Birth Control Pills And Fibroids

Birth Control Pills and Fibroids

With the passage of time, the likelihoods of pregnancy in women sharply decrease. After 35, it becomes difficult for women to get pregnant. But still it doesn’t mean that women would not get pregnant in the late 30’s. They have to make use of some sort of method to avoid late-year pregnancy. Before menopause, a particular course has to be followed, if women don’t want to become pregnant. Now here a question arises that why it is recommended to avoid late year pregnancy? Why it is universally considered as a risky and uncomfortable situation? The reason behind this approach is the fact that late-year pregnancy brings a lot of complications. It may put the life of mother or baby at stake. Because of this rationale, women are strongly recommended to act upon a scheme that discourages such pregnancy. These techniques are known as birth control techniques.

Birth control is considered as a difficult task for women. There are a number of birth control methods. Among these methods, the method that is being chosen should have some minimum amount of side-effects. Birth control pills are considered as one of the most effective birth control method. Throughout the world, it is the most commonly used contraceptive approach. Being oral contraceptives, birth control pills are straightforward, easy and effective method of avoiding pregnancy. Their hit ratio of 99% truly indicates their effectiveness.

Birth control pills are not recommended for women who are addicted to smoking. Women who smoke should necessarily avoid these pills as they may have adverse effects on heart. If women smoke, while taking birth control pills, then they are more susceptible to heart attack. So, while taking these pills, women should quit smoking or use some alternate method of birth control. If not acted upon this advice, it would have devastating long-term effects. Similarly diabetic women should not use birth control pills. These women have a much higher likelihood of having atherosclerosis, if they utilize birth control pills.

Before taking birth control pill for the first time, you should consult your doctor, rather doing self-medication. Another thing should be kept in mind that if you have previously used a birth control pill of one particular brand, then the next time you should use pills of the same brand.

Birth control pills and fibroids are closely related with each other. These pills are believed to have an effect on uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids are benign tumors of uterus. They are very common and are not cancer-causing, unlike malignant tumors. They can develop in the inner as well as outer wall of uterus. They range in number from one to many and are also very diverse in size. Large size fibroids can really become a headache as they cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Another question that should necessarily be answered is that can you take birth control pills if you have fibroids? The answer is yes. Although birth control pills have no significant effects on the size of fibroids, yet they play a key role in reducing pain and bleeding in the uterus.



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