Fasting And Fibroids

Four Practical Methods To Eliminate Your Fibroids Fast And Naturally

100% natural treatment for fibroids which avoids surgery and drugs with bad side effects is the preferred option for the vast majority of 00004000 ladies.

Luckily, There are a lot of natural treatment solutions on the market nowadays to shrink uterine fibroid tumors and below are a few tips and tricks that might help you in shrinking your tumors away.

Modifying The Diet

Modifying your diet is more than likely the single most effective fibroids home cure. You need to concentrate on consuming solely organic and natural produce to minimize the quantity of nasty chemicals you might ingest. Make sure that your food plan is based largely on unprocessed foods that should be consumed in their natural state where possible. Attempt to consume a nominal amount of seven portions of fresh vegetables and fruits, concentrating on dark green leafy veggies and also dark colored fruits like blueberries and cherries. Some other great foods include beans, nuts and also seeds. Drinking enough water can also be vital. Try to drink at the very least two liters of mineral water on a daily basis and avoid caffeinated drinks as well as alcoholic drink.

Avoid Stress

Stress is a well-known contributing factor in fibroids formation. Not necessarily a major trigger, but can sometimes be the “tipping factor” which triggers the fibroid growth. Managing stress can be tough if you have a busy way of life, particularly when including a busy job and kids, however it’s really important to try to take a little time out every day for yourself to do anything you enjoy, such as a pastime or reading quietly. If this is not possible, at the very least make a date with yourself once per week to relax and do something only for you.

Liver Detoxification

It is believed that one of the reasons of uterine fibroids can be a build up of estrogen mimicking substances in the liver. These are typically come from environmental poisons and pesticides. Once they are in the body, it’s troublesome to eliminate them and you can exert their results over a long time. A detox is an effective strategy to get rid of them. There are different solutions of cleansing the liver and many concerning the use of various herbs and supplements.

Get Vitamin B

One other thing that can assist you is to take a vitamin B supplement. Females with larger fibroids have been shown to have deficiencies on this zone of their dietary intake.

These recommendations were very helpful for lots of women and they can really help you too.

Just stick to these techniques and I’m confident that you will see some relief in the near future.

Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions regarding fibroids…?
    Sorry this is long, but I just want to understand what’s going on.

    Ok, a little over 2 months ago I started bleeding really heavy and for weeks at a time. I ended up going to the emergency room and after sitting there for 9 hours they gave me a prescription for Provera (only 5 pills) , said it could be related to stress or my weight because they saw nothing wrong and sent me on my way. Even before this situation I’ve had something that feels like pressure on my pelvic area. I was told by a family member that this could mean fibroids.

    When I went to the ER I mentioned that I did feel pressure in this area, but they never ever brought up the word fibroids.
    Fast forward to about a week or so after my ER visit , I don’t have insurance so I made an appointment with Planned Parenthood just to get checked out. The week before my appointment and after taking the Provera (1 pill at the same time everyday for the 5 days) I start bleeding again.
    Which I’m still not certain if that was my regular cycle or what , but this time it was really really light. Low and behold it goes away the night before my pap.
    So I go in get checked out once again she tells me nothing. I mention the pressure I was feeling once again and she made nothing of it.
    So now about 2 weeks later I still feel that pressure. It’s not painful but it’s very noticeable, and it comes and goes. Sometimes I feel it alot , sometimes not as often , but it’s there.
    My question is what kind of questions do you have to ask the DR for them to check you specifically for fibroids?
    At this point I’m really tired of going back and forth to the DR, as I stated before I have no insurance which means I’ll be paying out of pocket , and this stuff isn’t cheap. I just really want to know what’s going on so I can get help and I’m also worried that something may be wrong down there that can prevent me from having kids. I’m only 25 & this is really freaking me out. Sorry for the long post.

    • ANSWER:
      ask them to do a urine sample an even mabe draw blood an do a utralsound to see if is that. could it have been cyst on your ovaries

    how fast do fibroids grow?
    referring to uterine fibroids. Can the hormones from breastfeeding cause them to grow quicker? if so, how quickly? Does anyone have any experience with this? I am breastfeeding full time, am NOT on birthcontrol and cannot get pregnant(hubby had vasectomy). I might have a fibroid but haven’t had this confirmed yet. I had an ultrasound and I’m seeing my doc soon for the follow-up. I guess I’m just nervous and never get enough time at appointments

    • ANSWER:
      In my case, uterine fibroids grew very fast. I had a surgery in 2005 to remove 28 fibroids of size 16 weeks pregnancy but they grew back just within 1 year as big as size of 20 weeks pregnancy.
      Now I have to take another surgery to remove, may be, my whole uterus.

    Is there a natural remedy for uterine fibroids?
    I don’t have bothersome symptoms, but I have 6 large fibroids. I want to get pregnant in the future. My doctor said I’ll have no trouble getting pregnant, but I’m likely to have trouble during pregnancy. I keep myomectomy as a last resourt. Cause there are so many possible complications like adhesions and having to have a C-section. I want my body to get rid of them naturally. Any advise? Like exercise or fasting? I know that fibroids a hormone-dependent. I also know that girls lose their period if they fast long enough. Will that do anything?

    • ANSWER:
      I answered your other question and seeing this makes me feel for you as it must be awful fearing you may not be able to have kids.

      I couldn’t find too much but I did search and found this

      The great Dr John R Christopher said burdock helps fibroids..if taking use an organic tincture..the usual dose is two dropperfuls (60 drops)..3-5 times a day..I would use 5 times a day. a dropperful is what remains in the eyedropper of a tincture bottle when you squeeze the bulb, inset into the herbal tincture formula, release eyedropper top..what remains in the drop is called a dropperful and looks about half full..this eliminates the need to count drops. a few off will not hurt on herbs.

      A good brand is herbpharm..they have a good burdock blend. Burdock is not is a blood cleanser and sold in some places as a food,.

      I once read his woman’s herbal years ago but can’t remember if he addressed fibroids there but it may be worth a shot..I got it from interlibrary loan.

      it is also sold here–

      Also curezone has a lot of excellent health is some of the things on fibroid there.

      so I would revcommend this book and the ons by linda page and balche in the other questions for hormone balancing and the burdock and further research on curezone and elsewhere to trying to dissolve the fibroids.

      Also maybe Dr Richard schulze’s incurables formula may help..(push enter and go to the incurables program..he is the one with the female herbal formula and said he never failed to help infertile woman or women with female problems who wanted to have a child fail..I bet he used his incurables formula with his female herbs..also see his index in the catalog found at

    I am curious, have any other women become pregnant after fasting?
    Two years ago, I began a regimen of raw food and fasting, and in the process, lost a great deal of weight. Prior to doing that, I suffered from numerous female problems, including PCOS and Fibroids. I had tried getting pregnant for many years prior when I was married, and was told I would need medical help to POSSIBLY get pregnant. Well, after my divorce, I gave up on the idea of having kids altogether. But, after this regimen (which I really did for weight loss and mental clarity), I QUICKLY became pregnant without really trying or thinking about it…on the first few ultrasounds, I was told I was in perfect female health (no tumors, cysts – all gone)…has any other woman experienced this, and if so, why isn’t fasting considered a method of (potentially) solving infertility problems?
    *true, that after losing weight, often women will conceive…estrogen is stored in fat, and when fat is burned, estrogen courses through the body at higher levels. But, fasting causes more physiological changes than just release of estrogen…Id love to know if anyone else has experienced this? I guess there aren’t too many fasting women out there…

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve always heard that its harder for obese women to become pregnant and that after loosing weight and clearning their minds of thoughts of trying to conceive its actually easier for them to conceive. Loosing weight solve many medical problems and I’m sure that it could effect and change the reproduction organs in to working mode. Congrats to you on the pregnancy and its GREAT that you lost the weight and you seem to be so happy! Good for you!

    14 year old cat with lung fibroids, possibly cancerous?
    My 14 year old cat lost over two pounds in less than two months. I took him to the vet, who did a complete blood panel (everything was normal), and took chest x-rays, because I mentioned that he had been coughing. The lung x-rays showed fibroids in his lungs, but my vet was reluctant to say it was definitely cancer.

    He gave him antibiotics(in case the fibroids were secondary to an infection), and prednesone. Two weeks later I took him back to be x-rayed again, and his lungs looked the same. So, basically my vet told me he wasn’t sure what was going on, but as long as my cat was acting better (he was at that point), then I should keep giving him the prednesone.

    Fast forward another week & he’s not doing better, and has started sneezing. His eyes aren’t watery, and his nose is not snotty except right after he sneezes.

    Has anybody had a cat with similar symptoms? I just want to know what is wrong with my cat, and what, if anything, I can do to help him. I understand that he’s old, and maybe it’s almost his time to go. If that’s the case, then I’ll let him go because I don’t want him to suffer. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried searching the internet, but there’s vague information about feline lung cancer, and I don’t know what else it could be. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure that your vet didn’t say “nodules”? Fibroids aren’t a disease that I can find in any of my veterinary texts or sites.

      Steroids like prednisone can cause animals to feel better. They improve appetite and can even help with some cancers (particularly leukemia), but they are also immunosuppressive, which can make him more susceptible to other diseases. Many cats have subclinical viral rhinitis (“colds” that are kept suppressed by the immune system), and steroids can make those pop up to the point of showing symptoms.

      With a 14 year old cat with lung nodules, there is very little you can do if it is cancer. Chemotherapy could help, but it is very expensive and not likely to be rewarding if the the disease is very advanced.

      Primary cancer in the lung (cancer that comes from lung cells) is somewhat rare in animals. The most common reason for cancer to be in the lung is as a metastasis from another location in the body. If some other cancer is already metastasizing to the lungs, there isn’t much you can do. Common cancers in feline lungs are chondrosarcoma (cartilage), osteosarcoma (bone), lymphoma (white blood cells), hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels), as well as your pulmonary carcinoma (primary lung cell carcinoma). If your cat starts having odd nodules on his toes, this can be an indication of lung cancer.

      However, it sounds like your cat has had this for more than two months, there isn’t much change, and he isn’t dead yet (YAY!!!). This is good, as it means his problem is less likely to be cancer.

      Infections, especially fungal infections, are also possible causes for nodules on radiographs (x-ray films). Additionally, asthma and heartworms (cats get them too!) can cause some abnormal changes that will show up. Other worms can have stages that migrate through the lungs and cause nodules and lung problems.

      Fungus almost never clears by itself, it MUST be treated.

      There are some other additional diagnostics that can be done:
      – the test for Cryptococcus, the most common fungal disease in cats is very accurate
      – Broncho-alveolar Lavage (BAL) – this is done under anesthesia and involves squirting some saline into the lungs and sucking it back out to see what kinds of cells it has. This can show some fungal disease, infections, inflammatory processes and cancer, but it doesn’t always pick them up.
      – Fine needle aspirate – this can be dangerous in the lungs, and your veterinarian will tell you if this is an option. It involves sticking a needle into the nodules and taking out some of the cells to look at under a microscope. In the lungs it is done with an ultrasound machine to guide the needle.
      – Fecal exam/deworming – CAREFUL, the exam is harmless, but there are risks to treating if there are worms in the lungs. Some worms will cause a severe allergic-type reaction when they die.

      Ideally, you will talk to your veterinarian, and if he tells you either a) the lung problems are “fibroids” or b) your cat has cancer without performing additional tests, then you should seek a second opinion. You may want to seek a second opinion now.

      I know times are tough and money may be tight, so I understand if all you can afford is trying to keep him comfortable during his mystery disease. It’s hard to lose a friend, and the fact that you are willing to let him go if he is suffering tells me that you are a wonderful person for putting his comfort above your own. I’m sorry you both are going through this; there are no easy answers.

      If it comes time to let him go, many vets are willing to do an autopsy (“necropsy” in animals) to try to find out what the disease was. Some find this to be closure, and some want to make it easier for the disease to be identified in the future. If this is something that could bring you comfort, please consider it whenever the time comes (hopefully in a long time down the road).

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