Symptoms Of Fibroid In Uterus

Symptoms of fibroid in uterus

Fibroids also called as uterine fibroids, fibromas or myomas are benign tumors of uterus. They are not involved in any life-threatening activities. As they are benign in nature, they are not responsible for causing cancer. They are very common in women throughout the globe. However, they are mostly prevalent in African American women. Caucasian women have 50% less probability of having fibroids as compared to non-Caucasians. For the most part, they are innocuous and not linked with any sort of malicious activities. Rarely, these may become a source of nuisance and can cause some serious risks to life.

The causes of uterine fibroids are not exactly known. There are no substantial evidences that tell us about the causes of fibroids. However, their growth is attributed the some hormonal imbalance. Estrogen plays a noteworthy role in the development of fibroids. Estrogen is predominantly a female hormone that is produced by ovaries. It is involved in various activities. It is mainly responsible for the sexual development of females. Besides that it is also guilty for fibroids development. It is produced by the women as long as they are menstruating. Women start producing estrogen after their first menstrual cycle (menarche) and keep on producing it until they reach their last menstrual cycle (menopause). It means that women will keep on producing estrogen throughout their menstrual cycle and the size of fibroids, if any, will keep on mounting. It is because of this reason that fibroids are most common in women of the age group of 25-35. Also, owing to this fact, the chances of fibroids in post-menopausal women are nil. No menstrual cycle means no estrogen and hence no chances of developing fibroids.

There are no specific symptoms of fibroid in uterus. Each patient that develops fibroids has its own symptoms. However, some of the common symptoms include heavy periods, prolonged menstrual cycle, pelvic pain, back pain etc.  Keep this fact in your mind that it is not necessary that every patient that has fibroid should show these symptoms.

Excessively bleeding is one of the very common symptoms of fibroids. Intense and prolonged monthly periods may lead to excessive loss of blood. In severe circumstances, it can cause acute shortage of blood. This condition is called as anemia. This low blood count causes several health problems like weakness, headaches etc. It should be treated with iron supplements and fibrous food so that the deficiency of iron no longer remains.

Women with fibroids experience a pain in pelvic region. Large-size fibroids exert a significant pressure on the internal organs causing a severe pain in the abdominal area. Ibuprofen is considered as a very effective drug in relieving this pain.

Sometimes, large-size fibroids can also press some nerve of the back muscles. This can result in serious back pain. Mostly, the fibroids which are located on the back side of uterus are the main cause of back pain.

Fibroids can also make a sexual intercourse a difficult task. Discomfort during this process is really a significant thing and should be given proper attention.

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