Fibroid Cyst Symptoms

 Fibroid cyst symptoms

The only thing that is inevitable in the world is change. Every aspect of our life keeps on changing throughout its course. It is human nature to resist changes. Humans, owing to their inertia, try to remain in their incumbent state as they consider it most beneficial. However, when they see the positive sides of new changes, they start accepting these changes. Same is the case with human body. Human body experiences various internal as well as external changes each day. Body changes that cause no butterflies in stomach are quickly accepted by human mind but not all changes are like that. If changes are creating troubles for you, then you have to take some punitive action against them. Changes that are causing you discomforts and are hindering your daily activities should be dealt with iron hand. You should consult your doctor in this regard. He will understand your problems and will equip you with proper weapons to counter the effects of these undesirable changes. If you feel some irregularly-shaped mass in your breast, then don’t immediately reach to the conclusion that you have a breast cancer.  Instead of cursing your fate and getting depressed, you should think positively. This is because each and every lump in the breast can never be attributed as breast cancer. Depending on your age, you may have a very high probability of having fibroid cysts in your breast.

Fibroid cysts are not related with any type of cancerous activities. They are really benign. It is very rare to have complications in fibroids cysts. Instead of tumors, they are the most common cause of breast lumps. It is not an ailment; rather it is physical condition that is very common amongst relatively older women. Fibroids cysts are mostly present in women of the age group of 30-50.

Fibroid Cyst Symptoms

There are no specific fibroid cyst symptoms. Whenever you feel that you have some moveable and fluffy mass in your breast, you could go for a medical checkup. Sometimes the patient also experiences some abnormalities in monthly periods but it is not always the case.

Causes of fibroid cysts

The causes of fibroid cysts are related with hormonal changes that occur during menstrual cycle. During menstruation, hormonal changes bring a large number of changes in the breast. As menstruation causes an increased production of estrogen and progesterone from the ovaries, breast tissues swell consequently. When the monthly periods are finished, there are no more estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the breast tissues return to their original position. However this thing is not that simple as it appears. Females experience menstrual cycle each and every month, until and unless they reach menopauses. Due to this fact, breast tissues keep on swelling and then going back to their original position. This phenomenon is considered as the basic cause of fibroid cysts formation.

Regarding any pain caused by fibroids cysts, patients have reported that there is no pain from fibroid cysts. However, when these cysts grow large, they may become a source of nuisance. Regarding the detection of fibroid cysts, mammography, biopsy etc can be used.


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