Fibroids Outside The Uterus And Pregnancy

How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally by Detoxing

Many women wonder how they can shrink fibroids naturally in a bid to either avoid surgery or to make life comfortable for themselves as living with fibroids is no joke! For many, the daily grind of living with solid growths in the abdomen is almost unbearable.

If a woman decides to try to shrink her fibroids naturally, it is important that she understands a little about the nature of the condition. Fibroids are not caused by a disease or germ, but brought about by a combination of lifestyle factors and fixed factors which we can do nothing about. To a certain extent, fibroids are brought about by some factors which are outside our control, such as race and heredity. However, there are many other factors which undoubtedly contribute to fibroid growth and these can be controlled.

Estrogen is very influential in the woman’s body and in susceptible individuals, there is no doubt that it can both spark off the growth of new fibroids and increase the size of existing ones. Fortunately, levels in the body can be controlled to a certain extent and one of the best ways of doing this is by diet. Estrogen is both stored in and manufactured by fat cells and the more we have, the more estrogen there is circulating in the body. By reducing body weight to a level which gives you a healthy “BMI”, you will be naturally reducing the amount of estrogen in the body and therefore potentially, the size of the fibroids.

There is another form of estrogen which is commonly found in the body of women suffering with fibroids and this is an estrogen-mimicking compound which becomes locked in the liver. Under normal circumstances, the liver is a highly effective detoxer without any help, but it cannot seem to remove this particular compound. This substances originates from environmental pollutants and toxins which are present in the world around us. A robust liver detox can help eliminate these substances, thus causing fibroid shrinkage and a cessation of growth. Herbs such as Milk Thistle and Camomile are particularly good detoxers, but there are a number of other methods, such as temporary fasting and dietary adjustments which can be beneficial.

If you would like further information about how a detox can help you to shrink fibroids, take a look at my website. There you will find comprehensive details of which herbs can be used for a liver detox and how this can be combined with other methods to help treat fibroids. Please visit How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally for more extensive information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Has anyone had fibroids during pregnancy?
    The ultrasound technician found multiple fibroids on the outside of my uterus durning my ultrasound in Dec. My doctor told me at my last appt. that the largest one is the size of a softball. I have to go in for another ultrasound the end of the month and if it has grown, it possibly will have to be surgically removed before I deliver in April. Has anyone else had one this big and what happened during your last trimester. I know everyone is different but I’m just curious. This large fibriod has been causing me discomfort and pain for the last 3 months.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel for you! I too have fibroid tumor growth, but on the inside of my uterus. During my gall bladder surgery they tried to investigate further, only to discover it was inside my uterus forcing me to hang on until the end of my pregnancy to decide what to do.

      The pain is very uncomfortable, and initially they found it because I was in so much pain that it was presenting as a ruptured appendix! So far, there hasn’t been anything besides having a warm bath or relaxing which has eased the discomfort for me. Even a warm cloth is nice to aid in some of the discomforts.

      Gently massaging the area could also help you in the meantime.

      Wishing you all the best, and try to relax as much as possible. 🙂 It’s almost over!

    Fibroids during pregnancy?
    I am 3 months pregnant and just had my 12 week scan
    the baby is doing well, but they detected a large fibroid outside my uterus which is why I believe I am showing so much and getting slight discomfort, the doctor has advised that it is common during pregnancy for some people. and they will keep and eye on it. I am worried about the future well being of my baby and also complications latter in the pregnancy can any one advise me as this is my first pregnancy and I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve heard allot of negative talk about having c sections and premature babys due to having fibroids, is this true and is there anything that can be done to prevent these problems from happening

    • ANSWER:
      Hun, I have fibroids and am in my first pregnancy too! There are three types of fibroids; inside the uterus, outside the uterus or inside the wall of the uterus.

      Here’s a great page from WebMD:

      Here’s another page from BabyZone:

      Here’s one more!

    Can fibroids keep you from having children?
    I want someone who has actually gone through this to answer. If you have had fibroids and had a successful pregnancy and healthy baby or if your are having trouble getting pregnant. I’ve just discovered that I have 3 fibroids in my uterine walls and one outside the uterus. I don’t want to miss out on having my own babies and I’m scared that this may ruin my chances of ever experiencing that. So your answers are very much appreciated .

    • ANSWER:
      Only the dr can confirm for sure if your fibroids is the cause you are unable to conceive. I have fibroids but I got pregnant and am about 3 months now. My sister had fibroids too which the dr removed soon after she delivered her first child. Good luck…

    Pregnant with fibroids?
    Hi there,

    I am happily 10 weeks , pregnant with my first.
    At my first ultrasound last week my doctor informed me that one of my fibroids that I had prior to pregnancy at 5.5cm has grown to 9cm. My fibroids are on the outside wall of my uterus.

    She said there is a higher risk of miscarriage with fibroids and also a possibility of pain later on in the pregnancy and premature labor.

    I know there is nothing I can do at this point about the fibroids, but am quite paranoid that I will either lose this baby or delivery too early.

    Has anyone out there had a sucessful healthy pregnancy and baby with having fibroids, and if so, how big were yours and did they hurt the baby in any way?

    Any input would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      im just the person to talk to!! this is my 3rd pregnancy with fibroids. after i had my son 2 pregnancies ago, my 5 cm. fib. grew to 8 cent. i started having REALLY heavy periods, that lasted like 8 days. well, at 3 months post partum, i got preg, agian this time with a girl. after her, they actually shrank back down to 6cm. but this wasnt enough to fix my heavy period situation. so, at 5 mo. postpartum i’m preg. agian, i dont know the status of mr. fibroid right now, but i assume they will grow.
      so, as far as pain goes. i hurt really bad in early pregnancy, like really crampy-as my uterus streches. ive never had any complications. my babies get huge, very healthy- the only thing is that my belly gets VERY big! and i look much farther along than i actually am.bc. not preg. i have a 12 week size uterus. sounds like yours are located exactly where mine are. ive never even had a threatened miscarrage.they keep suggesting that i get my uterus removed, but im only 29 and as im sure youve guessed, we want lots of children. but if they grow too much more after this one (im 10 wks. too) i think i will get it taken out. the peroids are REALLY bad.- but dont you worry- im a living example that you can reproduce like a maniac with fibroids!!
      but, they are always amazed that i can even concieve with the state my insides are in! i actually have several fibroids and a big cyst on one of my ovaries

    worrying about fibroids?
    I will be 4 months next week, when i went for my 12 wk scan they detected a fibroid outside my uterus which measured 120x55x60cm this was found in the right lateral anterior, . I have heard allot of stories about fibroids, i am worried that this one will squash my baby or use up all my blood supply so theres none left to circulalte i know this sounds silly but this is my first pregnancy and i’ve been reading some really scary stories online. not trying to focus on the negative side but do you think i will have any problems latter in my pregnancy and worst case scenario lose my baby. I am terrified of losing this pregnancy ive been trying for a long time to get even this far can’t sleep at night worrying about my next scan, pls if you have any professional or personal experiences on this situation i would be grateful for your opinion. or if you have any links that i can look up.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t worry, babies are greedy little things and take all they need nutrient wise. Most fibroids are harmless and action is only taken if they start causing really heavy periods. The fibroid won’t squash your baby and there is no reason you should lose baby either. Women can and do have normal pregnancies resulting in healthy babies even with fibroids. Your doctor and midwife will monitor you throughout and check everything is fine.
      Be careful what you read on the internet…there is some good information but also some very inaccurate stuff too…you really are better speaking to your own midwife and obstetrician. NHS Direct will also be able to give you accurate advice.
      Take care, good luck….I’m sure you will be fine.

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