Fibroid Pain Symptoms

Fibroid Pain Symptoms

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that get established in the womb or uterus. They are also called as uterine fibroids, myoma and fibroma. These benign tumors are very common among females. Due to their benign nature, they lack the ability of invading adjacent cells i.e. they can’t metastasize. This is exactly antagonistic to malignant tumors which are involved in cancerous doings.

Up till now, the causes of fibroids are strange to researchers. There are no known bases of fibroids. Their development is associated with female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play a considerable role in increasing the size of fibroids.  Bodies of females keep on producing estrogen, as long as they are menstruating. Until and unless women reach menopause (the last menstrual cycle), these hormones keep on producing. This is the reason why fibroids are more common in women whose ages are greater than 30. Also, women who have reached menopause have nearly no chances of growing fibroids, owing to decreased estrogen level.

Fibroids are mostly present in African American women as compared to any other. Also, women who are non-Caucasian have fifty percent higher probability of having fibroids in relation to Caucasians.

Fibroids vary significantly in size and number. They can be microscopic as well as macroscopic but generally their size ranges from .08 inches to 8 inches. It is very uncommon to have fibroids of very large size. Most of the time, fibroids are so small that they are not even identified by the patient. Sometimes, fibroids become so large that they weigh up to 50 pounds. This is however very rare and normally fibroids are not so big.

At times, fibroids become so big that they even fill the entire uterus. Such large-size fibroids are a true source of discomfort and can put the life of patient at stake. If the patient is pregnant, then the situation becomes more cumbersome. The life of the baby and mother both are exposed to danger in such critical situations.

As mentioned above, fibroids cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Fibroid pain symptoms include pain in the pelvic area, pressure in the bladder, heavy and prolonged periods etc. Large-size fibroids push the internal organs so that there is a severe pain in the abdominal area. Sometimes, these fibroids exert pressure on a nerve in such a way that a recurrent pain in the spine occurs. If you believe that fibroid pain comes and goes quickly, then you are at wrong. Fibroids pains remain there till the fibroids are removed.

There are plenty of methods for the treatments of fibroids. These include hormonal as well as surgical methods. Hormonal methods provide a temporary solution and are unable to prevent the recurrence of fibroids. Therefore, this method is not a lead method. Surgical methods include myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroid) and hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus). Besides these methods there are some herbal medicines that are very effective in treating fibroids. Among these medicines, fibroclear is considered as the most effective one.

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