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Can Fibroids Prevent Pregnancy? Can You Conceive With Fibroid Tumors

If you are hoping to start a family, or add to your existing brood and know that you have fibroids, you may well be wondering, “Can fibroids prevent pregnancy?”

Fibroids certainly can cause issues relating to becoming pregnant and carrying a baby, but very often, most women with fibroids can conceive normally and have a very ordinary pregnancy and birth. However, that’s not to say that all women with fibroids have a trouble free experience, so let’s look at the potential problems.

Some women will experience problems becoming pregnant with fibroids. Very often, the cause can be as simple as a fibroid or group of fibroids blocking either the cervix or the entrance to the fallopian tubes. It is easy to see why either of these circumstances can prevent a pregnancy as the normal passage of sperm is blocked.

Another issue to bear in mind is that the type of fibroids you have can have a direct bearing on whether or not your fertility is affected. For those of you wondering “Can fibroids prevent pregnancy?”, submucosal fibroids, which form just under the lining of the womb can distort the shape of the uterine cavity considerably and disrupt implantation or cause a very early miscarriage.

It is also worth bearing in mind that in many cases of so called “unexplained fertility”, women are found to have fibroids and although there may be no apparent direct link, many alternative practitioners believe that it is very possible that becoming pregnant with fibroids can be an issue in a minority of cases.

One thing is for sure. We are not “supposed” to have fibroids. It is an unnatural state and an indication that our bodies are out of balance. Treating fibroids with surgery or hormones is not a good option if you are hoping to conceive but you may like to consider trying natural fibroid treatments which can quickly reduce the symptoms and size of your fibroids, giving you peace of mind before you become pregnant.

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If you would like to see details of a completely natural, tried and tested treatment for fibroids which has had enormous success worldwide, please visit Fibroids and Pregnancy. The 7 Step Plan contains comprehensive answers to the question, “Can fibroids prevent pregnancy?” and will help you to minimize any impact on your pregnancy.


Frequently Asked Questions

    submucosal fibroid that is 6cm, how bad is that?
    My wife is 6 weeks pregnant. We found out that she has a submucosal fibroid that is 6cm (along with several other fibroids). We are both 35 years old. This is first pregnancy. We are very scared about this fibroid. How likely is it that these fibroids will compromise pregnancy? She is concerned about the risk of bleeding to death during childbirth (among other things).

    • ANSWER:
      hey, i cant answer your question but i did want to write an answer just to let you know that someone actually read it. better luck next time and i hope your problem was resolved.

    I’ve had 2 Lupron shots for fibroids, and I’m still bleeding.Why?My doc says this is unusual.I’m only 28.
    I want to know the specifics of why Lupron shots aren’t working for me. My doctor says it’s prob b/c of the submucosal fibroids with lots of blood vessels. I have so many of them (20-30) and one large one and a few medium size ones. They cause so much pain and bleeding and I haven’t stopped bleeding since Jan 24. I had a depo-provera shot on Jan 18, a Lupron shot Feb 8 and another March 9. I had my heavy period already after the 1st Lupron shot from March 1st-9th. Before Jan, I would stop bleeding for a week to 10 days a month but now it just won’t stop bleeding. My blood count in Jan was 8.2 but it’s at least going up slowly with the Lurpon shots and taking 325mg of iron 3x/day and folic acid 3x/day. Two weeks ago my blood was up to 10.2. I had fibroids transvaginally removed 2 1/2 hrs ago already but prob didn’t get them all out. So this time I’m having abdominal surgery as well as a hysteroscopy. I’m just waiting for my blood level to go up now.

    • ANSWER:
      Has your doctor sent you to a specialist? Doctors are not omniscient and should be able to recognize when they’ve reached their limits.

      I will also point out that there are a couple more options available to you:

      I had a similar (though not as bad) problem with fibroids. I had the uterine arterial embolization mentioned in the above article, and it worked outstandingly. Since the UAE, I have only enough period to let me know the plumbing is still working.

      I did not have the HIFU treatment, but it sounds completely non-surgical and thus you wouldn’t have to deal with the problems that other techniques have.

      When I was researching the UAE, I noticed from some support groups this trend: women with a lot of small fibroids did better with UAE, while women with one large fibroid did better with myomectomy. And when I say large, I mean a fibroid that is being talked about in terms of months, e.g. one fibroid that makes a person look three or five months pregnant. The advantage that UAE has for the first group is that the UAE killed all of the fibroids no matter what size, whereas the myomectomy only addresses fibroids that can be seen.

      However, at this point if I needed to be treated again, I would go with the HIFU first to see how that helped and then go with the UAE if HIFU didn’t work. I personally would not even let the Lupron near me – that essentially creates an artificial menopause.

      Note that I’m not even mentioning hysterectomy. I might have considered that if everything else failed, but it would have had to be a life-threatening, no other treatment had worked at all situation.

      In the meantime, here’s a couple more things I found:

      Cholesterol is a precursor chemical to estrogen, and it is the estrogen that is causing the problems. I recommend highly that you go on a cholesterol reducing lifestyle:
      1. Minimize animal fats – especially sausages, bacon and (sadly) cheese. I would not eliminate beef as it is high in dietary iron, which is absorbed more easily than supplements.
      2. Eliminate ANY deep-fried foods. Even foods fried in unsaturated fat has excess amounts of trans-fatty acids that cause LDL cholesterol.
      3. Take niacin in a time-released multi-B formula.
      4. Exercise as much as you can.
      5. Iron – vitamin C increases absorption and calcium reduces absorption. Add lemon or lime juice to steak and any other iron source you consume; if you are eating steak, don’t have cheese or milk products, even if they are fat free. Also, don’t take a calcium supplement when you take your iron supplement, and do take a vitamin C supplement.

      Good luck, and I hope you get the treatment you need.

    Has anyone ever had an abdominal myomectomy to remove fibroids?
    I am having this surgery at the end of July. I am wondering about other’s experience with it. I have three fibroid tumors that the Dr. is going to remove. One submucosal, this is the major one. It is the size of a 16 wk old baby. They tell me that this is the best surgery to preserve fertility. Is it really 4 week recovery time? My gosh, I am dreading this!

    • ANSWER:
      I had abdominal myomectomy when I was 24. The fibroids were many and as big as size of 16 weeks pregnancy. I didn’t feel any pain for those fibroids but I had heavy bleeding and anemia. So doctors decided to go through surgery. Before surgery, doctor gave me 4 shots of Luprone to reduce the size of the fibroids ( I don’t understand why was that necessary)
      After that I had surgery. Doctors removed 28 tumors and many more were left inside the uterus which were so tiny that could not be removed.
      It took around 4 weeks to recover. I had to take light food during this time. The most painful time was when I got sense from aneshthia effect. I felt vomit, temperature then but doctors gave me medicines to reduce the pain.
      Just after 6 days of the surgery I took a flight, after 7 days I had an interview and after 1 month I started my MBA classes.
      I hope you will have the surgery with no problem with the surgery.
      By the way, the tumors grow back within 1 year as big as size of 20 weeks pregnancy. But luckily I got pregnant after 22 months of the surgery. Now I’ll have surgery to give birth of the baby but I don’t know what my doctor would do with my uterus.
      Good luck.

    Has anyone ever had a successful pregnancy when you’ve had?
    submucosal fibroids? I had a miscarriage in Feb this year and was scheduled to have a fibroid ( I believe it’s 3 cm or so) removed on Monday before we started TTC again. Well today I found out that even though we were very responsible and careful, I am 5 wks. pregnant again. I am terrified of this fact as we lost the last pregnancy at 8 weeks. Anyone have any insight or helpful info?

    • ANSWER:
      no and I’m sorry to hear that..but I will be praying for you my y/a friend and GOOD LUCK!!

      Keep us posted!

    Is there any hope for a baby?
    I am a 34 year old woman with no kids, but I desperately want them. Last year I had 2 large submucosal fibroids removed from my uterus (one the size of an apple, and one the size of a golf-ball) by myomectomy. After the surgery, my doctor told me not to put off having children any longer, so my boyfriend and I decided to start trying. We have only been trying a few months, but so far no luck. When I went back for my checkup recently, the doctor did an ultrasound and found 3 more fibroids growing already. He told me he didn’t want to do another surgery to remove them unless it was absolutely necessary. So now I am very concerned because the two I had removed last year grew rapidly. Everything I have read about trying to conceive with submucosal fibroids (those that grow within the uterine wall) has been very grim. Right now I feel very, very hopeless. There are days that I cry because I want a baby so bad, and all of my friends are having them left and right. I will be heart broken if I never get to experience having a baby. Does anyone know of anything I could do to help increase my chances of getting pregnant? Has anyone else had a successful pregnancy while having specifically submucosal fibroids? If so, how long did it take to get pregnant?

    Btw, I have considered seeing an infertility specialist but my insurance doesn’t cover it and I imagine it is very expensive. Not sure I can afford to do that out of pocket. 🙁

    • ANSWER:

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