Fibroids And Pregnancy Symptoms

Fibroids Pregnancy Complications

If you are already pregnant or considering starting a family, it is only natural that, at this time, you might be worried about fibroids pregnancy complications. Although many women manage to become pregnant and experience an normal healthy pregnancy despite their fibroids, there is no doubt that they can cause problems. Indeed, many women who have difficulty conceiving, or who have a difficult or protracted labor or who have miscarriages are often found to have fibroids.

Common Fibroids Pregnancy Complications

* Fibroids can block the entrance of the cervix or fallopian tubes, blocking the passage of sperm and this can cause infertility

* Submucosal fibroids can distort the inside of the uterus, making implantation difficult

* The growing size of the baby can sometimes cause larger fibroids to press on other internal structures, causing incontinence, bowel problems or general pain/discomfort

* Fibroids can sometimes degenerate in mid pregnancy, causing excessive bleeding and quite a fright! Fortunately this usually settles down

* Fibroids can bring on an early labor, although if this happens, it is usually towards the end of pregnancy, causing few complications for mother or baby

* Fibroids are believed to be the cause of a number of cases of “unexplained infertility”

Of course, if you are worried about fibroids pregnancy complications, the best step you can take is to look at ways of shrinking your fibroids in a natural way. Surgery is not always advised when you are considering having a baby due to the stress certain surgeries can place on the abdomen and the possible presence of scar tissue could inhibit conception.

Fortunately, there are ways of managing your fibroids and the associated symptoms which will minimize the potential impact on a pregnancy.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking and I am confident that you will finally feel that you have found something that will work for you. The 3 months free one-to-one counseling from an expert, will give you the best possible chance of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Early Pregnancy symptoms?
    Details: Had a normal period on Feb 13th (was on mini pill) stopped taking pill 3 weeks later around 6th Mar (due to bad side effects). Had unprotected sex with partner around 13th March then had a light 4 day period from 17th Mar. Practiced withdrawal method since…however the last two weeks I have not felt good at all. Really tired, sex has been very painful deep inside,sore lower abdomen, I have been getting headaches, having nightmares, peeing a lot, moody, spotty, bloated, windy, heavy boobs…and the last two days I have woke up with lower back ache and constipation. Did a test (neg) been looking on net at what else can cause symptoms…fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer etc…got myself really worried. Can’t get to docs till tuesday. I know it could be period due but the symptoms I usually get are moody and loose bowels only. Could it be symptoms of coming off pill? I am really worrying that it is something more sinister. Has anyone else been like this before period was due?
    Thank you Eddy…I had wonderd if it could be an infection…although I shower each day and usually after sex also…I am probaby over hygenic..using wet wipes etc…

    • ANSWER:

    pregnancy symptoms…negative results….?
    Just a recap on my symptoms: constant nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness.
    negative test results, period last week, but wondering if there is still a chance?!
    ive been pregnant once before and felt this way. had a miscarraige at 10 wks….but i have 1 fibroid, a very tiny one…can fibroids cause these symptoms?
    any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a period, most def. not pregnant.

      Unfortunately, those symptoms could be anything, including just getting sick. If I had to place a bet, I think you’re catching the flu.

      Fibroids wouldn’t cause all of those symptoms though.

    PLEASE READ!! Pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks no normal flow for 2 months!!?
    i’ve was taking bcp (21 days) for 6 years but last few months had not been good with timing & been ill but i’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks now increased cm (kind of milky white sorry tmi!), sore veiny boobs, crampy, bloated (trousers tighter), heartburn, low back ache & feeling sick but not being sick, hips have started to ache and have become very veiny… i was due to have period on the 16th Dec (had cramps like was going to start for two days) but on the 13th Dec v. light spotting started this lasted 2-3 days & went from brown to very watery pink… my normal flow is very heavy with lots of clotting and still hadn’t shown so knew that pregnancy was still possible, i got 2nd faint + (within time limit) on 31st so went to the doctors & he then took me off bcp to see if ‘normal’ period would resume i haven’t taken it since 30th & started to spot on 31st December but not heavy (same as last) 5 or 6 days in all but barely on & off (my doc said that i may have this even if i am pregnant as withdrawrel from taking the pill) i went to the doc for a quantative test & i got the results Friday 11th which were negative my doc has booked me in for a ultrasound on the 28th (does anyone know what kind of u/s it will be) as still having all symptoms of pregnancy and faint positives on home test I feel different & I know that things like a molar pregnancy you experience high levels of hcg and other symptoms that i dont have and a phantom pregnancy would not produce excess cm and other symptoms! Over the last few days my tummy has also got a raised bump which now meets my belly & never used to just above the pubic bone which is much bigger by the end of the day & my boobs are suddenly huge!! Please reply if i am i would be 9 weeks Friday but not even sure about that as also had a funny period in October and read on that it’s at 12 weeks your uterus starts to come out of your pelvis but I was only 8 ½ stone before all this but I’ve suddenly grown a bit of a belly I am eating like a pig at the moment but that’s because I’m always so hungry!! I’m also craving weird things (for me anyway) CHERRYADE of all things!

    WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE THOUGH?? What could cause these symptoms what else could make me feel this way! If I’ve had a miscarriage without knowing why would I still be growing !! can cysts / fibroids / hormone imbalance really cause all my symptoms!!

    (not ttc or crazy and bf read the positive home tests results too and doc!!) Latest pregnancy test was barely positive which was yesterday but digital said not pregnant!
    So my main question is how many women have experienced this and have they still had a healthy pregnancy ??? if I am pregnant would be a very happy accident but just scared of what else it could be!!

    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      When you first get pregnant, your hcg levels are low. What the doc looks for is an increase in the levels over a period of time. The ultrasound you will probably have will probably be a transvaginal ultrasound. They insert this thin tool into your vagina so they can see your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes very clearly. Are you having any pain in your abdomen? A tubal pregnancy can cause all of your symptoms (viable pragnancy, but in your fallopian tube.) Tubal pregnancies are dangerous for you because they can cause your fallopian tube to rupture. However, you usually have pain first.
      there are alot of different things that could cause these symptoms from a simple hormone imbalance to cysts to (God forbid) cancer. You are doing the right thing by pushing the issue with your doc. Don’t let him/her say, “You’re not pregnant. Go home.” If you feel different, then there is something different going on in your body! Try not to worry and go to your ultrasound appointment.

    Early pregnancy symptoms, but negative hpt tests. Could I still be pregnant?
    Last period March 12, sex on March 22, should have ovulated around March 25-27 (period is every 29 days).

    A few days after I started feeling very tired alot, and like I was having hot flashes and heart racing sometimes.

    April 1, woke up with the worst period like cramps, swore I was gonna get my period, started spotting but nothing more than spotting, getting nausea (no vomiting), and pain in lower back, hips and in legs. It is still happening. I am not due for my period until April 9th. My period is always on time, and I have never had any pre-period cramping, nausea, back pain, etc. before. I only ever get bad cramping the first day or two of my period.

    Today out of frustration from the symptoms and cramping not easing up I went to my nearest urgent care clinic. The doctor looked at my symptoms and said he would do a urine pregnancy test. I told him I had already done one yesterday and it had come out negative and asked if he could do a blood test, since I have been reading that is more accurate. He said he didn’t see the point. He never even asked me when my last period was or calculated when I might have ovulated. I did the urine pregnancy test and it came back negative. He went on to tell me I probably have PCOS or Fibroids and that I could have problems getting pregnant???? I’m not sure how he came to this conclusion. I just had a physical in February and was told all was ok there based on my pap results. But I feel completed stressed out and frustrated by everything from today.

    What I am wondering, is if my period is not due until April 9th (this coming Friday) is it possible that I might actually be pregnant and the HCG hormone just isn’t showing up yet? Or is there no chance of me being pregnant at all?
    Thanks so much for all the quick responses.

    I should’ve mentioned before, because I was so shocked to get what I thought was my period so early, I had googled “early period” to see why I would be getting my period so early because I was worried it was there was something wrong with me – the only thing that came up was “early pregnancy symptoms – implantation bleeding”.

    Sorry, I should have clarified before that the doctor I had today was not my primary care doctor, he was the on-call doctor at the urgent care clinic.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible you are pregnant and HcG isn’t strong enough. However, you don’t typically get symptoms 9 days after sex.
      Your best bet is to wait until you actually miss your period; if you miss it.
      Stress will delay your period so until then, just don’t even think about it.

    What can cause pregnancy symptoms other than pregnancy?
    It’s a possibility that I am 6 weeks pregnant. If I am, it hasn’t shown on my last test which was about a week ago.

    – My breasts are sore and tender. And the nipples are darker and I have a dark outline around my areola.
    – My period is a month late on Weds. with no signs of coming and no PMS what so ever.
    – I had a slight spotting last week but it was only when I wiped and it looked like dried blood. Only lasted about half a day. Didn’t even need a liner.
    – I had cramping during weeks 2-5, but it’s died down a lot now. It was in my lower abdomen, right below my belly button.
    – Mild nausea. Occasionally I’ll feel like I have to burp and I throw up a bit. Also when I’m brushing my teeth I start gagging.

    I’m not looking to be pregnant. If I am that’s great! If not, that’s great too! I’m only 20, no rush for a baby. I just don’t understand what it could be.

    I was checked for fibroids, cysts and a UTI. All negative. But according to First Response I’m not pregnant. My doctor can’t tell me what’s wrong with me.
    Any ideas?
    Also, I DID have unprotected sex on the day of ovulation.

    • ANSWER:
      tell your doctor to look at anovulation, or you can look it up yourself.
      get thyroid. prolactin.fsh and lh levels done

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