Enlarged Uterus Fibroids

Shrinking Enlarged Fibroids

There are many women that have problems getting pregnant and suffer from other types of symptoms such as severe cramps. This could mean they have fibroids in their body and the best way to fix this problem is by shrinking enlarged fibroids. If you’re unfamiliar with this condition, it is these tumors that grow around the reproductive organs like the uterus. Don’t worry, the tumors are non-cancerous and aren’t a problem themselves. The problem is that as they get bigger, they cause complications with the reproductive process. For women that have their maternity hormones pumping, pregnancy is the most important thing for them. I’m going to help you by talking to you about shrinking enlarged fibroids.

Currently the medical community has a solution for this. It is surgery and most noticeably a hysterectomy. Basically, they want to go into surgery and cut them out. Often these tumors are embedded deeply into the reproductive organs themselves and they have to be removed. There is just no way around it if the solution is a surgical solution. If you’re someone dying to get pregnant than this is probably not a good direction to go into because the chances of things working out in your favor is slim.

Shrinking enlarged fibroids is another solution. The complications are caused by them being in the way, but if you shrink them small enough ,than you should be able to avoid the complications. What researches have learned is that the hormone of estrogen actually influences growth. If you can lower your estrogen, the fibroids will actually shrink. There are naturally ways of doing this that involve specific types of exercise and diet changes. You can also work with a doctor on hormone therapy, where they have the drugs to create a more aggressive type of solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    dr said i have an enlarged uterus, fibroids. the ultrasound said negative what else would enlarge uterus?
    10 years ago dr said fibroids. last visit she said again. i had an ultrasound it came back negative. I have very heavy bleeding. what else could cause enlarged uterus and heavy bleeding.
    the ultrasound was transvaginal. i have not gone through menopause even tho i am over 50.

    • ANSWER:
      May be your fibroids have shrinked naturally. I had many fibroids and heavy bleeding. Hormones may cause heavy bleeding. I think you should do the altrasonogram again to confirm about fibroid. You may have problem with overy also. Fibroids are the only reason to make your uterus enlarged.

    My mom was diagnosed with an enlarged uterus, and fibroids. her endometrial biopsy was negative for cancer but
    her gyn told her to cycle on progestrone or schedule a hysterectomy she left us with just two choices that was really hard for us my mom does not want her uterus removed. can anybody give me advise on what to do like anything natural she could take to help get ride of her fibroids.???

    Can a enlarged uterus cause cancer if my mom doe not get a hysterectomy???????????

    • ANSWER:
      I had a hysterectomy several years ago.

      Today I regret that I did not seek alternative medicine before I had the surgery. I even think my OB made my situation worse but that is a whole other story. I would start with a good experienced acupuncturist. Here is a dependable site. http://www.acufinder.com/

      My younger sister used an acupuncturist when she began having issues and avoided a hysterectomy.

      With all that said I have to admit that once I overcame the healing after the surgery I felt as good a new. That took several months.The only thing is that menopause does come earlier, on average 5 years earlier (in the event the ovaries are left in place)

    fibroids, enlarged uterus, enlarged ovary(malignant)?
    My uterus is enlarged (1/3 again), 2 fibroids 5x5cm each and ovarian cyst about 5x5cm. Upper fibroid attached to bowel, lower fibroid attached to main artery to left side of Uterus. Cancer of ovary contain. Am waiting operation to remove all. Anyone had the same?

    • ANSWER:

    Enlarged uterus?
    i am 43 i have recently had Pelvic ultrasound scan and a vaginal ultrasound scan. i have been to see my doctor today for the results she says that my ovaries are normal and the pelvic scan showed i have an slightly enlarged uterus and its nothing to worry about as there was no obvious cause for my enlarged uterus such as fibroids or anything like that.has anyone else been diagnosed with an enlarged uterus and is my doctor right in saying its nothing to worry about or should i insist on further investigation into whats causing this problem

    • ANSWER:
      There are many reasons for an enlarged uterus. If the doctor did an ultrasound to rule out abnormalities, then your uterus may just sit high in your pelvis, so that you can feel it. This is usually due to scarring from previous surgery, endometriosis or infection.
      The other possibility is that you are feeling a full bladder — many thin women will feel a bulge or fullness above the pubic bone when the bladder is full. It may be the bladder itself or it may be the uterus, which does rise out of the pelvis a bit as the bladder fills. If you feel the lump, empty your bladder and see if it gets smaller.

      If the ultrasound is normal, and if you are not having any pain or menstrual irregularities, there is nothing to worry about. You may just have a uterus that sits higher than the average person — I guess you might say you are above average!

    Fibroids and an enlarged uterus?
    If I have an enlarged uterus not due to pregnancy will that cause my tummy to look as if I am pregnant. And no I am not overweight. Also do fibroids come with tummy pains on a regular basis?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it may. I faced the same problem as you. In 2005 I had uterine fibroids as big as 16 weeks pregnant. I was on diet at that time and lost some weight. As a result my tummy looked quite big. I had surgery at that time and doctors removed 28 fibroids!
      My tummy looked smaller after the surgery but unfortunately the fibroids grew again in just 1 year, this time bigger then before, as big as 20 weeks pregnancy. I had heavy bleeding during my period and surprisingly, no pain. But I looked 5 months pregnant, people used to ask me if I’m pregnant or not. It was embarrassing.
      Luckily I’m pregnant now with so many fibroids, hopefully doctors will remove all the fibroids or the uterus so that I’ll have permanent remedy from the problem.
      Trust me , if your fibroids grow fast you’ll look pregnant.

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