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Home Remedies for Amenorrhea or Absence of Menstrual Periods

Amenorrhea is the condition of absence of menstrual periods in a woman who is in her reproductive phase of her life. There are many causes for the condition of amenorrhea which is actually a symptom in itself. There are two types of this condition called primary and secondary. It is known as Primary when the menstruation cycles never start in a girl due to some developmental problems or failure of ovaries. It is known as a secondary condition when the menstruation cycle stops for 3 months or longer due to problems like hormonal imbalances.

Primary amenorrhea may occur due to conditions of anorexia, cystic fibroids, polycystic ovarian disease, obesity, tumors, chromosomal or genetic abnormalities, pituitary diseases, physical problems like reproductive issues, excessive exercising, and psychological stress. Secondary Amenorrhea is more common and can occur due to pregnancy, breast feeding, oral contraceptives, mental stress, hormonal problem, pituitary problems, sudden weight gain, premature ovarian failure, menopause and certain medications.

The symptom is absence of menstrual periods till the age of 16 and absence of menstrual periods in women for 3 months or longer, who have been having periods earlier. The treatment of this condition depends on the underlying cause. There are medications, surgery options and some lifestyle changes that can help in reduction of the symptoms. There are various home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea available. Some of the home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea are as under:

1. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk and drink this every night.

2. Grind mint leaves well and take with honey every day.

3. Consume tomato juice daily. This is very beneficial in amenorrhea.

4. Boil little saffron in half cup of water. Reduce to tablespoon and consume this three times little by little.

5. Some herbs are very effective in the treatment of this condition. Herbs like Blue Cohosh, Mother Wort, Yarrow, Penny Royal, Chaste tree, chamomile, rosemary and oregano are beneficial in this condition.

6. Consume plenty of water and other forms of liquid like buttermilk, coconut water, vegetable juice, fruit juices, soups and milk.

7. Consumption of banana is beneficial.

8. Turmeric and asafetida both are effective in the treatment of amenorrhea. Include these in your diet.

9. Fresh beet juice is one of the effective home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea.

10. Certain foods like sesame seeds, fenugreek, ginger, drumsticks, cucumber, bitter gourd, papaya and snake gourd are helpful in this condition of absence of menstrual periods. These should be eaten regularly.

11. Mix jiggery and a teaspoon of sesame powder and have it two three times a day.

12. A mixture of gooseberry juice and honey is also beneficial.

13. Avoid fried foods, heavy creams and yeast based products.

14. Intake of ginger tea regularly will help to stimulate the onset of menstruation and also helps in relieving the menstrual cramps.

Apart from these natural home remedies for the treatment of amenorrhea, one must relax and remain calm. Avoid excessive exercising, instead try meditation and light exercises or yoga. Apart from these, you can also take herbal supplement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION:I was recently diagnosed with having cystic fibroids on my right ovary.I really want to have chidren,does?
    anyone know if you can still have children with this problem?

    • ANSWER:yes you still have good chance. My cousin had cystic fibroids on her overy when she was 24 and she had surgery. She even had tubal block. Still she got pregnant. Now she has 2 sons, recently she gave birth of her youngest son at the age of 37.
      Cyst on overy is quite common. Consult your doctor who may suggest you whether you should take surgery or not.
  2. QUESTION:my mom has cystic fibroids?
    should she take medicine to stop her bleeding or have a surgery to get rid of them? if she does have the surgery would it be dangerous?

    • ANSWER:Has your mum reached menopause yet!? If yes, then it may not be fibroids, discuss with the doctor on other possible diagnoses. If no, then she should have the surgery. the bleeding is going to stop permanently after the surgery.
  3. QUESTION:anyone had poly-cystic ovaris,fibroids and did concieve?
    i did a n ultrasound yesterday and found out that i had polycyctic ovaries each has 50 measuring 3mm and 2 fibroids measuring 10mm, are they treatable ,and is it possible that i can still have children, i am seeing my doctor on the 30th of this month, he said that it’s noy serious but i do not believe any type of advice will help, also i am on CLOSTIL 5 mths now, and still haven’t concieve.

    • ANSWER:
  4. QUESTION:Poly Cystic Ovaries will cause probs for Pregnancy ?
    Halo guyzzz I juz wanna to knw weather polycystic ovaries & fibroids will cause prob for the girls to conceive(Pregnant) !!!If U knw ne solution to rcover fromt his plz mention it… thnx

    • ANSWER:Yes it does/can, I am 33 and cannot have children. with pcos the eggs are never released, therefore causing a cyst in the ovaries. Pcos is a condition that is not just your reproductive system but an endocrine condition as well. Your body does not produce hormones/estrogen as it should or too much testosterone, etc. You can become insulin resistant, such as me, making it very hard to lose weight, which is usually a big issue in pcos when trying to conceive. Some say weight loss is key to overcoming pcos and infertility. I never had periods until a year ago when I started losing a lot of weight, and exercising, now I have not missed a month in 13 months. There are a lot of websites you can research this on that will give you better information that you can get on here.
  5. QUESTION:Need To know if anyone is like me? **Scared**?
    I am recently married and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since before we were married and no luck, couple missed periods by a week or two but no more than that…
    My last period was Sept 10th, I have taken 4 at home tests and all negative, went to the doc and took another test there, still negative, have another kit from the doc to take on monday, we want a child very badly… I am tired, and taking precautions just in case I am, boobs are slightly bigger but not sore, gained 6lbs in 3 weeks but other than that not much…. I am worried that I may have endometriosis or cystic fibroids or something…. Should I be scared??? Please share words of wisdom and advice… my doctor
    doesn’t want to worry me quite yet as many people seem to think I am preggy which would be GREAT! 🙂 I was pulled aside at a family function and people said I was glowing and if I wasn’t telling them something… I don’t know, I just want to know if I should worry or not… Thanks to everyone

    • ANSWER:I was in the same situation a year ago and I’ll tell you what happened to me. We were trying and trying for a baby…I stopped having my period for like 3 months and I was so excited but my tests were all neg. So I went to my doc and he said that when you want to be pregnant that badly your body can trick itself into missing your period. They said to stop stressing about it and it would happen easier and quicker.I was like ooooooo sure! Well finally after months of trying and failing we finally decided to wait a little bit…well even with no period for 4 months I GOT PREGNANT! And our baby girl is now almost a month old! I hope this helps you! Good luck sweetie!Oh and my doc also said not to have sex everyday because then your husbands sperm is less concentrated. Have sex every other day or every 2 days.


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