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Desperation is what most women experience when trying to find a solution for their uterine fibroid, because being diagnosed with it is a dreadful experience. Fibroids Miracle by Amanda Leto is an eBook that describes this exact experience, but unlike most doctors and specialist, who find surgery and medicine to be the only cure, Amanda Leto describes and explains everything you need to know to remove fibroids permanently from your body.
Amanda Leto, a nutritionist, health consultant and the author of Fibroid Miracle, explains how you can shrink your fibroids permanently through natural herbs, a change in diet and lifestyle. She explains why taking medicine will only postpone the symptoms and not stop fibroids from returning as soon as you stop the medicine treatment.
Surgery is another solution she wants you to be cautious about. In most cases, surgery will not be able heal fibroids, because like the medicine treatment, the chance for bloating and cramps to return is risky. The Fibroids Miracle Amanda Leto system goes into detail about why surgery and medicine treatment should be the last solution if at all.
The Fibroid Miracle System gives exact step by step details on which foods to eat and which ones to avoid to stop fibroids from ever returning again. The natural herbs described are accessible almost everywhere and it is through those herbs and a change in lifestyle that you will heal fibroids and start living a normal life again.
Amanda Leto clarifies that the cure is not an overnight solution, but it requires a commitment from the reader to read and apply what is written. It is not a magic pill, but by following the steps and guidance in Fibroids Miracle Amanda Leto System you can remove your fibroid naturally and avoid the pain and risk that can be caused by undergoing surgery.
If you have anymore questions about fibroids or if Amanda is a scam please leave them at and I will answer them.
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About the author: PS. Here is more information and a genuine review of the Fibroids Miracle System:


Frequently Asked Questions

    Fibroids and Constipation !!!!??
    I was diagnosed with fibroids about a year ago and they have grown significantly since. I have decided to have a myomectomy in the summer of ’08 because my symptoms aren’t that bad. However, the fibroids are causing constipation!! I always feel bloated and have a little poochy belly all the time. Anybody have any suggestions on how to deal with this until the surgery? Is it bad to use OTC laxatives (like the glycerin suppositories) 1-2X a week? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I underwent a myomectomy 3 weeks ago. Good luck with this- so far my results are favorable. I had 11 tumors removed, 6 of which were at least 4 in in diameter. I did not suffer from constipation prior to the surgery, but I did afterwards. In fact, I stayed longer at the hospital due to it. My best solution was a laxative, originally. Now, I’ve been able to stay regular with a stool softener, 8-10 glasses of water daily, and fiber rich foods. Vegetables and fruit are good for your diet and for relief of constipation. Good luck, again!

    after a ulrasound showing ovarian cysts and fibroids,my GP didn’t give much info,do i just leave it?
    my symptoms are unexplained weight gain,bloating,heavy painfull periods,frequent urination and constipation.the weight gain bothers me the most and my gp seemed to think i was just another women wanting to eat lots and be slim!i diet and exersise!please help im so fedup!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a gynecologist. Fibroids will cause all those problems, and are easily removed. There is nothing you can do to lose the weight gained through large fibroids except have them removed. And all the other problems should go away after they are removed. The cysts are less likely to be causing the symptoms, but should also be monitored by a gyno. They will often go away all on their own, but sometimes do need to be removed by the doctor. But it sounds like your GP is just brushing you off, and you should find someone who is going to give your problems more time and understanding.

    Is it normal to have migraines, lower back pains, constipation, lower & upper tummy pains B4 & during periods?
    I most likely to have lower & upper back pains and lower abdominal pains. Docs. said I have fibroids. But does this means I am prone to cervical & ovarian cancer? Docs. also put me on ‘Combine Pills’. Will this really help?

    • ANSWER:
      yes that is what i get,thats what us woman have to put up with unfortually.i was on the jag and mini pill both were not suitable for me so had to come off them,try using feminax to help with pain.

    Should I be checked for Fibroids?
    I have the following symptoms.

    heavy menstrual bleeding
    a feeling of pressure in the pelvis
    I did at one point have this
    frequent urination
    I also at one point have this
    abdominal bloating
    abdominal pain and/or back ache
    There was also something wrong with my mom’s period she had a tumor or something and there was also something wrong with my grandma’s as well. I’m 20. I also have diabetes. I also had a problem with my thyroid and I did have a pelvic exam done and I had an ultrasound done. The found like nothing of course. I was also put on bc but that did nothing. These cramps I’ve gotten were so bad that I have passed out twice…I mean they are absolutely unbearable. So the question is what do I do? Could this be fibroids or maybe endomitriosis or something else? So what should I do? Help? Anything else just ask, Thanks. 🙂

    • ANSWER:

    ***Is there a chance of Fibroids at 23?
    Last year I had an abortion. Not only was it a very difficult time but since then I started to get very bad pains in my right ovary. I was admitted into hospital last year with an apparent ruptured ovary although the doctor never did any further examination just gave me pain killers with morphine and sent me home. It continued on and off after that and now my symptoms are as below:

    pain in abdomen particulary right side
    pain during periods
    pain now continues into the thigh/leg sometimes
    always need to urinate
    problems passing urine

    Now ive got an ultasound coming up but its not till another 4 weeks so in the mean time im trying to get as much information as I can.

    Any ideas guys what it can be? I know its highly unlikely to be ovarian cancer at 23 so I’m wondering if its fibroids?

    Thanks for the replies!

    • ANSWER:

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