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Fibroids & Fertility – Which Kind of Fibroids Affect Fertility Most?

Fibroids & fertility being impacted- is this a cause of concern? Should women with benign tumors in the uterus be concerned about it affecting their ability to conceive?

Depending upon where fibroid tumors in uterus are located these are capable of affecting your fertility and your attempts to shrink fibroids naturally. Fibroids can occur on the outside, middle muscle of the uterus, or on the inside of the uterus. Fertility is mostly affected by the tumors which grow on the inside of the uterus. To some extent fibroids on the middle of the uterine muscles can also hamper fertility.

Fibroids & Fertility- How do fibroids hinder fertility?

Fibroids often interrupt the fertilized egg which usually embeds itself in the uterine lining. Hence if you have been diagnosed with fibroids it is best to make efforts to shrink fibroids naturally before trying to conceive. Thus you will be confident that fibroids cannot interfere with your getting pregnant. Natural remedies for fibroid cure are one of the best ways to get rid of it permanently.

Natural Remedies for fibroid cure

Natural treatment for fibroids cure makes use of changes in lifestyle, diet and physical exercise routine to get rid of the tumors. In the modern age excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, or poor dietary habits often overload our liver. Liver is the main organ responsible for metabolizing estrogen in the body. Excess estrogen is one of the known causes of fibroids in women. Hence as our liver gets overloaded toxins build up and excess hormones do not get expelled from our body. This creates an ideal environment for growth and development of fibroids.

To ensure that your liver functions optimally liver detoxification is recommended for women suffering from fibroids. There are some herbal supplements and specific food for fibroid cure which also improve the liver functioning. Some of these are

1. Artichoke: is very useful to invigorate cells in the liver and refresh them

2. Lecithin: This supplement has a B-vitamin known as choline which ensures that fats do not get deposited in the liver and hinder its functioning..

3. Beans and greens: This is the most simplest of natural remedies for fibroid cure. Ensure that you consume plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables like Spinach and Kale. Include at least one serving of beans like pinto or lima beans every day.

And lastly to shrink fibroids naturally it is necessary to flush out all harmful toxins from the body. For this you must drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day. Water is essential to keep the body hydrated too. In addition to water you can consume liquids in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable juices for fibroid cure. Trust me fibroids & fertility can be handled all by yourself provided you are willing to devote your personal time and efforts in treatment of your fibroid tumors in uterus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Will uterine fibroids affect fertility?
    I am 34 years old and recently was found with uterine fibroids during the pre-pregnant examination. I would like to know whether the fibroids will affect fertility or not?

    • ANSWER:

    Endo, multiple uterine fibroids, fertility?
    Has anyone had these problems and had an easy time getting pregnant? Does having uterine fibroids affect the pregnancy? Any special precautions need to be taken?

    • ANSWER:

    ilive in the uk i have a boy an a girl an i now have fibroids, can i have fertility treatment on the nhs?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Laura,

      What is nhs? Are you wondering if you will need to have the fibriods removed?

      There are natural ways to reduce, prevent and dissolve fibroids. Learn about the risks of medical procedures to remove fibriods and natural options to get rid of them at the link below.

    What are fibroids and can they make you infertile?
    I’m 36 and I’ve been trying for several years to get pregnant. I can’t afford fertility treatments and don’t have insurance. I do get bad PMS. One doctor suggested that I may have endometreosis and another suggested fibroids. How do they test to see if you have them? And how can you remove fibroids? And are the procedures costly and painful? THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are fibrous tissue that form in the muscle of the uterus. They’re more common than you think. It can make you infertile, and there are specialty fertility treatments just for fibroids. They diagnose fibroids by an ultrasound or a CT scan.

    are there any women out there who have had a myomectomy for uterine fibroids? have to get one and am nervous!?
    i want to have a baby in a few years, and was told the myomectomy was the only was to have fibroids removed and preserve fertility. i am so nervous! have any women out there who have had a myomectemy and delivered babies? thanks for yout time

    • ANSWER:
      My doctor told me the same thing. I had an intramural fibroid the size of a grapefruit in the back wall of my uterus. My doctor told me that an abdominal myomectomy was the only way to go. I was really scared, but everything turned out great. The doctor took out two additional fibroids that were not detectable on ultrasound. I was in the hospital a total of three days. From what I hear, it was very much like a C-section (my mother in law works in labor and delivery). One year later, everything is clear and I am trying to get pregnant. The doctor sees no reason why I shouldn’t be able to. The only thing is that any birth will have to be via C-section, because my uterine muscles may not be strong enough to endure labor.

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