Fibroid Cysts On Ovaries Symptoms

Cyst on Ovaries Symptoms – 9 Common Symptoms of a Cyst on the Ovaries

The symptoms of an ovarian cyst can range from very obvious symptoms to hard to miss symptoms. If you think you have a cyst you need to see your doctor, only your physician will know for sure if you do have a cyst or not.

Most Common Cyst On Ovaries Symptoms

1. Problems urinating
2. Pressure in the abdomen area
3. Painful Menstrual Periods or Pain in the Lower Back
4. Gaining more weight
5. Having High Blood Pressure
6. Resistance to Insulin
7. Acne problems
8. Infertility
9. Having Irregular Menstrual Periods or not having any

There are many other symptoms that go with ovarian cysts and PCOS, but these are the ones you want to look out for because they are the most common. If you go to the doctor and find out that you do have ovarian cyst, don’t worry, you have options available to take care of your problem. The main problem with traditional medicine is that it only treats what it can see, not being able to cure what can come later down the road. Also, many of the treatments and drugs a doctor might want you to try can be just as painful or damaging as the cysts itself.

You will keep getting ovarian cyst until you find a way to prevent them. The natural way is the best way to do this, by taking natural preventative measures. There are a few things that you can do such as drinking more water,increasing fiber in your diet, drinking certain kinds of tea, and being on a certain diet will help relieve the pain of ovarian cysts and stop them from coming back. I had my own troubles with ovarian cyst symptoms and i was in a hurry to find a natural cure to relieve my pain. You can free yourself from the terrible pain and feel better with a natural cure right now.

Discover how thousands of women have instantly releived their constant pain and begin shrinking their Ovarian Cyst within 3 days, completely eliminating them within 8 weeks. This can be done without ever using drugs or resorting to risky surgery. Get help now with Cyst on Ovaries Symptoms.

About the author: Laura Madison is an expert in dealing with Yeast and Candida after suffering for more than 7 years with health problems. She is now symptom free and living a yeast free life.


Frequently Asked Questions

    might have an ovarian cyst but worried about ovarian cancer-help me?
    i am a 15 year old female, when i was very young i had one ovary removed due to a fibroid cyst.
    I am once again having symptoms-abdominal pain/fullness, pain in lower abdomen during bowel movements-the pain is on both sides even though i only have one ovary.
    The symptoms of ovarian cysts seem to explain what im feeling perfectly, but ive been having these symptoms for a long time. Which is making me believe its the kind that dont go away by themselves-and ive read online if they dont go away by themselves, that they are cancerous.
    Ive been so depressed and scared over this, im only 15.
    Please help and give me answers.
    thanks 🙁

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there, stop worrying young girl!

      Most ovarian cysts are not cancerous, in fact the percentage is that 98 of them ARE NOT CANCEROUS! You have a history of ovarian cysts and you may be suffering from recurring ovarian cysts but most probably nothing major! I understand you may be scared and get into a panic state but you should not worry as ovarian cancer symptoms are in fact quite different! In most cases there are no symptoms until a late stage and the symptoms you describe don’t really fit with ovarian cancer anywya!

      However, you still should go and visit your doctor regarding these cysts , and get some proper pain medication or natural alternative but do not worry, you will be fine!

      Take good care of yourself!


    Ovarian cysts… again?
    I’ve had 2 surgeries in 9 months. 1st was a fibroid tumor on my uterus, 6cm. 2nd was a cyst on my right ovary, 7cm resulting in the removal of the ovary as well. I went to my OB this past friday for all the same symptoms. He suggested a pelvic ultrasound and birth control. I could only get an appt. for the ultrasound in 2 weeks! I hate this, it’s messing with my life. I couldn’t wait, not 2 weeks working with pain, so I went to the ER. Tada. A 4cm cyst on my one good ovary. Can I elect to have surgery to have a histerectomy? And I’ve switched insurance. Will this be considered a pre-existing condition? I do not plan on having children. I have felt this way for years. The 1st surgery, my doctor wanted to give me time to think. It’s been 2 years, and I’d rather have my health than a baby.

    • ANSWER:
      The choice to have or have not a hysterectomy is only your. Having a total hysterectomy i.e. remove not only your uterus but your one left good ovary might result in menopause symptoms like hot flashes and other problems. You might consider leaving part of the ovary to prevent you from going into a difficult menopausal period, though have no idea how old you are. As to the insurance you better find out before or postpone your surgery till you have all the facts before you. Good luck.

    I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last 10 days. HELP?
    I’m currently being tested for several issues. I’ve had severe leg and arm pain (muscles or bones?) I have low vitamin D and cortisol (Celiac Syndrome?) Maybe some osteo? I have a bone scan on the 10th. I had an ultrasound, they found 1 uterine fibroid and several cysts on my right ovary. I have very low hormone levels and may be going thru menopause? Some other symptoms: urine takes awhile, is frequent, stools float, rash on arms, weight gain, severe leg and arm pain, dizziness. Already have painful neuropathy in feet, legs and hands (the pain in legs and arms is an ache, not from neuropathy). I drink 60 oz water, 110 gm protein, 45 carbs, 950 calories. Not exercised lately, when I do I gain more weight. Blood sugar ok, blood pressure on the high side. Fatiqued. don’t have fibro. Seeing rheumotologist (no RA), pcp, neurologist. Getting tests. Take 120 mg cymbalta, 300 mg lyrica, 30 gm morphine sul slowact, 15gm ms daily. HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Why are you on all those drugs? Why are you seeing a rheumatologist but without the disease. You are utterly self-absorbed and right now, your focus seems to be on the physical end of it. Contrary to what you say, exercise does not cause people to gain weight, unless it causes them to have increased appetite and eat more. Contact your regular psychiatrist and make an appointment to discuss all your troubles, and maybe some adjustment of your medications.

    Curious about my severe abdominal pain?
    I have had severe lower abdominal pain since December. I have had 2 ultra sounds, 1 CT scan, 1 MRI, 3 Pelvic Exams and several blood and urine tests. The two ultra sounds showed ovarian cysts…but my GYN said that was not what was causing my pain. The CT scan showed a Fibroid Tumor, but the MRI showed nothing except cysts on my ovaries. THe 3 Pelvic exams were all normal. THe blood and urine tests showed nothing except for a slightly elevated white blood cell count. The pain is either on my left side, right side or both, but never in the middle. My lower abdomen is very tender and intercourse is usually very painful. Not a burning pain, a deep pain in my abdomen. I am extremely nauseated most of the time and occasionally vomit. I have had a low grade fever for three days. The pain is constant but during ovulation its not usually very bad, right after i am done ovulating, it seems to start to get worse, by the time my period comes it is almost intolerable and then during my period i have the worst cramps ive ever experienced. After my period is done, its starts to subside and is minimal by the time i ovulate again…I have been off birth control since the month before this started as we are trying to conceive but have been unsuccessful. Pelvic Inflammatory disease has been ruled out. My GYN is sure the cysts are not causing the pain. Since the MRI showed no tumor, they are fairly certain that the fibroid tumor is not there. I have never been pregnant. I have no GI symptoms at all whatsoever.
    I am having a laparoscopy next week, but I just have a wierd feeling that they aren’t going to see anything in there.

    I am curious as to what anyone might think this sounds like. My new GYN seems to think it may be a bad case of endometriosis. Is this treatable if it is?

    Anyway…i guess I’m just interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts. I am very nervous about this…about the surgery…about the health of my reproductive system. the fact that its getting worse and im feeling much sicker as the five months have progressed. I am on Percocet right now but it does not seem to have an effect on my pain.


    I do not know how to respond to people who answer my question and ask questions. If you ask me a question, can you please explain how to do so, or email me at


    • ANSWER:

    please help!!…..has anyone had or heard?
    I had my tubes tied 6 yrs ago. From Sept. to Jan. I did not have a period, Jan. was a bit heavy, but not outrageous. Feb. nothing, March I started bleeding on the 2 and it is sometimes heavy with lots of clots, others its regular, and I was bleeding for 22 days…..I had bw and ultrasound in Dec. which showed only a few cysts on my ovaries…..Friday I had more bw and another ultrasound, the tech couldn’t tell me much, but she did say that she has never seen fibroid pop up within a few months, so that’s out of the question, however I am sexually active, and had sex 3 days ago, that night I craved oj the next night I puked my guts up, and stay nauseated, my boobs are sore, my body aches, alot of pregnancy symptoms, but is there anything besides being pregnant that makes you feel you are??…..I have to wait 2 weeks before I go to the doc for results, my nerves are shot, and I am scared so any input is appreciated!! Thanks!!
    the craving oj, meant that I all of a sudden wanted orange juice, I was up until 4 am.

    • ANSWER:
      sorry but, would you mind explaining what you meant by craved oj?

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