Where Are Fibroids Located

Uterine Fibroids During Pregnancy – Are You Pregnant With A Fibroid?

If you have fibroids and thinking about starting a family, you may be wondering about the effects of uterine fibroids during pregnancy. Although there can be consequences, most women who are pregnant with fibroid tumors have successful pregnancies.

However, being prepared and having some knowledge of the circumstances where this could be an issue is wise as it is undeniable that in a small number of cases, problems can occur. There are two main issues surrounding fibroids during pregnancy-Size and Location.

* Size – Larger fibroids can cause problems particularly when located just underneath the uterine lining (submucosal). These can distort the inside of the uterine cavity to such an extent that it makes implantation impossible. Alternatively, even if implantation occurs, an early miscarriage can happen, often before the woman even realizes she is pregnant. If a successful pregnancy happens, larger fibroids can cause complications such as bleeding, longer and more complicated deliveries and premature birth, as the growing baby fights for space.

* Location – Both small and large uterine fibroids during pregnancy can cause problems if they are located at the entrance of either the fallopian tube or the cervix as they block the passage of the sperm, preventing it reaching the egg.

As fibroids rarely grow during pregnancy, if the size is manageable to begin with and they are not located in a position which is likely to cause problems, they can be safely left alone. However, as fibroids are not a “natural” state and represent an imbalance within the body, you can use a natural treatment to shrink fibroids if you wish.

With regard to problematic fibroids, conventional treatment is rarely appropriate prior to pregnancy as surgery can weaken and scar the uterus and can lessen the chances of a successful pregnancy. However, natural treatments which concentrate on treating the root causes can be extremely effective if used properly and this is an option you may like to consider.

If you are considering becoming pregnant with fibroid tumors, you can get comprehensive information about fibroids by visiting my website Shrink Fibroids There you will find comprehensive information about various treatments and solutions, including details of a comprehensive 7 Step Plan for Shrinking Fibroids Naturally. You may also like to look at the dedicated page to the particular problems associated with having uterine fibroids during pregnancy. You can find the details at this link Fibroids and Pregnancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is pain usually located if you have fibroids?
    I have an ultrasound booked for possible fibroids but I’m just wondering where pain is usually located during intercourse.. superficial, deep, or everywhere?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends. Fibroids have different names based on their location on your uterus. I recently had a myomectomy (removal of fibroids) and had large intramural fibroids.

      My fibroids were located at the top and bottom of the uterus. I know alot of women have pain right at the bottom of their pelvis.

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and I am having a moderate pain on my lower right hand side of stomach.?
    I know I have uterine fibroids but not sure of where they are located. The pain seems to intensify as move meaning walking just in the house or up down the stairs as I am cleaning and preparing dinner. What do you think this is any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like round ligament pain. i am now 23 weeks pregnant and had these pains pretty badly between weeks 14 and 20. It gets worse the more that you have to bend and stretch.

    I got the Mirena in July 08 after having a baby in May 08 got pregnant and lost the baby. Do I have a case?
    I got on the Mirena on July 28, 2008 at the VA Hospital in Atlanta, GA after having my third child in May of 2008. In Nov of 08, I went back to my GYN to make sure the IUD was still in me because I no longer felt my strings. My GYN and a student resident did an ultrasound and stated that it was still in from the ultrasound. I stop having menstrual cycles in December of 08, which led me to believe that the device was still in and working due to not having periods as my doctor told me some women may experience. Well in Feb of 09 I started to have abdominal pains on my left side… I thought that maybe I had uterine fibroids because my mother had just had surgery in 08 for fibroids. I made an appointment to see my GYN again pertaining to the pain and explain that I had the IUD they schedule me to get a pregnancy test in March and schedule my actual appointment with my GYN in April… My March blood pregnancy test came out negative so it was a relief to me due to the fact that they were telling me that I may have become pregnant in my tubes… When I went to see my GYN in April, I explain to her the type of pain I was having, and she order a stats on the urine test for pregnancy which came back positive, then she did an ultrasound to verify with an additional order for me to go to another hospital to get a detail ultrasound to locate where the baby was at… In the process she stated they couldn’t find my IUD, or could the other hospital that she asked me to go to… When I start going to my regular OB doctors; they did their normal routine check on me and schedule my first ultrasound with the hospital I plain to have my baby at. My first ultrasound was in May of this year which the results stated I had got pregnant in March which pregnancy test came back negative, and that the IUD was still in me and located in my cervix. My OB doctors made two attempts to remove the IUD for the safety of my baby and they stated that by the IUD still being in me that it put me at an even higher risk of loosing my baby. I tried to stay calm until I found out I was having another chance a baby girl. Had an abnormal AFP test which I ended up doing an amino test, and then a week later I lost my baby found out that my baby was going to be a normal baby, and that due to the fact that I was able to still carry her a week after having the amino ruled out that the amino chances of causing me to miscarry… Due to the fact that I have not seen the IUD fall out or know what it looks like I am wondering if one was it inserted wrong from the beginning, two did it fall out, three is it the cause of me loosing my baby, and four do I really have a chance at suing the company and the VA or both, and could it still be in to keep causing some of the pains I was experiencing before I found out I was pregnant…?

    • ANSWER:
      hello. i have gotten the mirena as well. i got mine on june 10th 2009. when i got mine they made me sign a consent form. it said stuff about if you get pregnant or have an ectopic pregnancy then you couldnt sue them so im sorry but im pretty sure you cannot sue them.

    Do you think these are symptoms of fibroids or endometriosis?
    I have an appointment to see a gynocologist next month, but I’m curious if anyone else can relate to these symptoms.

    I experience sharp stabbing pains where one ovary is located, also deep in the vagina, and in the rectum (happens between ovulation and menstruation). These pains last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes and are debilitating, but go away as quickly as they appear.

    I also experience a dull, aching pain (not severe, just uncomfortable) inside the vagina, mainly on one side (before and during menstruation).

    I’ve had these symptoms on and off for about 2 years. Doctors before have mostly dismissed it for “cramps.”

    I’m in my mid-30’s.

    Any input / personal experiences are greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 34 because of 6 fibroids and severe endometriosis. I experienced the exact kind of pains that you have described. I had them for 2 years before i could convince a doctor that something was very wrong with me. Finally i had to have surgery ( that’s the only sure way to diagnose endometriosis and fibroids ). By that time, it was so bad, because nobody listened to me for 2 years, that i had to have a hysterectomy. It was a relief to finally be out of pain after so long. Don’t let the doctors dismiss your symptoms if you feel there is something wrong. I knew, but i wasn’t persistant enough, and let them blow me off for years. Your pains could be caused by a number of female problems, so it’s best to get a good doctor who will take you seriously, and listen to what you tell them. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    Stitch darkening, should I be concerned?
    I’ve had a history of ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids. In June, I had a lap done to remove a cysts on my left ovaries, as well as some fibroids.

    I have an incision point near my left ovaries, and up until a few days ago things were great. Starting Monday, I began having sharp pains much like those I experiences with my cysts, and it was located in my lower left abdominal area/ left pelvic area (where my previous cysts were located). I attributed the pain as a symptom of the flu, since I also had severe stomach pain and nausea. Today when I looked at the stitch located in my lower left abdominal area (also where they removed the cysts), it’s a deep purple and looks bruised. I have very fair skin, so my stitches were always quite visible, but there is a definite darkening of color.

    Currently my stomach pain and nausea have subsided, but the pain in my lower left abdominal area/left pelvic area is still there. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced a darkening of stitches after surgery, perhaps it’s normal. Or if I should be concerned.

    Thank you for your help!

    Newbie to Yahoo Answers,
    I had my surgery over 6 months ago…is there still a chance the stitches could be infected? I’m extremely tender around the area. I’m concerned it could be another cyst, but my GP has told me that I shouldn’t have any more cysts since I’m on depo. Is this true? My cysts were related to my endometriosis, without regular menstruation it’s under control and should eliminate my cysts. Right?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think its normal… but I wouldn’t be too concerned either. If I were you i’d call your surgeons office in the morning and give them your symptoms. They’ll have the nurse call you back and if they think its serious they’ll have you go in. Good luck =)

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