Fibroid Symptoms And Treatment

Fibroids and Environmental Toxins

There is often much concern about the levels of environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. They can be present in the foods we eat, our drinks, the atmosphere around us, drugs we might take and even in containers which our food comes in. Many experts believe that these toxins can lead to long and short term health problems, one of which could be uterine fibroids.

Many people believe that by taking herbal supplements and preparations and various over the counter treatments that we undo or counteract the effects and reliev fibroid symptoms. However, no amount of pills will do any good if you haven’t taken steps to cleanse your internal system, digestive tract and other vital internal organs. In many ways, not addressing the real problem is a little like continually pouring water into a leaky pail!

It is believed that the liver can become clogged with environmental toxins and this encourages fibroids to form and existing ones to enlarge. The liver is essential in maintaining the blood sugar level, keeping hormones in balance and helping remove insulin from the body, thereby preventing insulin resistance. When these functions are not performed correctly, this can cause fibroids.

Environmental toxins can mimick hormones and therefore disrupt the healthy working of our internal systems. As estrogen is one of the potential primary causes of fibroids, an excess of this hormone, whether natural or deriving from environmental toxins, can trigger fibroid growth.

Carrying out cleansing protocols and following a balanced, healthy diet can help to remove toxins from the body as a whole and, specifically, the liver. This can alleviate fibroid symptoms and be a major factor in helping fibroids to shrink.

If you would like further information on fibroids and environmental toxins and my recommended natural treatment, please visit my website, Shrink Fibroids Naturally.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will finally feel that you have found something that will work for you.

Fibroids Miracle also comes with 3 months free one-to-one counseling from an expert, to give you the best possible chance of success.

About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Do fibroid symptoms such as pain and vaginal bleeding go away on their own? With treatment?
    What kind oftreatment i available, and what is the best?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to have surgery to have the fibroids removed in order to have the pain go away. Birth control can supress the pain, but ultimately you will need to have surgery. It can be done robotically (less invasive) and laprascopically (still not taht invasive). talk to your doctor about having one of these procedures done.

    I had an ultrasound scan & it showed 5cm submucosal fibroid. What treatment options do I have?
    I also have Factor V Leiden & Lupus anticoagulant. Due to these, ANY kind of hormone therapy is not allowed. I’m 32 and have no children. I would like to be able to have them if I can (someday). My Dr says to “wait & see”. Anemia, pelvic pain, pressure, heavy bleeding & large clots are unbearable & I’m confined to bed for 24-48 hours of my period. I only have symptoms during my period, the rest of the month – I am fine. Pain has persisted for at least 8 months.
    cannot take Lupron, it is a hormone. Factor V Leiden patients cannot take hormones due to the increased risk of blood clots.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried asking if you are a candidate for a myomectomy? A myomectomy is a surgery to remove just the fibroid itself. As a note, if they actually have to cut into the cavity of your uterus during the surgery, you will not be able to deliver any future babies vaginally. So as long as you can live with having a C-Section when you have a baby, this could be an option for you.

      If surgery is not an option, you could try a drug called Lupron, which sometimes is useful for shrinking the fibroid and relieving your symptoms.

    Women with fibroid. Can you describe a pattern. Like did u always bleed.?
    Did you have break thru bleeding. Like your period would end and then a few days later you would bleed again. Was it painful. After treatment if you had treatment. How long until you had symptoms again.

    • ANSWER:
      my mom had fibroids her symptom was bleeding heavily for more than 7 day. she used to bleed 12 days sometimes even while on birth control. id say if you didnt do this already do alot of research online bring ur findings to ur doc and talk to him/her about it. good luck!

    Fibroids treatment and the pill/other things that may help the pain?
    I have recently been told I have a fibroid in my womb after being in agonising pain for the last year since coming off the Ortho Evra patch. The symptoms I have match those of a fibroid, eg heavy bleeding, severe abdominal and leg pain, and a laparoscopy found a fibroid which is 3cm x 3cm x 3cm
    The docs said it is unlikely this would cause so much pain, but there is literally nothing else it could be caused by, so have been advised to continue treatment for fibroids. I am currently living on tramadol and other painkillers and anti inflammatories but cant continue like this as it will eventually cause other problems elsewhere in my body.
    On the first day of my period the pain is so severe i cannot move and i often vomit, so not very nice
    I was told by my surgeon to try the pill, i didnt like the combined pill as i have migraines, and i believe oestrogen encourages the growth of fibroids. So I returned to uni and asked my doctor here about going on the mini pill as advised by my surgeon. However the doctor here said that would do nothing to stop the pain. I was given Loestrin, a combined pill, but when reading the info leaflet it says do not take if you have fibroids of the womb???I am sick of recieving conflicting advice from 101 different doctors, and i am so desperate to get my life back, I am only 22 and in my final year of uni.
    If anyone knows anything that may reduce the pain, including alternative medicines, please let me know, I am willing to try anything!

    I dont want surgical treatment as because of the positioning of the fibroid there would be too much scar tissue in my womb and therefore wouldnt be able to carry children.

    Also, does anyone have fibroids and become pregnant?Did this effect the pain at all? Or anyone tried a TENS machine for the pain??

    I am literally desperate, so please any info you have would be much appreciated.

    Anyone who posts ridiculous answers will be reported IMMEDIATELY

    • ANSWER:
      You could do a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization if it is offered where you are located. It is a kind of procedure done by a radiologist to try and kill off the root system to the fibroid.

      I am going to include the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at:

    Fibroid tumours.. Would like answers from women who’ve experienced them :)?
    What were your symptoms?
    What kind of tests do they do to diagnose them?
    What treatment did you have?
    If you had surgery, how long did you have to be in hospital? And were you capable of driving yourself home afterwards? What is the recovery like? Pain, etc..

    Any other info you can tell me would be much appreciated! I’m asking on behalf of my mother who thinks she may have them and is seeing a doctor soon, and is kind of freaking out about it..

    • ANSWER:
      My doctor says I have some. She showed me on the ultrasound.
      She says they’re harmless and will probably lessen once I get into menopause; until that time, if they do not bother me and don’t grow fast, they can stay.
      They’re not bothering me at all… they just make my periods a tad heavier. So I got myself a menstrual cup and now that doesn’t bother me anymore either.

      If things stay like this, then it’s not likely that I’ll need to have them removed.

      Linked below is a good, informative page.

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