Degenerative Fibroids

L5 s1 chronic degenerative disc change. what are the cause of ...

Bio Care Hospital’s Unique Approach To Integrative Medicine

Bio Care Hospital is located in beautiful Tijuana, Mexico, joining a growing number of facilities throughout Mexico and South America that offer an integrated approach to health and wellness. Bio Care Hospital offers options to international patients seeking a combination of traditional and alternative medical therapies, treatments and procedures in a truly multifaceted and well- rounded approach to whole body care and medicine.

Bio Care Hospital treats a variety of medical conditions including autoimmune degenerative diseases, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and a variety of methodologies including rejuvenation and anti-aging, alternative cancer treatments, live cell therapy and integrative medical approaches offering patients the best options and prognosis for their conditions.

Treatments Offered at Bio Care Hospital
Doctors at Bio Care Hospital believe in a whole-body approach to medical care to help restore health and wellness to individuals experiencing a variety of illnesses and chronic disease conditions. Some of their most common restored it approaches utilize but are not limited to:

Diet and nutritional care
Detoxification therapies
Hormone balancing
Regulating the immune system
Non-toxic methodologies to destroy harmful pathogens
Dental health review
Psychological and emotional review and counseling
Bioelectrical repolarization
Laetrile therapy
Lights cell therapy
Acupuncture in acupressure
Autologous dendritic cell vaccines

Bio Care Hospital offers specialized integrative programs such as:

Alternative cancer therapy
Rejuvenation and anti-aging programs
Medical hyperthermia
Dendritic cell vaccinations
Autoimmune and degenerative conditions therapies – including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus
Live Cell therapy
Rejuvenation and anti-aging programs
Chronic fatigue syndrome treatments and methodologies

Qualifications of Staff at Bio Care Hospital
Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Bio Care Hospital is a highly respected physician with a global reputation for excellence in care, and the author of multiple papers defining and describing his integrative approach to medicine after 25 years of experience in the field.

Dr. Rodriguez completed his post-graduate training and studies in Germany, Canada and the United States, focusing his studies on implementing pioneering methodologies that combine high tech diagnostics with good, old-fashioned common sense when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.

“Integrative approaches to health and wellness are growing in demand among international patients,” states Pramod Goel of PlacidWay.Com, an international medical provider based in Denver, Colorado. “Integrative medicine and alternative treatments for cancer, degenerative and autoimmune diseases and overall health and wellness offer patients a variety of options and caring, compassionate care. We’re pleased to join hands with Bio Care Hospital and their compassionate and caring staff in providing such options to patients from around the world seeking more choices and options in their healthcare.”

Traveling to Mexico for Medical Care
Consumers seeking high quality yet affordable medical treatment find solutions and medical service providers in Mexico help ease the burden of rising healthcare costs, wait times, and accessibility to treatments and therapies. Major medical providers in Mexico serve consumers from around the world seeking accessible and affordable, high quality, integrative approaches to medicine and health and wellness.

About the Author:
The most advanced integrative medical center offering the best choices, integrative and individualized programs for cancer patients, multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders, hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases.


Frequently Asked Questions

    I just found out I have degenerative fibroids and my uterus is very swollen…..
    What can I do to ease the swelling until I can get to the doctor in september- I has to go to the emergency room because of all the blod loss and he gave me hormones but im not sure their doing any good, Ive also had a tubal. Right now im so miserable that I cant even take my children to the store- please help???

    • ANSWER:
      september is a long while to wait to see the doctor. try to get an earlier appointment.

      i was in the same situation having multiple fibroids. i had a hormone ‘sniffer’ drug to stop my periods but that just made me put on weight very quickly. my only answer was a hysterectomy, which i don’t regret for one minute.

      this was a few years ago and i think many advances have been made since then. i do feel for you because it’s horrible. please try to get an earlier appointment and get it sorted.

      email me if you want to chat about it.

    If you have a mysterious disease, ovarian cysts and fibroids, menopause, a bad knee, degenerative disk disease
    and your husband is mad because your not working, would’nt you think he is a jack@@@

    • ANSWER:
      I think you need to work on making yourself happy. maybe you can find a less stressful job that is easy to appease him and getting out of the house and doing something will take your mind off of your ailments. Maybe all these problems you have are effecting him. Start with a job search and then maybe counseling?? He probably doesnt want to see you wallow in self pity. PS I have the cysts and fibroids, heart condition, lactose intolerance, migrane headaches, dry eye, joint disease – i have a job!

    Can you get SSI for a combination of these health problems?
    Head to toe, not in order of severity as this varies: Migraines, chemical sensitivity, allergies, other headaches, degenerative discs and spurs in neck, osteoarthritis in most joints, GERD, back problems, severe adhesions including endometriosis including unusual places, large and multiple fibroids making uterus the size of a 5 month pg woman, bp problems because of neck and enlarged uterus, cramps in neck, abdomen, legs, chronic pain, heavy irregular periods, polyps and tumors, anxiety, depression, and pstd/personality problems. And who can I contact in Calif. to get SSI problems worked out. Although I applied for reconsideration, I’m not in the system.
    I’m in the East Bay Area, California

    • ANSWER:
      No you will be denied. Get an ssi lawyer.

    do you think she is disabled?
    my friend has corpal tunnel 15 yrs,type 2diabetes 5 yrs,neuropathy 4 yrs,
    tendonitis 3 yrs,uterine fibroids 5 yrs,anemiaa (heavy mensus)4 ,blocked coronary with chest pain 4 yrs,arthritis throughout body 12 yrs,copd 3 yrs,
    bronchitis 12 yrs,hypertention 12 yrs,neuropathy 3 yrs,degenerative disc disease 3 yrs,anxiety with depression 30 yrs,use cane ,bifocal,and dentures at 47,medication keeps her unfunctionalble is she disabled?
    i want honest opinions,10 points

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, she is disabled. Conditions that prohibit work & interfere w/activities of daily living are disabilities.

      The bigger question is what difference does it make to you if she is disabled or not? You know every symptom she has & the duration of each. Instead of questioning disability status, perhaps it would be more beneficial to try some empathy.

      Many of the conditions listed are life altering & detrimental to relationships & quality of life. No one wants to be limited. It’s hard enough to deal w/physical & mental symptoms, but side effects of meds & judgment by other ppl are frustrating as well.

      If she is not currently on disability, she has plenty of conditions to qualify. Even w/legitimate major disabilities ppl are often turned down for SSDI multiple times. Unfortunately, this situation causes onlookers to question the legitimacy of the patient’s complaints.

      Even minimal research into the individual conditions shows how painful (mentally, physically, emotionally) they are. To have multiple conditions at such a young age & still be living in the face of such difficulties shows her strength & determination.

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