What was the of surgery like? How long where you in the hospital? I need information. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a hysterectomy because of fibroid (very heavy bleeding, prolonged periods, anemia, fainting due to anemia)

      I had an abdominal hysterctomy – uterus was too large for a vaginal (laparoscopic) surgery

      I was in the hospital 3 days

      recovery took abotu 6-7 weeks

      for lots of good information – check htis web site

      good luck

    Ladies, can someone tell me if they had surgery for fibroid removal? If so, did you feel better after doing?
    I have some of the hardest times when I am on my period because of these fibroids! I have heavier periods and cramps out of this world. And sometimes it prolongs and bledding between periods. I am anemic from this too. I have another followup with my doctor and I have a feeling they will want to remove the fibriods. I do not have a normal life due to this cause it’s uncomfortable. I need some assurance it will be ok if I have this surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t tell you for sure how significant the improvement will be but if I were you I would definitely get the surgery. My aunty didn’t get hers removed until they were so big that they were pressing on her femoral nerve and she had to have a hysterectomy

    Removal of fibroids?

    a family member of mine had a hysterectomy recently, and is recooperating, but is unable to urinate.So this person is currently in the hospital. Is this normal to happen after surgery? And what is the remedy process?


    • ANSWER:
      I’m 28 years old and i had hysterectomy due to huge fibroids. I had to take rest for around 20 days but i could urinate. I think your family member must have some other problem, possibly urine infection that occurs after surgery in some cases. I had urine infection after my 1st mayomactomy, usually it goes by proper medication

    Has anyone had hysterectomy for fibroid removal? If so how long did you have fibroids and did you?
    experience pain and heavy bleeding? Were you anemic? Tell me about your first 2 -3 days after surgery and so forth. What should I expect after a hysterectomy? Did your uterus enlarge causing your stomach to also appear like you were pregnant? My doct told me my stomach was about size of 28 week pregnant person and my uterus was twice the normal size!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Consult another Doctor if you still have questions.
      When it comes to your health you are your best advocate.
      GOOD LUCK.

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