Fibroids Outside The Uterus

Natural Methods Which Will Help to Shrink Fibroids in Uterus

Fibroids in uterus are growths that develop either within the uterine wall on the outside of the uterus or on the inner uterine lining. These uterine tumors are normally benign and mostly go unnoticed.
Fibroids remain undetected in many women because when the tumors are small in size it rarely causes any symptoms. Only when the tumors increase in size or in case of uterine fibroids growing on or near a blood vessel do the symptoms show up. Some of the common fibroid symptoms include pain in the abdomen, excessive bleeding, inter-period vaginal bleeding, painful intercourse and in some cases infertility.
Although most doctors recommend surgery for fibroids removal there are far less drastic ways of dealing it. In this article I am going to share details of natural remedies to deal with fibroids in uterus.
Acupuncture is very useful to clear and tone the body’s healing channels by releasing blockages or restoring flow of energy. It is an ancient form of healing which is used to treat a number of women’s issues including fibroids.
Exercise can play a major role in helping to dissolve fibroids. It is very useful for overall well being and can specifically assist in regularizing menstrual periods and hormonal balance in the body.
Estrogen Mimickers
Excess estrogen is one of the known causes of fibroid growth in women. In addition to estrogen present naturally in our body there are certain estrogen-mimicking chemicals present in products like birth control pills, bleached tampons, inorganically grown food and hormone-therapy treatments. While undergoing fibroid treatment it is very important to reduce the exposure to these mimickers which can also contribute to the growth of fibroids in uterus.
Herbal remedies are very useful to restore hormonal imbalance in the body. However herbal remedies must be used only under the guidance and supervision of a qualified herbalist. The treatment period may be slightly longer when you undergo herbal treatment. Herbs which are effective in treating fibroids include extract of yucca root, blue and black cohosh root, poke root oil, dandelion and echinacea as well as rose hip extract.

When I started looking out for a qualified herbal medicine practitioner to help me get rid of fibroids in uterus naturally, I was not able to find one easily. I therefore started looking for alternative options to shrink fibroids on the internet. Thanks to internet I came across a number of true stories of women who had successfully treated fibroids naturally with the help of non-surgical methods. I participated in some of the women’s health forum and interacted with other fibroid sufferers. During such one interaction I became aware of a 7 step plan which has been put together by an alternate medical practitioner. This plan has helped thousands of women the world over shrink fibroids naturally. It comes with a money back guarantee and is available for immediate download all over the world.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? Do you know of a proven fibroids treatment that will start giving you relief within a few weeks of use? Although this may seem impossible it is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Finroid Treatment

About the author: I am an ex banker turned home maker. As soon as I reached the age of 40 I started experiencing a number of typical “women’s problems”. Like most others I too always resorted to modern medicines as my first line of treatment. Needless to say it was always accompanied by a number of side effects. Sick and tired of bearing up with the side effects I decided to do some research of my own. Thanks to internet I came across ideas and methods of natural cure for most of these typical women’s issues. I have tried these out personally and now am a strong believer in nature cure. Nature Cure is absolutely safe, has no side effects and offers permanent solution for most of our problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

    how can i treat my fibroids(one is 7.3cm 6.9 cm)(2.0×1.9×2.1).larger one is outside of uterus,smaller is half?
    inside the wall.i m 38 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      If causing no problem then forget it , fibroids reduce in size after menopause sets in. If they are any cause of lot of bleeding then of course , surgery is indicated.

    Has anyone had a myomectomy and conceived successfully afterwards?
    i am having surgery to remove fibroids inside/outside my uterus. i decided to do this after ttc for a year with & without the use of fertility drugs. i want to know if anyone has had this surgery and conceived afterwards. if so, how long did it take?

    • ANSWER:
      I did! I had both a myomectomy, plus fibroid and scar tissue removal, and was able to conceive afterwards. It did take a year and a half after that, but that was because of my hubby’s iffy sperm.

      If you’re over 35, it’s best to consult with an RE after a few months of trying (I ultimately did, and I’m sooo glad because I’m finally pregnant but only with some medical assistance).

      Good luck!

    Can fibroids keep you from having children?
    I want someone who has actually gone through this to answer. If you have had fibroids and had a successful pregnancy and healthy baby or if your are having trouble getting pregnant. I’ve just discovered that I have 3 fibroids in my uterine walls and one outside the uterus. I don’t want to miss out on having my own babies and I’m scared that this may ruin my chances of ever experiencing that. So your answers are very much appreciated .

    • ANSWER:
      Only the dr can confirm for sure if your fibroids is the cause you are unable to conceive. I have fibroids but I got pregnant and am about 3 months now. My sister had fibroids too which the dr removed soon after she delivered her first child. Good luck…

    Has anyone had fibroids during pregnancy?
    The ultrasound technician found multiple fibroids on the outside of my uterus durning my ultrasound in Dec. My doctor told me at my last appt. that the largest one is the size of a softball. I have to go in for another ultrasound the end of the month and if it has grown, it possibly will have to be surgically removed before I deliver in April. Has anyone else had one this big and what happened during your last trimester. I know everyone is different but I’m just curious. This large fibriod has been causing me discomfort and pain for the last 3 months.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel for you! I too have fibroid tumor growth, but on the inside of my uterus. During my gall bladder surgery they tried to investigate further, only to discover it was inside my uterus forcing me to hang on until the end of my pregnancy to decide what to do.

      The pain is very uncomfortable, and initially they found it because I was in so much pain that it was presenting as a ruptured appendix! So far, there hasn’t been anything besides having a warm bath or relaxing which has eased the discomfort for me. Even a warm cloth is nice to aid in some of the discomforts.

      Gently massaging the area could also help you in the meantime.

      Wishing you all the best, and try to relax as much as possible. 🙂 It’s almost over!

    Is severe bleeding/clotting normal during your first menstrual cycle after a hysteroscopy to remove fibroids?
    I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy 3 weeks ago to remove two uterine fibroids and endometriosis on the outside of my uterus. My first post operative menstrual cycle just started. I have the worst menstrual cramps, bleeding and clotting of my life. Is this normal after a hysteroscopy? Thanks for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      From my experience, I had mayomactomy ( to remove fibroids) in 2005. 3 days after the surgery I had my period and it was as heavy as it was before the surgery. I had the surgery because I had so many fibroids and heavy bleeding during the period. The situation wasn’t better after the surgery as my doctor said they could not remove all the fibroids as they were so tiny. So I had heavy bleeding after the surgery as well. If the doctors would remove all the fibroids they might not be able to keep my uterus.
      I think you have tiny fibroids left inside the uterus. Go to your doctor and have a good check up.

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