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A Good Menopausal Diet

Diet & Nutrition is Important

For good health and well being during menopause, try to focus on good nutritional diet. A healthy nutritional diet minimizes the medical risks of menopause and also general aging process, it also lower both mental and physical symptoms of menstrual stop. Here are some tips that help you stay healthy during menopause:

  • Increase your daily intake of vegetables and fruits. Choose bananas, melons and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, which are rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium rich can help balance water retention and sodium. Also it’s a good idea to include some dry fruits like apricots and figs.
  • Plan your diet and increase your daily consumption of vegetables and salad. Choose in particular leafy vegetables like collard greens, kale, spinach, pak choi, cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes and yam.
  • Consume soy foods (like soya beans, soy yogurt, calcium fortified soy milk and tofu.) in your daily diet.
  • Eat good amounts of soluble fiber.
  • Avoid the fried foods, instead bake or broil.
  • Avoid the use of white bread/flour; eat oats, whole grain bread, wheat germ and rye.
  • Instead of consuming the white rice, switch to long, brown grain rice.
  • Eat lesser regular potatoes and more pasta and sweet potatoes.
  • Add beans and lentils to your diet.
  • Reduce the use of the processed (synthetic) cooking oil and switch to natural oils. Extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ, canola and oil of the flaxseed are good.
  • Introduce oily fish (mackerel, salmon) as a regular feature in your diet. Oily fishes are rich in omega3 fatty acids which provide a good range of health advantages.
  • Consume nuts (walnuts, Brazils), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds), dry fruit (figs and apricots).
  • It’s good to add seaweed to your daily diet; ask your nearby health store. Choose Wakame, Nori, Arame, and Kombu. These contain natural hormones and extracts from plants which help you during the menopause.
  • Drink mineral water and consume less caffeine. Try to avoid alcohol.

As long as you’re eating habits follow stays near these guidelines, you will do fine. These eating advices should help you to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Most common symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, water retention, bloating, and tiredness. Depression is also known to be common nowadays. If you combine these eating habits with mild exercise, you will shed some pounds and find it easy to maintain a healthy life during menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take fibroids to shrink after menopause?
    About a year ago, I was diagnosed with fibroids. Now that my course of menopause is about over, when will the fibroids begin to shrink?

    • ANSWER:
      It could happen over the course of a few months (an example only), but I am going to include the link to a site that may help you find more information until you can check with your doctor.

      The link is at:

    Is hysterectomy after menopause the best answer for hormone therapy when you have uterine fibroids?
    I have uterine fibroids and have gone through menopause. I desperately need HRT but due to uterine fibroids my doctor recomends hysteroctomy. I have also had steph infections in the urinary tract due to enlarged uterus. My urologists also recomends hysterectomy.

    • ANSWER:
      if you have both doctors telling you the same thing then I say go for it ~ i never made it to menopause I had a hyst 8 years ago & all though it was a little mind boggling for me I made it through just fine & I did do hrt for about 1 month & quit due to the high risk of heart attack & stroke & death ~but I am fine without it & have no strange hair growing any where so I did well i do believe♦

    Female reproductive expert please!! Can you still have fibroids and ovarian cysts after menopause?
    I haven’t had a period in 6 years? Prior to my period ending I had ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors. I would have ultrasounds and they got smaller; then finally I had my menopause. I was led to believe that when my period stopped I wouldn’t get them anymore. last year when I had gallbladder surgery they told me I still had them. Until today, though, I had really not had any pain. Today I had severe cramps and swelling, my back hurt, just like when I used to have my period.. I feel like I have the fibroids again. How can I have them if I am not reproducing anymore? Is this possible? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      If you are not taking hormones, the fibroids should shrink after menopause. Obviously, the cysts haven’t.

      If one of those cysts breaks, it can dump fluid into you abdomen that can be irritating.

      The pain you are having may be totally unrelated to either your fibroids or your cysts. See a doctor ASAP.

    If you have a mysterious disease, ovarian cysts and fibroids, menopause, a bad knee, degenerative disk disease
    and your husband is mad because your not working, would’nt you think he is a jack@@@

    • ANSWER:
      I think you need to work on making yourself happy. maybe you can find a less stressful job that is easy to appease him and getting out of the house and doing something will take your mind off of your ailments. Maybe all these problems you have are effecting him. Start with a job search and then maybe counseling?? He probably doesnt want to see you wallow in self pity. PS I have the cysts and fibroids, heart condition, lactose intolerance, migrane headaches, dry eye, joint disease – i have a job!

    If you are close to menopause is it necessary to have a hysterectomy for removal of fibroids causing anaemia?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Sweetie,
      Absolutely not! Nor wud I advise it. U can get rid of fibroid with a Laparoscopy which is a lil incision jus below r belly button were they put a tube inside u & Lazer the Fibroids
      (burn em out) during the same time they’ll probly due a D&C. I’ve had 4 done & fibroids r always beneign. It’s a day surgery & a simple procedure, in & out same day. As 4 anemia, I’ve had as well which GYN & Dr agreed to B12 Shots & Iron is wat u need 4 anemia, r blood carries more red cells, than white, causing bruising, lathargy, weekness, etc. The only difference in r ques
      that is different/or didn’t mention is Endometriosis, 2 much blood round the inside of r Uterous? I’m close 2 meno & had
      a Balloon Abulation & D&C. Perhaps u don’t
      have these procedures but having a Hysterectomy being a serious operation was not on my GYN’S list this close to menop. lol Best o’ Luck 2 u in r endeavours.

      LOL, Diana D

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