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Natural Fibroid Remedy – Diet And The Foods We Eat

If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, naturally you will be considering your treatment options and you may be thinking about trying a natural fibroid remedy. Very often many women are disappointed with the choices given to them by doctors and are shocked to learn that there is no official cure for fibroids and that conventional treatment is very much designed to simply relieve symptoms-albeit temporarily.

Indeed, many doctors advocate a “watchful waiting” approach as fibroids are rarely dangerous and will shrink when the menopause approaches, with the idea being that if you can live with your symptoms, doing nothing is probably the best option. Neither surgery nor drug treatments can eliminate the root causes of your fibroids and this means that in a few short months after treatment, your fibroids are likely to be growing again.

The only real way to guarantee success is to use a natural fibroid remedy. When used correctly, this has the potential to get right to the root cause of your fibroids and it is only by doing this that you can be sure of a permanent solution.

Firstly, you need to appreciate that your fibroids didn’t suddenly “happen”, but that there is a root cause to them. It is highly likely that a combination of factors were responsible and if you can back-track on all the potential root causes, you can create an environment where fibroids simply cannot thrive.

One integral part of an effective natural fibroid remedy is the food which you eat. We all know the basic principles of a healthy diet, but how many of us eat what we shouldn’t?

The first thing to remember is to use your common sense. Keep an eye on your portion size and do not overload your system with too much food, no matter how healthy. Avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats and keep your fat intake to a maximum of 20% of your daily calorific intake. You must avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars and stay away from any foods which have been processed or which contain additives-indeed, try to eat as much food as possible which is in its natural state.

Dairy products should be avoided, as should non-organic produce. One excellent natural fibroid remedy is kale and other dark green, leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli. Sprouts and non-starchy fruits and vegetables are also beneficial for women with fibroids. Foods with natural anti-inflammatory properties, such as oats, hops and cumin are also believed to soothe any internal inflammation.

Written by a former fibroid sufferer, the system you are about to see is, quite simply, groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will feel relief that you have finally found something that will genuinely help you get rid of your fibroids.

One of the best features of this comprehensive system is the 3 months free one-to-one email support offered by the author.

About the Author:
If you would like to see further information on how a natural fibroid remedy will be your best option, please visit How To Get Rid Of Fibroids.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any women out there who continue to experience uterine fibroid problems even after menopause?
    I refuse to give in to surgery (including embolization) so I am forever looking for holistic approaches to defeat this horrible curse. My fibroids are not painful, but they are large and uncomfortable and I can’t zip up my clothes. They have made my life miserable. Stress agitates them terribly. Any success stories?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are affected by your hormones, thus once in menopause they should decrease in size.
      If you’re fibroids cause you to bleed heavily …this could make you anemic…it’s something to watch for…
      check-out the site below…Irene watched her fibroids with her doc.’s o.k.~

    Female reproductive expert please!! Can you still have fibroids and ovarian cysts after menopause?
    I haven’t had a period in 6 years? Prior to my period ending I had ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors. I would have ultrasounds and they got smaller; then finally I had my menopause. I was led to believe that when my period stopped I wouldn’t get them anymore. last year when I had gallbladder surgery they told me I still had them. Until today, though, I had really not had any pain. Today I had severe cramps and swelling, my back hurt, just like when I used to have my period.. I feel like I have the fibroids again. How can I have them if I am not reproducing anymore? Is this possible? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      If you are not taking hormones, the fibroids should shrink after menopause. Obviously, the cysts haven’t.

      If one of those cysts breaks, it can dump fluid into you abdomen that can be irritating.

      The pain you are having may be totally unrelated to either your fibroids or your cysts. See a doctor ASAP.

    Any after effects after Fibroid removal? ?
    I was diagnosed to have a 9cm fibroid in my uterus abt 3 mths ago. As it was causing me severe pain during my period and even after my period had ended, therefore my doctor arranged for me to have it removed.

    During my operation, the doctor only managed to remove 75% of the fibroid as it was latched onto my uterus. According to him, if i wish to have it removed fully, then he will have to remove my uterus. But as i am only 30yrs old, he did not wish for me to do so. During my last review with him, he mentioned that my uterus and my fallopian tube is already deformed due to the fibroid. So the chances of me getting pregnant is very low. I wasn’t exactly upset becos i nvr had any intention to get pregnant.

    The problem is, after the op till now, i am still experiencing bad cramps during and after my period. Not only that it has caused me to have severe back aches and gastric problems even after my period ends.

    So my questions are, if i opt to remove my uterus but not my ovaries, will i get menopause immeditately? Do i require to take hormone pills? Has anyone experienced pain even after the fibroid removal?

    Hope am able to get some answers soon as the pain is creating alot of problems for me. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      First, are you in a position to get a 2nd opinion? I had a 6 cm fibroid removed 4 months ago, also attached to the uterus by a “stem”. My GYN was able to remove all of it vaginally (it was attached inside the uterus, not on the abdominal(exterior) side). She did a complete D&C, removed all the uterine lining as well as the fibroid; I am doing GREAT!. No pain, no heavy periods, etc. I will have an ultrasound in a couple of months to make sure she got it all. She said if she left even a tiny part of the fibroid, it would grow again. Even at my age (48), she did not want to remove the uterus. She did tell me if the uterus was removed & the ovaries remained intact, it would not create menopause. The hormone levels are controlled by the ovaries. However, removal of the uterus would be “major surgery” rather than “outpatient surgery”, and she didn’t feel it necessary. She is a very proactive doctor who always puts her patients first. As long as the fibroid was removed I would be healthy, which I am. Good luck to you, try to get a 2nd opinion if you can. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions about my experience. Hope this helps!!

    I am having fibroid.I had menopause 7 seven years back. I am having in between small patchs of blood .?
    I am having small blood patchs which is for hardly a day. In 1993 I was diagonised having small fibroids. Doctors told me i should not worry abt it as long as it does not give any trouble. Four years back i had a small patchs of blood. Then after gap of three years i had again a small patch of blood for hardly a day. Now after a gap one year i am having the same small patch of blood. I am worried. Pl answer me wht should i do.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to got to the doctor again. It can be a sign of problems with the cervix.

    My mom is bleeding after going threw menopause? Please help!!!!?
    My mom is 48 and she has not had a period in about 2 years so she all ready done went threw menopause the dr’s said. About a week ago she started bleeding like she is having a period and it is very heavy and she keeps saying her boobs are really sore. She has a appt with the dr’s soon but not for another week because they are booked. What could be causing her to bleed like this? She does have fibroid ( She said this is how you spell it but I have no idea) in her uterus and could this be causing her to bleed very heavy? She keeps worrying and I would like to give her some answers…thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The best answer is if your mother starts bleeding too heavily, feels week, is dizzy, and real tired, you need to get her to the EMERGENCY ROOM. If you cannot drive, call an ambulance and STAY on the phone. Write the address down and put it by the phone. In a panic you tend to forget the simple stuff. Just don’ panic. This is only if you see those signs, or she has extreme pain. Good lookin out for your mom!

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