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Can I Get Pregnant With Fibroid Tumors

If you have fibroids and are wanting to have a baby or add to your existing family, you may be wondering “Can I get pregnant with fibroids?”. It is only natural that if you have a foreign body in your uterus that you will wonder about the potential impact on your fertility.

Most women with fibroids will conceive normally and go on to have an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. However, there is no doubt that having fibroids can impact negatively on a minority of women and it is believed that fibroids can be the cause of some cases of so called “unexplained fertility”.

The size, type and location of your fibroids can be the main deciding factor as to whether or not they are likely to affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Larger fibroids are more likely to be problematic, although some women with very large fibroids can have a normal pregnancy, seemingly unaffected. Larger fibroids which are located near to the cervix can sometimes partially or wholly block off the opening, thus preventing the normal passage of sperm. Higher up in the uterus, fibroids can sometimes block off the entrance to the fallopian tubes and this means that the sperm simply cannot reach the egg.

You may also be thinking, “Can I get pregnant with fibroids which are not inside the uterus?”. Fibroids which are located in the uterine cavity will have less of an impact. However, those which grow within the lining of the womb (submucosal fibroids) can sometimes distort the shape and size of the uterine cavity and prevent implantation or cause a very early miscarriage.

Having fibroids it is a sign that your body is out of balance. If you are hoping to become pregnant, it is probably not the right time to consider surgical procedures or hormonal treatments, both of which could impact adversely on your chances of becoming pregnant. However, you may wish to consider using natural treatments to shrink your fibroids, which can actually enhance your health and your overall well-being.

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