Malignant Fibroids

How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally – Alternative Treatment Of Uterine Fibroids

If you have been looking for information to show you how to shrink fibroids naturally, you may be disappointed with the information you have come across so far. I was in the very same position a couple of years ago.

After suffering from unbearable symptoms caused by my enlarging fibroids for over a year, I was told that a hysterectomy was the only option. Other treatments which either removed individual fibroids or worked by shrinking them by blocking off their blood supply was not an option for me. In actual fact though, I wasn’t too keen on these treatments anyway as I’d read that they would grow back afterwards.

I scoured the internet for information as I’d read quite a few success stories about how some women had managed to shrink fibroids naturally. However, I could never come across any concrete advice-what I did find were a collection of seemingly haphazard remedies and strange treatments which gave me no confidence whatsover.

There was certainly no step-by-step guide to download! Eventually I came across a female alternative practitioner who specialized in the alternative treatment of uterine fibroids. Such practitioners are few and far between and can be very expensive to consult. However, she was offering a full treatment system for immediate download and will backup email support. I decided to go ahead.

The treatment was totally natural and as fibroids are rarely life-threatening, I did not feel that I was putting myself at risk by delaying my surgery. One crucial element in shrinking fibroids naturally is to look at the amount of estrogen which you have in your body. Think of estrogen as the “fuel” for the fibroids. If you remove some of this, you can prevent further growth. As estrogen is produced by, and stored in, fat cells, it is usual that overweight women will carry excess estrogen, so weight control cannot be overlooked. Additionally, some women are affected by an estrogen-like substance which is present in some pesticides and everyday pollutants and this is notoriously difficult to eliminate from the body. As it is stored in the liver, a good liver detox can be very effective.

The causes of fibroids can be different in individual women and this is the key to treatment. If you can discover what has caused the fibroids in the first place and take steps to remove those elements, you are partway along the road to learning how to shrink fibroids naturally. Of course that is not the only factor. By removing these elements you will certainly prevent further fibroids forming and existing ones enlarging.

Any worthwhile system which teaches alternative treatment for uterine fibroids will stress that the approach needs to be multifaceted-there is no “magic pill” or simple treatment which will work. Indeed if you are looking for a “quick-fix” you may well be disappointed!

The lack of real help for women with fibroids led Shola Oslo, an alternative practitioner who specializes in teaching women how to shrink fibroids naturally, to develop a complete 7 step system which is completely guaranteed. Her busy clinic left her unable to take on many additional patients but the demand was clearly there.

As a result, she has now helped thousands of women worldwide who she has never met. Please bear in mind though, this requires you to be proactive and take charge of your own healing by making dietary and lifestyle changes and following a systematic program-it is not suitable for women who simply want to take a tablet and be cured.

Are you ready to get rid of your fibroids once and for all?

To see details of her methods, please visit Stop Fibroids For further general information and to learn all about the different types of fibroids plus the different treatments for each, please visit How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally

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Frequently Asked Questions

    fibroids, enlarged uterus, enlarged ovary(malignant)?
    My uterus is enlarged (1/3 again), 2 fibroids 5x5cm each and ovarian cyst about 5x5cm. Upper fibroid attached to bowel, lower fibroid attached to main artery to left side of Uterus. Cancer of ovary contain. Am waiting operation to remove all. Anyone had the same?

    • ANSWER:

    Hysterectomy vs. Freezing of Uterus (Cryosurgery)?
    Hey everyone. I hope there is someone who knows about this that can help. Basically.. My sister (30) had Fibroids in her Uterus that were malignant (Leiomyosarcoma) I believe is what they called it. Her doc did a DNC and Hysterscopy and removed 4 Fibroids and 3 of them were Malignant. The doc basically told her now she needs to treat the area where she removed the fibroids to try to prevent them from coming back. She sat with her Gyn and a oncologist who gave her the option of a COMPLETE hysterectomy or freezing the uterus( which I believe is called Cryosurgery). They were not much help. Told her to research and call the office to make an appointment when she makes up her mind on what she wants to do.

    Her main fear of a complete hysterectomy is going through menopause so early or having to go on hormone therapy, which she really doesn’t want..

    Anyone have any suggestions or been through this or am I luck enough to find a Doctor or nurse who knows more about this stuff..

    Anyone can give me some pro’s and con’s or speak from experience It would be greatly appreciated!!

    I have looked online and I find sites that don;t really give you much help! Just explain what it is!


    Thanks much!
    Thanks.. they say that the malignant fbroids that they did remove were too close to her Fallopian tubes so they want to remove her ovaries too.
    can anyone tell me alittle about the side effects if she does get the in hormone therapy.. they did say she will have to be on hormones.. she is concerned about growing a beard…I know not funny…just sounds weird…

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry, but that is one of the stupidest unprofessional things I have heard. Those doctors should have explained everything to her and gave her the pros and cons of each option – it’s their job. You don’t tell patients to research it themselves and get back to you!!

      You and your sister should know she doesn’t have your everyday type of cancer. This is a rare cancer, only about 3-4% of all cancers in the uterus are this type and the fact that she is so young makes it more dangerous for her. I don’t want to sound mean, but early menopause is not the main fear here. She needs a hysterectomy.

      She also needs an oncologist she can communicate and work well with. I think she should get a second opinion from a surgeon and oncologist at your closest teaching hospital. These hospitals are used to seeing the most unusual cases, often have some of the best equipment and are involved in cancer research so they tend to be on the cutting edge. Plus they typically explain things pretty well. It is impossible for her to make an informed decision if she doesn’t have some understanding of her disease. Best to you both.

      EDIT: I hate to tell you this, but the biggest problem with taking hormones is it puts you at a higher risk for breast cancer. They are tolerated well and intended to help you NOT grow a beard. Please, please get another opinion.

    what does it mean if its contraindicated for something?
    what does this mean:
    The use of Mirena is contraindicated when one or more of the following conditions exist:
    • Pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy
    • Congenital or acquired uterine anomaly including fibroids if they distort the uterine cavity
    • Acute pelvic inflammatory disease or a history of pelvic inflammatory disease unless there has been a subsequent intrauterine
    • Postpartum endometritis or infected abortion in the past 3 months
    • Known or suspected uterine or cervical neoplasia or unresolved, abnormal Pap smear
    • Genital bleeding of unknown etiology
    • Untreated acute cervicitis or vaginitis, including bacterial vaginosis or other lower genital tract infections until infection is
    • Acute liver disease or liver tumor (benign or malignant)
    • Conditions associated with increased susceptibility to pelvic infections
    • A previously inserted IUD that has not been removed
    • Hypersensitivity to any component of this product

    • ANSWER:
      Contra- means opposite to or against. Contraindicated means against indications. When a drug is contraindicated in a condition, such as pregnancy, it means the drug should not be used if the condition is present. This is often a safety issue, meaning that safety of the drug in the presence of that condition has not been established.

    How harmful is alchohol at 1 month of being pregnanat?
    I know now im pregnant but with 2 kids I don’t see me having another anytime soon. This really caught us by surprise but there is know way I can have this child. I have also been drinking mostly white wine all these days and a couple of beers on the weekend.
    I also have had a uterus operation to remove a large fibroid which was thought to be malignant and still is unknown. After that I had my second child, He was my miracle baby since this really great Doc was able to reconstruct my uterus. He also tells me not to be stupid to have my uterus removed right away before any further complications with rapid growing fibroids. I don’t know what to do I want to have this new baby that now is within me for a month now ,but it is to risky for everything thats been going on including my alcohol cosupmtion.

    • ANSWER:
      alcohol drains the body of folic acid and with two kids you know what that is for.It can also cause mental delays or retardation.

    First signs of cancer?
    A close relative of mine had fibroids, and got an operation done on December 15. They removed her uterus. When doing so, they came across something unusual. She had a blood clot in her abdomen, so they treated her for that using blood thinners and installing a filter. However, doctors told her to come back. She underwent various scans and tests. All of them appeared normal, except the PET scan. She was told that the spotted abnormalities were not malignant tumor cells. However, some doctors told her that in the starting stages of cancer, the cells are microscopic. So now, she is going to undergo preventative treatment- light chemotherapy (light means that it is not as heavily applied since she isn’t a cancer patient), and other medication.
    I have faith in medical science, but as a close relative, I can’t help being concerned.
    What would be the first signs of cancer?
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I seriously wish I could answer this fully. I have Basal Cell Carcinoma, which is a skin cancer caused by massive exposure to the sun. I used to ride my bike ALL THE TIME, without a shirt. It started off as a mole looking thing, about the size of a pencil eraser, then grew and grew and grew.

      Had I went to the doctor the first time I noticed it growing, it could have saved a lot of headaches. It’s been 8 years now, and I still have the growth on my back, but can’t afford the 00.00 to get it removed, so I have to live with it.

      Chemo is a good and typically solves the problem, if it’s cancer. Some hair loss can occur, but really, who cares?! If it kills the cancer cells, hoooray!

      The first signs? I think would be weight loss. SERIOUS weight loss. Discoloration of skin.. But the weight loss is what sticks in my mind. I was close to 250lbs when I first got this, now, I fluctuate between 180 and 200lbs.. It’s leveled off, differs between winter and summer. I lose more weight in summer but gain more in winter. I think that’s because I’m more active in summer. Regardless, weight loss is the first sign.

      If you confront the person, be solid. Er, concerned and genuine. Make it a private conversation and things will get better.

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