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What is Castor Oil Used for? – The Multipurpose Oil

The uses of castor oil are not limited to medicine. Castor oil is a main ingredient in food additives and flavoring, soap, printer ink, and, most surprisingly, candy and chocolate. Who would have imagined such an unpleasant tasting oil to be an ingredient of everyone’s favorite dessert, candy and chocolate? That just goes to show how versatile castor oil’s uses can be.

Castor oil uses the power of ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that can relieve a number of ailments. These include skin problems, constipation, infections, hair loss, arthritis, tumors, and cysts.

Medicinal Uses of Castor Oil

For decades castor oil has been used in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Constipation
  • Skin problems
  • Hair loss
  • Fungal infections
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Inflammations

Most will advocate its effectiveness and safety – it has even been FDA-approved safe for human use and consumption. Too much of it, like all medicines, will result in an overdose, however. So take note of how much you take when using castor oil orally. Natural castor oil is a good complement to treatment and goes hand in hand with doctor-prescribed medication. If you experience severe symptoms or are not sure about using castor oil for their treatment, consult your doctor and get medical advice. Castor oil is only good if you know how to use it.

Industrial Uses of Castor Oil

Different concentrations of industrial-grade castor oil are found in cosmetics, lubricants, and in the manufacturing industry. It is a component found in plastics, paint, hydraulic fluid, and synthetic resins. This type of castor oil is different from the one grandma uses at home, so there is no need to worry. Industrial-grade castor oil is just another proof of the oil’s multipurpose qualities. Until now, the list of uses for castor oil continues to expand – who knows what it will cure or help develop in the future? Only time will tell. Keeping a bottle or two at home and in the office will provide you a very potent home remedy and ensure that you will be one of the first to know.Frequently Asked Questions


    Has anyone tried the self fertility massage and castor oil pack for?
    reducing scar tissue in the womb lining, and helping with fibroids? I’ve tried it a few times, but i feel achy after (in my womb) for the rest of the day, and sometimes longer. do u think it works?

    • ANSWER:

      I have tried castor oil masssage for fibroid pain relief—How-to-Shrink-Fibroids-With-Natural-Treatment-Methods&id=4026852


    Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts?
    I’ve heard of Castor Oil, and a few other things like,
    progesterone? But, do they REALLY work?

    What else works?

    • ANSWER:

      Natural treatments include: Black Cohosh 500mg daily, Cinnamon Oil, Reishi Tincture, Augmented Rambling powder (lowers estrogen levels), Cinnamon Twig and Poria Pills. For ovarian cysts: Dioscorea tincture (wild yam), and Dong Quai.

      I’m assuming that you’ve already seen a doctor, and he doesn’t think you need to have them removed, or you’re against surgery. But you don’t have to have surgery unless they are very large. Usually they (ovarian cysts) can be removed through a small incision in your navel. And for your fibroid you can choose myolosis (electrical current) or endometrial ablation – using electrical current, microwave energy or heat to destroy the lining of your uterus and any fibroid.


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