Fibroids And Bleeding Between Periods

How To Stop Fibroids From Bleeding

If you would like to know how to stop fibroids from bleeding, there are a number of simple steps you can take which can really help. However, you should be aware that the only way to get permanent relief is to eliminate your fibroids altogether, and this can be done using natural methods.

Fibroids bleed for different reasons and at different times of the month. Sometimes, heavy bleeding occurs at the time of the monthly period, which is different to a normal flow and some women experience spotting and breakthrough bleeding at various times between the monthly periods.

Common Causes Of Fibroid Bleeding

* Congestion around the uterus
* A general increase of blood volume due to new blood vessels forming to support the fibroids
* Blockages caused by fibroids which prevent normal blood flow-this seems heavy when finally released

If you do nothing to learn how to stop fibroids from bleeding and try to live with the situation, this can lead to anemia and as time goes by, the pain often worsens as the fibroids grow larger. It is best to try a number of simple strategies and see which work for you.

* Take a good all-round supplement including Vitamins A C and E. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid can also help
* Consider using Ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory
* Rest raising the legs higher than your abdomen
* Use pads instead of tampons which can increase cramping
* Take daily moderate exercise to help your circulation generally
* Lie on your side with your knees bent and pull your bent legs to your chest
* A warm bath can help with congestion and improve blood flow

The complete solution for those wanting to know how to stop fibroids from bleeding is to eliminate the fibroids altogether. Surgery and hormonal/drug treatment can help temporarily but as they do not treat the root causes of the fibroids, they are likely to regrow. However, if you are prepared to make a number of lifestyle and dietary changes, the results can be astonishing, with many managing to see significant results within a matter of a couple of short weeks.

About the Author:
If you would like further information on my recommended natural treatment for fibroids in the uterus, please visit my website, Eliminate Fibroids Naturally.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will finally feel that you have found something that will teach you how to stop fibroids from bleeding.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Bleeding between periods?
    Just a warning, this is a bit graphic.

    I have been on the pill for over 5 years, and I took it continuously for the past 3 months in order to skip 2 periods. Last week I was feeling a bit off, I couldn’t think, had a migraine, and my nipples were very sensitive. I am sexually active, and I decided to take a pregnancy test. The test came back negative.

    2 days later I woke up in the middle of the night with extremely painful menstrual cramps, I couldn’t even stand up to take anything for the pain. Eventually I fell back asleep, and thought nothing of it, as I do occasionally have extreme cramps, and it wasn’t unusual.

    The next morning, I got up to go to the washroom, and when I pulled my panties down, there were two large pieces of pink flesh that had come out of me. They were quite large, probably around 3cm long, and 2cm thick.

    My question is, do you think I had a miscarriage? Or could these be fibroids? Or is it just a build up of uterine lining as I have not had a period since December?

    • ANSWER:
      It could have been some of the lining as a result of not having had a period since Dec (an example only), but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

    bleeding between periods:(help please?
    hello,im 36 with 3 children,not on bc pills,i have been having a constant pink watery discharge for 4 months,had a histeroscopy and an endo biopsy wich came bk fine,i have had abnormal cells since 16 years ov age, had lots of laser treatment,my last 2 smears were clear,had an internal scan, have no polyps,cysts,fibroids,i dont have any pain and i havnt lost weight,its just this constant watery pink discharge everyday,i have to constantly wear a pad,also i bleed ofter sex,and also i bleed vaginaly when having a bm:(im so scared,i have had a fbc and that woz also fine,my gyn said after i had my histeroscopy to keep a direy for 4 months to see when i bleed and to wright it all down,well its everyday so i dont need to remember,and that she would do a colcospy(sp)but iv just had a letter only 2 weeks after my op to go bk into hospital next week for me to have it done,y the rush?did she see anything whilst doing the histeroscopy?she did say everything looked fine tho in the utrus,im so worried,does any one no what would cause a constant pink watery discharge?everytime i googhle it it comes up with cervical cancer,please help anyone,thank you x

    • ANSWER:
      dont worry, when your smears were fine, you CAN NOT have cervical cancer. Sometimes, you bleed during ovulation as well, I had that for many years. Dont worry, you be fine.

    Uterine fibroids, pain, heavy bleeding and irregular periods?
    I have multiple large and small fibroids, severe endometriosis, severe adhesions (they thought I’d had chemo). I used to have very regular periods but they are now irregular and heavy with a long pms time around when I expect a period. I was getting one heavy one about every other month having to change pads every 15 minutes for one day of it. And a lighter one in between with alot of spotting. But sometimes I can have pms symptoms like I’m starting and not start for a couple weeks. (They say it’s inoperable.) Is this common? What should I be worried about? What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I had this same problem in 2005, I experienced heavy bleeding and it continued for about a week, quit with just spotting and then back to bleeding again. This was so bad it put me in a very weak state and finally decided to visit obgyn and had blood test and ultra sound done. I was so low on blood that I had to have 4 pints replaced due to so much blood loss. The ultra sound showed a fibroid tumor. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in September 2005 and the tumor removed. The fibroid tumor was causing the main problem for me, making my periods unbearable. Now I feel fine health wise, my blood count is back up, but of course I went straight to menopause, but I’m handling it the best I can. I wish you luck, have your blood checked for anemia and an ultra sound to see where and how large the fibroids are.

    What connection does fibroids have with addiction to chocolate and how to cure fibroids without sugery?
    I have been bleeding in between my periods for a long time now, my periods are irregular iat is like having periods thruout, I cant enjoy sex anymore,I feel fatigued most times, I cant do vigorous activities and Iam addicted to mint chocolate.Please somebody help!!

    • ANSWER:
      The regular use of the following Homeopathic Prescription will regulate all irregularities in your periods.
      1.PSORINUM 1M just one dose per week.
      Followed by 4 tablets each of the following Tissue Salts at least 3 times a day half hour before meals:-

      2.FERRUM PHOS 6X
      3.NATRIUM MUR 6X

      All of these are Side Effects free Homeopathic Remedies.
      Take care and God Bless you !

      If the remedies don’t make a difference in a week.
      I would advise you to please put up more details about yourself and tell us exactly how and what you feel in your own words.So i can amend or correct your treatment.
      Take care

    Questions about undiagnosed bleeding, pain, and fertility(any doctors or nurses’ opinions would be great)?
    I have had heavy periods, sharp pelvic pain and heavy bleeding in between periods for almost a year now. I have seen an OB/GYN who did an ultrasound and laparoscopy to see if I had endometriosis or fibroids, etc. She said she found nothing during these procedures. I have already been on 4 different birth control pills in the last year to try to control this and nothing has helped. I have read info about adenomyosis which says it is hard to diagnose even with laparoscopy and was wondering if that might be my problem. Does anyone know anything about adenomyosis or have any suggestions for these problems. I was also wondering if I do have adenomyosis, does it affect your fertility? Any help would be appreciated!
    I am 23 years old and have only had one sexual partner 3 years ago (I have tested negative for STDs)

    • ANSWER:
      I just wanted to say good luck.

      I haven’t come across the condition you’ve mentioned but perhaps you can track down a specialist to visit and be tested for it…

      As for fertility- I have seen many women who are classed as unable to carry children/conceive having thier own babies as a result of new GIFT and IVF and other fertility treatments.

      Good Luck

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