Why Do Fibroids Cause Heavy Bleeding

Why Do Fibroids Cause Heavy Bleeding?

If you are wanting an answer to the question, “Why do fibroids cause heavy bleeding?” then there are a number of reasons why this is the case. Fibroids are one of the most common causes of heavier periods and if you find that your last longer than 5-7 days and are particularly heavy, then ensure that you visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

In brief, the three main reasons why fibroids cause heavy bleeding are:-

1. A blockage of normal menstrual flow, caused by the location of a fibroid. This causes a back-up of blood which seems heavier when released

2. Uterine congestion, common in women with fibroids, can cause a change in the blood flow around the uterus

3. When fibroids grow, new blood vessels form and this means a greater volume of blood is flowing through the uterus

There are a number of simple steps you can take to help with heavy bleeding causes by your fibroids. Firstly, avoid wearing tampons, as these can cause cramping and pain. You can try taking an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen as this may help reduce inflammation. Regular gentle exercise can also help to improve the blood flow as can heat therapy, thus helping relieve congestion. Many women become anemic due to the heavy bleeding and if this is applicable to you, take a good all-round vitamin supplement together with folic acid.

Although fibroids cause heavy bleeding, many women often feel that this is only one of many symptoms-and often not the worse! Others include terrible bloating, constipation, urinary problems, pain during intercourse and severe cramping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Heavy bleeding during ovulation..don’t know why?
    I got off birth control pills about 5 months ago, since then my period has been extremely regular, happening about every 28 days. The last day of my last period was February 5th, then all of a sudden yesterday (Feb. 20th) I started cramping pretty badly, which has happened to me before during ovulation time, but I started bleeding. Now I have spotted a little bit before during ovulation but I have never bled this much two weeks after my period. I am bleeding heavily like the most heavy flow day of my period and the blood is a lot darker than my normal period blood. Does anyone know what could be causing this? The only thing that I have been doing differently than past months is I just started working out 6 days a week, starting this past Monday, and eating healthy but that is it. I am really confused as to whats going on. I’m 24 so I know what my cycle should be like and this is really abnormal for me. I did a Google search about bleeding during ovulation and read it could be polyps, fibroids, miscarriage, so I am a little worried about what this is. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      getting off the pill, working out,eat healthier these can all cause you cycles and possible the flow to change as well but if your concerned about it go see you gynecologists and he/she probably give you some thing to make the flow less heavy so your less likely to get anemia and other problems.

    Is it normal to have low Hemoglobin and low B12 level, but my iron level is fine?
    Could there be anyother reason other than my fibroids and heavy menstrual bleeding causing this?

    I recently had a laproscopy done and the nurse noticed that my my hemoglobin level was 81 which were from my test reults which were taken two weeks prior to the surgery. They re-tested me that same day and my level was 82. The doctor was not too concerned as I have fibroids and I have very heavy bleeding most of the time during my periods and he said that is most likely why my hemoglobin is so low.

    Anyways, went to my family doctor and she was shocked that it was so low, my hemoglobin in October of 2005 was 139 (that was the last time I had a blood test – I know that`s bad, shortly after that I started having really really heavy periods).
    She put me on iron supplements and i had another blood test about two weeks later and my hemoglobin is now at 83, my B12 is low, but my iron levels are fine.

    Any thoughts, feedback appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      This could still be related to the fibroids if you are bleeding a lot. These levels could be because of heavy bleeding if your periods are irregular.

      I would recommend getting another opinion from a gyn that does not share the same office of the one you currently use to see what they think could be going on.

    can someone tell me why i’m having a lot of pain cause the dr. doesnt know?
    i having been having pain in and around my uterus with heavy bleeding when i have my period. the pain feels like contractions and i’m not pregnant. ive done had 4 kids had my tubes tied with my c section almost 8 mths ago. I’m in a a lot of pain now. dr. did sonogram on me tuesday cus he thought i had fibroids and said sonogram was fine that he didn’t know what else to do for me. ive been hurting for almost 2 mths now. the pain comes and goes.

    • ANSWER:
      This is sound serious. You need to get a second opinion.

    Left Ovary cannot be seen in an ultra sound?
    Why could that be?
    A number of fibroids exist in my mothers uterus and possibly a pulp.
    One of the fibroids exist in the submocosal location? Im not enitrely sure what this means but I believe its growth is causing the heavy menstrual bleeding of my mother and it does need to be operated on, cant anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are NOT cancer. I’ve had many fibroids resulting from a disease called endometriosis,. If your mother has massive fibroids, they can and will cause a lot of pain. They don’t belong there. This is what happens. I hope her Dr is going to do something about it. At first, I refused because I was only 35. That didn’t work. My endometriosis got so bad, I passed out from hemorrhage. Then I woke up in the hospital with a complete hysterectomy because the Dr told my husband he should sign the release form since I was unable. My husband did because he thought I was going to die. No, I knew differently. I only wish the Dr hadn’t gone so drastically. Oh well, So don’t worry, fibroids are never cancer, it’s only thick excessive tissue growth. And yes, it hurts. I hope your mom feels better. Make sure she gets another opinion, That is so very important.

    why am i having clotting after my period?
    I am so nervous….last month I had my period which was normal, exactly 14days later I began having brown spotting (I had to wear a light pad) that lasted a week then I had my period(7days of spotting brown which turned red light bleeding then my period)….my period was normal and it ended Sunday…….*sigh* Weds the light bleeding returned with some mild cramping then on Sat, I had a sudden onset of moderate cramping then I passed about 3 clots….I was nervous but ignored it until the next when I passed a clot almost the size of my palm and i kept passing different size clots for over an hour. I called my doc…he never returned my call so i went to the ER bc this has never happened to me before…they thought I may have been miscarrying but I wasnt(Im not ttc but we are not avoided it either and im 31), then he said I have a dysfunctional uterus???? *really* he gave me provera to take for 10days and said that after the 10days I will have heavy bleeding *sigh* I didnt take the Provera bc after reading about it online I dont know whats worst, the mild bleeding w the clotting or heavy bleeding after 10days???? So I didnt take it….can some please tell me if this has happened to them and if so what was wrong….thank you in advance

    Oh and I do have small fibroids but this has never happened to me and i did have anD&C about 7 yrs ago bc my periods were so heavy(I had to wear to pads and would still have accidents) and the clotting cause severe pain….since the D&C I’ve been able to wear one pad and have mild to moderate cramping/clotting…..
    My question is have any one else had this problem and if so can you tell me what, if any, help that you got. He was an ER doc and gave me a broad diagnosis….

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not an expert, but I am going to say your doctor is probably right. Don’t ignore him, because you don’t want heavy bleeding. You can either have temporary heavy bleeding or ignore him and get worse and worse clotting that could potentially be very dangerous. There is no need for you to ask this on this site if you have already got advice from a doctor – after all most people on here are not doctors. A clot the size of your palm does not sound good at all, so its best to stick with the experts help in order to possibly save you from something very bad. Remember the bleeding is only temporary, whereas the clotting could go on for much longer.

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