What Are The Symptoms Of Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids Diet – What You Should Eat If You Have Fibroids

If you have fibroids, you may be exploring your treatment options and like many women, you may be disappointed with the conventional treatments on offer. Indeed, there is little which can be done permanently for fibroids, with even surgery often resulting in re-growth within a few short months. However, following a uterine fibroids diet which includes fibroid-friendly foods and excludes known aggravators, you can help manage your symptoms considerably.

Fibroids form as a result of a number of factors, both primary and secondary, which happen to interact with our unique genetic make-up to trigger fibroid growth. Diet is a major contributory factor for many women and so it makes complete sense that eating the right kinds of food can help to reverse some of the damage which has been done.

In many ways, a uterine fibroids diet follows the principles of a generally healthy diet.

* Eat organic foods where possible
* Avoid foods with additives
* Eat only lean meats
* Avoid processed foods
* Eat moderate portions-avoid overloading the system even with healthy foods
* Avoid fish from polluted waters
* Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
* Avoid dairy products
* Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars
* Eat plenty of sprouting beans, such as aduki, lentils and barley
* Where possible, eat foods in their natural state

As well as what you should eat if you have fibroids, if you are following a uterine fibroids diet attention should be paid to what you drink. Filtered water is great for your system and will both hydrate your essential organs and act as a cleanser, by flushing impurities out of the system. Herbal teas, such a Chamomile and Dandelion a fine, but you should avoid caffeine, alcohol and sweetened fruit juices.

Dietary changes are just one part, albeit an important one, of the natural therapies you can try if you have fibroids. Also helpful are detoxification and cleansing protocols, stress management and alternative therapies such as acupressure and acupuncture.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking and includes full details of what you should eat if you have fibroids, full meal plans and details of the uterine fibroid diet.

See below for details.

About the Author:
If you would like further information on my recommended natural treatment for fibroids, please visit my website, Shrink Fibroids Naturally.

Fibroids Miracle also comes with 3 months free one-to-one counseling from an expert, to give you the best possible chance of success.

Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Uterine-Fibroids-Diet—What-You-Should-Eat-If-You-Have-Fibroids-/1725892

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the symptoms of fibroids?
    and if you had symptoms of fibroids how soon would you see a doctor?
    Has any one had fibroids and had to point out to the doctor that they think they have them?
    Thank you all for your answers in advance x

    • ANSWER:
      The symptoms depend on the size, location, number, and the pathological findings. Fibroids, particularly when small, may be entirely asymptomatic. Generally, symptoms relate to the location of the lesion and its size. Important symptoms include abnormal gynecologic hemorrhage, heavy or painful periods, abdominal discomfort or bloating, back ache, urinary frequency or retention, and in some cases, infertility. There may also be pain during intercourse, depending on the location of the fibroid

      Diagnosis is usually accomplished by bimanual examination, better yet by gynecologic ultrasonography, commonly known as “ultrasound.” Sonography will depict the fibroids as focal masses with a heterogeneous texture, which usually cause shadowing of the ultrasound beam. In cases where a more precise assay of the fibroid burden of the uterus is needed, also magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to definite the depiction of the size and location of the fibroids within the uterus

      The presence of fibroids does not mean that they need to be treated; it is expectantly depending on the symptomatology and presence of related conditions

      I think if you believe you have these symptoms you should talk to your doctor he/she should do tests to determine if you have fibroids or not.If your uncomfortable talking to your doctor you should get a new one.Just tell your dr you were looking up your symptoms and fibroids seem to be a match and you would like to be tested.sometimes the patient knows better than the dr. we know our own bodies.

    Early Pregnancy symptoms?
    Details: Had a normal period on Feb 13th (was on mini pill) stopped taking pill 3 weeks later around 6th Mar (due to bad side effects). Had unprotected sex with partner around 13th March then had a light 4 day period from 17th Mar. Practiced withdrawal method since…however the last two weeks I have not felt good at all. Really tired, sex has been very painful deep inside,sore lower abdomen, I have been getting headaches, having nightmares, peeing a lot, moody, spotty, bloated, windy, heavy boobs…and the last two days I have woke up with lower back ache and constipation. Did a test (neg) been looking on net at what else can cause symptoms…fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer etc…got myself really worried. Can’t get to docs till tuesday. I know it could be period due but the symptoms I usually get are moody and loose bowels only. Could it be symptoms of coming off pill? I am really worrying that it is something more sinister. Has anyone else been like this before period was due?
    Thank you Eddy…I had wonderd if it could be an infection…although I shower each day and usually after sex also…I am probaby over hygenic..using wet wipes etc…

    • ANSWER:

    What are the symptoms of uterine fibroids?
    There are three people has been diagnosed by uterine fibroids in my family. I’m afraid if I will have it. So I want to know something about the disease and the symptoms of it. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      How do you know if you have uterine fibroids? Probably you do not know. Most fibroids do not cause any symptoms and do not require treatment other than regular observation by a physician. Fibroids may be discovered during routine gynecologic examination or during prenatal care. Some women who have uterine fibroids may experience symptoms such as excessive or painful bleeding during menstruation, bleeding between periods, a feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen, frequent urination resulting from a fibroid that compresses the bladder, pain during sexual intercourse, or low back pain. Although reproductive symptoms such as infertility, recurrent spontaneous abortion, and early onset of labor during pregnancy have been attributed to fibroids to any of these symptoms. In rare cases, a fibroid can compress and block the fallopian tube, preventing fertilization and migration of the ovum. After surgical removal of the fibroid, fertility is generally restored.

    What are some of symptoms of uterine fibroids?
    I had a late miscarriage in January. I lost the baby because some sort of tissue has wrapped around the umbilical cord and cut it off. Since the miscarriage I have had light periods, been constantly looking and feeling bloated, and I am very sensitive to touch around where my uterus is. I know I sound crazy but I have been ignoring how I feel for a long time and I just want to know if I have any cause for concern. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      heavy or painful periods, abominal discomfort, bloating, painful defecation, backache, and frequent urination.

    19 years old, and havin symptoms of fibroids?
    wha are my chances before i go to the doc..i had a normal period lasted 6 days.. and a week after that stopped i started up again Realllly heavy, and it was rather painful..not all of the time, just felt like really bad period cramps and all…i have an 8 month old daughter, and had one deppo shot 2 months after she was born..can the sho increase he chances of gettin fibroids??? its not nobody in my family has had them i dont think…what are my chances???
    9 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    what could happen if i do have some..??
    9 hours ago

    ive been bleeding for abou 10 days now…ill slow down then start up again.. this morning it has slowed down alot, im more spoting if anything

    • ANSWER:
      chek out the causes, symtoms and a natural cure by visiting http://naturalremediesforfibroidtreatment.weebly.com/

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